25 Irresistible Exit Ticket Templates: Download Free Set

Teachers are always looking to save time on planning and instruction. One way to do so is by utilizing printable exit ticket templates that are ready to use.

Here you will find an assortment of free printable exit ticket templates that can be used for all subject areas and for a variety of activities.

These exit slip templates will quickly assess students’ understanding of concepts, skills, or strategies at the end of the day’s lesson.

Note: Download a set of these handy teaching resources (PDF and some editable via Google Slides) towards the end of this post.

Exit Ticket Templates

Following you will find a free collection of exit ticket templates (some editable via Google Slides) that save teachers time in assessing students’ understanding of new information.

1. Glow and Grow

Students record one math strength – an area or skill in which they “glowed”.

Afterward, they write one “needs improvement” statement – an area in which they still need to “grow”.

exit ticket templates

2. Triangle-Square-Circle

Triangle-Square-Circle prompts learners to synthesize information, ask questions, and summarize essential points with the help of visual cues.

exit ticket templates
exit ticket templates
  • The triangle means that students must provide three key points that they “took away” from the lesson.
  • The square represents what learners have “squared away”, or understood, about the topic.
  • The circle represents one or two lingering questions students still have about the lesson or subject.

3. 3-2-1

If you’re seeking a worksheet that serves as an exit ticket, this one is for you.

3-2-1 templates are divided into three parts:

  • Learners first give 3 responses to a prompt/question.
  • They then provide 2 answers to a prompt/question.
  • Lastly, students give 1 response to a question/prompt.
exit ticket templates
exit ticket templates

4. Blank

Blank exit tickets provide flexibility for teachers to assign any question or prompt.

Students respond to a variety of exit ticket questions and prompts, recording their answers on the blank templates.

exit ticket templates
exit ticket templates

5. Ticket Out the Door

Teachers distribute one “ticket” to students. They answer one of the following prompts:

  • From the lesson, I learned that…
  • I’m still confused about…
  • A question I still have is…
exit ticket templates

6. Get the Gist

In fifteen words or less, students summarize the lesson.

exit ticket templates

7. Passport Out

Before students “take off” for the day, they write…

  • One thing learned from the activity.
  • One area in which they still need more practice.
exit ticket templates

8. Tweet of the Lesson

In a few sentences, students write the most important message or idea from the lesson.

exit ticket templates

9. Learning Style Exit Ticket Menu

Based on multiple intelligence activities, this exit ticket template offers students the option to select one of several exit ticket activities which cater to a variety of learning styles.

exit ticket templates

10. Rating Scale Self-Assessment

Students circle the emoji that best reflects their understanding of the lesson.

exit ticket templates

11. How Do I Feel About Today’s Lesson?

At the conclusion of the activity or lesson, students circle the emoji that represents how they feel about the lesson.

They then elaborate on their answer by responding to the prompt, “I feel this way because…”

exit ticket templates

12. Emojis

Use these three fun emoji exit tickets to assess students’ understanding.

exit ticket templates
exit ticket templates
exit ticket templates

13. Sticky Note Exit Ticket

On this “sticky note” exit ticket template, learners write one of five things about the lesson or activity:

  • Important part
  • Confusing part
  • Surprising part
  • Connection that was made (text-to-self, text-to-text, or text-to-world)
  • Favorite part
exit ticket templates

14. T.A.G

Using T.A.G, students respond to the following…

  • T = TELL something they enjoyed about the lesson.
  • ASK a question that will help them to get clarity about something.
  • G = GIVE a way of how they can improve.
exit ticket templates

15. Simile Summary

The Simile Summary exit ticket supports vocabulary acquisition, prompting learners to think deeper about words.


The water cycle is like….because….

Students complete the summary in a few sentences.

exit ticket templates

16. Pictures, Numbers, Words

This quick math template demonstrates students’ depth of certain math concepts.

Here’s how it works…

  • Say any number.
  • Students show that number in pictures, numbers, and/or words.
exit ticket templates
exit ticket template math

17. Exit Interview

Students complete an exit interview about the day’s lesson.

exit ticket templates

18. Summary of Today’s Lesson

This exit ticket template requires students to synthesize information.

After teaching the lesson, students summarize what they “took away” from the activity.

exit ticket templates

19. Cell Phone

Using the Cell Phone template, students draft a summary of the day’s activity or respond to an exit ticket prompt/question provided by the teacher.

exit ticket template phone

20. Reflection Exit Ticket

The Reflection exit ticket template encourages learners to reflect upon and synthesize information.

exit ticket templates

21. Digital Exit Tickets for Math

Find templates for digital exit tickets that assess students’ understanding of skills, strategies, and concepts.

22. Red, Yellow, Green Exit Ticket Template (Version 1)

The Red, Yellow, and Green exit ticket is a quick assessment that checks for understanding.

Three questions or prompts are presented, each aligned with a color.

  • Red – Which part of the lesson today had you lost?
  • Yellow – What part of the lesson did you struggle with a bit?
  • Green – Share parts of the lesson you comprehend very well.
exit ticket templates

23. Red, Yellow, Green (Version 2)

This simpler version of Red, Yellow, Green requires students to simply circle an option: red, yellow, or green.

Instead of a more in-depth response, teachers gather a snapshot of how well students grasped the lesson.

exit ticket templates

24. Tic-Tac-Toe Exit Ticket Template

Tic-Tac-Toe assesses vocabulary development, prompting students to seek connections among terms.

To use it…

  • Students place important vocabulary words from the lesson anywhere on their individual Tic-Tac-Toe sheets.
  • They write five meaningful sentences using the words.
  • Sentences include three words straight across in any row, straight down from any column, or from any diagonal.  
  • As a set of 3 words is used, students draw a line through them.
  • Students cannot repeat the same set of three words. However, a word may be repeated if it’s part of another set.
exit ticket templates
exit ticket templates

25. Four-Square Template

This exit ticket reinforces vocabulary acquisition.

Students select a term (related to a current unit of study) and place it in the center of the Four-Square template.

They then record the definition of the word, describe its characteristics, provide one example, and then write one non-example.

exit ticket templates

Final Thoughts

Exit ticket templates serve as powerful tools that help teachers collect valuable data. Doing so informs teaching, resulting in greater student success.

Download the exit ticket template PDF here and the editable Google Slides exit templates free version here. (a great substitute for Word templates).