Creative Exit Ticket Ideas

Below you’ll find over 100 varieties of creative exit ticket ideas to use in your elementary classroom right away.


  • Save time.
  • Gather feedback from students quickly.
  • Analyze the data to differentiate future instruction.
  • Document academic progress over time.
  • Gain a more holistic view of your learners’ knowledge.

What To Do With Exit Tickets?


  • Sort into re-teaching/extension groups.

  • Adapt and differentiate your planning and instruction.

  • Include key data in report card comments.

  • Refer to them during parent-teacher conferences.

  • Differentiate homework based on the feedback.

  • Maintain a documentation log.

  • Provide student feedback in a timely fashion.

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Exit Ticket Ideas for Math

math exit ticket ideas

Digital Exit Tickets 

Emoji Exit Ticket Ideas

emoji exit ticket ideas

Science Exit Ticket Ideas

exit ticket ideas for science

Exit Tickets for Reading

exit ticket ideas for reading comprehension

Social Studies Exit Slips

social studies exit ticket ideas


triangle square circle exit ticket idea

Exit Ticket Templates

exit ticket templates

Exit Ticket Questions

exit ticket questions

3-2-1 Exit Ticket Examples For Different Subjects

3-2-1 exit ticket idea

Exit Ticket Ideas for Professional Development

exit ticket ideas for professional development

Creative exit slip ideas for elementary teachers, by elementary teachers. ❤

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