About Us

Your value and success as an elementary educator shouldn’t be solely determined from one standardized test score.

And neither should your students’.

Though standardized testing has its place in education, teaching and learning are on-going journeys not so easily measured.

But with a few helpful tools, you can seamlessly document and celebrate your students’ authentic academic success throughout the year while still adequately preparing them for state testing.

The importance of assessing in a variety of ways…

  • Gather real-time classroom data to use during parent-teacher conferences; show parents that you understand their kids inside out.
  • Incorporate observation-based assessments that paint a clearer, more holistic picture of a child’s learning experiences.
  • Impress parents with creative activities that authentically demonstrate how well their kids are learning.
  • Implement engaging instructional strategies that are responsive – giving you the flexibility to easily adapt your students’ learning needs throughout the lesson.
  • Encourage all of your diverse learners to thrive in their zone of genius.
  • Showcase to your principal and/or parents a portfolio of authentic assessments that measure academic growth in various ways.

Our Mission

Elementary Assessments is a brand dedicated to elementary teachers who desire to nurture their students’ academic growth in a variety of ways and not just “teach to the test”.

We focus on authentic assessments that support teachers in encouraging students to apply their learning, think critically, respond to feedback, and connect ideas.

Teaching/learning is a journey of continuous growth, and we’re committed to supporting you along the way!