6 Emoji Exit Ticket Ideas That Make Reflection Time Fun

Add a little fun to your closing activity with emoji exit tickets!

Exit tickets are quick informal assessments that provide feedback on how well your students understood a lesson.

While there are a variety of exit ticket ideas that elementary teachers can use to assess what learners “took away” from the lesson or activity, emoji exit tickets add a little pizzazz to the process.

Boredom may eventually set in when the same style of exit ticket appears too often at the end of a lesson.

Therefore, I’m sharing 5 emoji exit ticket ideas that will heighten the interest of your students.

Like other exit tickets, these emoji exit tickets encourage elementary learners to reflect upon the learning process while also providing you with valuable data to use when planning upcoming instruction.

Emoji Exit Tickets

1. Rating Scale Self-Assessment

The Rating Scale Self-Assessment emoji exit ticket is a simple quick assessment that requires students to rate their understanding of the lesson by circling one of 3 choices…

I think I got this!

I need a bit more practice.

I’ll get there, but I need help!

This emoji exit slip takes students less than a minute to complete and provides great feedback to you the teacher.

This makes it a fantastic choice for when you’re short on time but need absolutely need some sort of feedback about students’ understanding of the material.

2. Emoji Exit Ticket Prompts

emoji exit ticket

A spin-off of classic exit ticket prompts and questions, emoji exit ticket prompts lend themselves to encouraging your elementary learners to dive a bit deeper into their thoughts.

Along with the prompts are emoji visuals that highlight for students the general type of response that’s expected.

Customize the prompts to fit the needs of your learners and according to your specific learning objectives.

The above image displays a few general prompts that are ideal to use with any topic or subject area…

Today I learned…

I’m still having trouble with…

My favorite part of the story was…

I don’t quite understand…

Note that students don’t need to complete all four prompts at a time; one prompt is sufficient.

The prompts you choose will depend on your goals as the teacher. What feedback exactly are you looking to gather from your elementary learners regarding the lesson topic?

These emoji exit ticket prompts are quick and serve well their purpose of proving the data you need to make informed choices about which concepts/ideas to reteach or extend in future lessons.

3. How Do I Feel Today Emojis

emojj exit ticket

The How Do I Feel Today emoji exit slip fits best into the category of “morning work” or “bell work”.

Though it isn’t directly related to a lesson activity, it’s essential nonetheless.

As an educator, you know all too well that students’ moods affect the teaching and learning process.

If you have a student who normally performs well in class but on a particular day he’s slacking, that may be cause for concern.

On the contrary, you may have a student who struggles daily but on this one day she’s soaring.

It’s a great idea to use the How Do I Feel Today emoji exit ticket daily as a morning exercise to gauge how your elementary students are feeling.

A bonus of this exit ticket is that the student has to explain why he or she is feeling that emotion. That’s potentially a gold mine of valuable information available to you.

Observing patterns among their overall mood, work habits, and academic proficiency is priceless anecdotal evidence that you may want to document if you see alarming trends that last longer than normal.

4. How I Feel About Today’s Lesson Emoji Exit Ticket

Want to know exactly how your students are feeling about that lesson you just taught?

The How I Feel About Today’s Lesson emoji exit ticket will definitely give you that feedback.

Not only do learners circle the emoji that best reflects how they’re feeling about the outcome of the lesson, but they must explain why they’re feeling that way.

The open-ended nature of the prompt allows students the freedom to really express their thoughts without limitations.

To encourage responses that are detailed enough for you to gather an accurate picture of their learning state, you may want to model for them a few times what an appropriate response looks and sounds like.

5. Emoji Exit Ticket Sticks

Emoji exit ticket sticks are not only incredibly easy to use, but they’re also easy to create.

Provide 2 popsicle sticks or straws to students along with two emoji faces: 1 “sad” and 1 “happy”.

Learners glue 1 face to each straw or stick.

When you’re ready to check for understanding, simply ask a question related to the targeted learning objective.

emoji exit ticket sticks

Students hold up whichever emoji exit ticket stick best reflects their understanding

“Sad” face emoji = “I don’t understand.”, and “happy” face emoji = “I get it.”

To work smarter, have your students make their own set.

This emoji exit ticket idea is perfect for small groups and one-on-one instruction.

6. Emoji Sketch

Last but definitely not least, the Emoji Sketch exit ticket puts students artistic skills to use.

It’s a simple yet powerful informal assessment.

Students sketch an emoji that represents their understanding of the day’s activity.

Though the drawing is done quickly, students must remember to highlight features that allow you, the teacher, to infer exactly how they’re feeling.

To provide support, consider displaying an anchor chart with a variety of emoji characters.

Students use it as a bank of ideas as they brainstorm which emoji to sketch for their emoji exit ticket.

To extend the Emoji Sketch exit ticket idea, require students to explain the reasoning of their drawing in 1 or 2 sentences written at the bottom of the exit ticket.

Wrapping Up

Now you’re all set to add a little spice to your closing activity or morning work routine with these 5 engaging emoji exit ticket ideas.

Like other exit tickets, they quickly check your students’ understanding of a lesson, topic, or idea.

Want to go a step further and add more emoji fun into your instruction? If so, check out these 10 cool ways to seamlessly incorporate emojis in your classroom.

Emoji exit tickets are the way to go for more lively informal assessments!