Sometimes it seems as though there’s not enough time in the day for a teacher to get it all done. 

And when work starts eating into your personal life a little bit too much, you know burnout is near.

But there is a way to get more done by doing less.

Yes… less can be more… even in teaching. The secret lies in working smarter, not harder.

It is possible, but you need a game plan.

That’s where we come in.

Elementary Assessments is obsessed with developing resources, generating ideas, creating tools, and sharing information that help teachers plan smarter, assess smarter, teach smarter, and manage their classrooms smarter.

When we’re creating digital resources and hosting professional development workshops, the #1 question we keep in mind is…

“Will these ideas, activities, strategies, and tools support teachers in working smarter and still help students reach their academic goals?”

Our mission is simple yet powerful…

To provide resources and ideas that prompt teachers to work smarter, not harder.