23 Of The Best Digital Exit Tickets for Classrooms

Digital exit tickets fit well in a teacher’s assessment toolkit.

Whether teaching remotely or in-person, virtual exit tickets work well to assess what students “took away” from a lesson.

The following digital exit tickets provide instructional feedback for any lesson or activity.

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Powerful Digital Exit Tickets

1. Google Slides

A presentation-type app, teachers can use slides to project a variety of digital exit tickets.

2. Edulastic

Using this all-in-one platform, teachers can teach and measure student learning easily.

3. Gimkit

This fun, online learning tool allows teachers to create quizzes and assess students in real-time.

4. Quizizz

To use as digital exit tickets, create gamified quizzes that encourage high levels of interaction from students.

5. IXL

IXL is an online learning platform that delivers personalized learning experiences for students.

The included diagnostic and analytical tools serve teachers in assessing students.

6. Exit Ticket Google Forms

digital exit tickets

Via a sharable link or email sent by the teacher, students answer questions or share comments about the lesson.

Download a variety of digital exit tickets via Google Forms.

7. Socrative

Socrative delivers fun and effective formative assessment tools for teachers.

Educators use the app to assess students in real time, enabling them to adapt instruction to better meet the needs of learners.

8. Crowd Signal

Teachers gather feedback from students using questions, online polls, and quizzes.

9. Edpuzzle

Teachers check students’ understanding of a video lesson after completing one of the program’s self-paced learning activities.

10. VoiceThread

Using VoiceThread as digital exit tickets, teachers prompt students to share what they “took away” from a lesson by uploading, sharing, and discussing items such as documents, images, and videos.

11. Plickers

Plickers is a free teaching tool that aids teachers in assessing students and collecting data instantly.

12. Quizalize

With this online teaching tool, teachers create engaging quizzes resulting in instant student data followed by differentiated activities.

13. Exit Ticket Questions and Prompts

To use as digital exit tickets, place any of these 180+ exit ticket questions within an online presentation.

14. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a video discussion app that offers teachers the flexibility to assess students in a virtual social setting.

15. Pear Deck

Teachers use this online teaching tool to show students presentations that consist of interactive assessment questions allowing feedback in real-time.

16. Formative

With Formative, students work in real-time, providing teachers with feedback needed to adapt instruction.

17. Kahoot

Utilizing Kahoot, educators assess students digitally using game-based activities.

18. Mentimeter

Through presentations, teachers may use this app to assess students via polls, questions, and quizzes.

19. Poll Everywhere

To serve as digital exit tickets, use this online tool to give students surveys, online polls, and quizzes.

20. Quizlet

This online platform offers a wide variety of assessment tools (e.g. quizzes, games, flashcards) that teachers can use as digital exit tickets.

21. Naiku

Naiku, a complete assessment solution, helps teachers to measure and track student proficiency by standards.

Its classroom assessments serve well as digital exit tickets.

22. Zoho

Teachers create surveys and receive results in real-time.

23. Yacapaca

This online tool offers a variety of formative assessments that can be used as digital exit tickets.

Wrapping Up: Virtual and Digital Exit Tickets

Similar to other exit tickets for students, digital exit tickets offer essential student feedback that teachers use to modify future lessons in order to better meet the needs of learners.

The advantage, however, is that virtual exit tickets work well in remote learning contexts meaning that teachers can still serve students well who school online.

Whether you’re seeking digital exit tickets for math, reading, writing, science, or social studies, now you have a quality collection of exit tickets to use for in-person and remote learning.

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