5 Exit Ticket Templates You’ll Always Want to Keep On Hand

Exit ticket templates are always great to have on hand when teaching a lesson.

A reality of the teaching profession is that there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.

That’s why it’s imperative for teachers to plan ahead in order to save precious time.

Keeping several copies of exit ticket templates on your classroom shelf contributes to your time-saving habits.

Simply grab them on-the-go!

The following 5 exit ticket templates quickly gauge how well your elementary learners understood a lesson you’ve just taught.

They’re ideal for any subject or topic plus general enough to allow you to customize each based on your learners’ needs.

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Exit Ticket Templates

Red, Yellow, Green (Version 1)

The Red, Yellow, Green exit ticket template is a quick assessment that checks for understanding.

You have three questions or prompts, each aligning with a color.

Customize the prompts or questions to fit your specific lesson objective.

  • Red“Which part of the lesson today had you lost?” Your goal as the teacher is to discover what concepts or ideas your students completely didn’t understand.
  • Yellow“What part of the lesson did you struggle with a bit?” Meaning…which areas will you as the teacher need to reinforce in future lessons? Maybe students comprehend the basics of the lesson but feel a bit confused about a few key areas.
  • Green“Share parts of the lesson you comprehend very well.” You want to know what has landed permanently in their schema, signaling to you that they’re ready to move on to the next objective.
exit ticket template red yellow green full size

For a similar experience in digital form, check out these Google Docs exit ticket templates.

Red, Yellow, Green (Version 2)

A much quicker version of the Red, Yellow, Green exit ticket template requires elementary learners to simply circle an option.

Instead of a more in-depth response, you’ll gather a snapshot of how well they grasped the lesson.

In closing an activity, distribute the Red, Yellow, Green exit ticket to students, and have them circle which color choice represents their understanding.

exit ticket template red yellow green small

This simpler Red, Yellow, Green exit ticket template is perfect to check for understanding of a new topic or concept.

Admit One

Admit One is a general exit ticket template that is completely customizable.

Use this exit ticket template for absolutely anything because it’s a blank canvas with endless possibilities.

Admit One also aligns well as a review activity. What do you want revealed to you regarding what students “took away” from a previous lesson?

exit ticket template admit one

At the end of the lesson, you either write on the board or orally give students a question or prompt which they respond to on the template.

Reader response prompts and questions serve this purpose well. See our extensive list of exit ticket questions and prompts.

No need to reinvent the wheel.

Reflection Exit Ticket

What’s really going on in your students’ minds?

The Reflection exit ticket template encourages learners to reflect upon and synthesize information just presented to them.

exit ticket template thinking bubble

What did students “take away” from the lesson?

With what could they use more help?

Just from these two prompts, you’ll quickly be able to discover which concepts need reinforcement and which can be built upon.

Give learners one or both Reflection exit ticket templates. Your choice depends on which type of data you’re looking to collect.

Summary of Today’s Lesson Exit Ticket Template

This exit ticket template requires students to synthesize information.

The Summary of Today’s Lesson exit ticket is pretty self-explanatory.

After teaching the lesson, ask your kids to summarize what they “took away” from the activity.

summary exit ticket template

Try to keep the prompt open-ended because you want to see exactly what’s roaming around in their young minds.

Note how detailed or general are their responses.

Are they identifying key points from the lesson?

Is there a struggle to highlight the main ideas?

For those learners who need more structure and support, consider providing 1 or 2 exit ticket prompts or questions.

The Summary of Today’s Lesson exit ticket template does a fantastic job of providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions regarding upcoming lessons.

Cell Phone

Elementary kids really love the Cell Phone exit ticket template. Learners simply write a summary about the day’s activity.

exit ticket template phone

What were the main ideas of the lesson?

What are a few of the key elements?

Customize this template by asking a specific question or providing a prompt.

Again, consider using this list of exit ticket questions and prompts for ideas.

Wrapping Up – Exit Ticket Templates

Checking for students’ understanding of a lesson is critical, and exit ticket templates are powerful tools that help you collect valuable data over a period of time.

This in turn informs your teaching, thus promoting greater student success.

So don’t be caught without these 5 exit ticket templates in your elementary classroom.

They’re kid-friendly plus ideal for any subject or topic.