3-2-1 Exit Ticket Ideas: 15 Powerful Examples + Printables

Similar to other informal assessments, the 3-2-1 exit ticket encourages students to reflect upon and summarize their learning using a set of teacher-generated response prompts and/or questions.

What is a 3-2-1 Exit Ticket?

The 3-2-1 exit ticket is an informal assessment that serves as a great tool for discovering what students “took away” from the lesson.

The exit ticket is divided into three parts: students first give 3 responses to a prompt, then 2 answers to a prompt, and then just 1 response to a prompt. (see image below)

3-2-1 exit tickets

It also works well as a quick review to see how well students retained previously-learned material.

Feedback provided from this data guides teachers during the lesson planning process as they’ll have a better understanding of what concepts require reviewing and which topics students have mastered.

How to Use

Step 1

At the completion of a lesson or at the start of a lesson review, tell students that they will reflect upon the activity.

Step 2

Provide students with 3-2-1 prompts to answer.

Step 3

Collect the data, and check for understanding. Plan future lessons accordingly.

3-2-1 Exit Ticket Ideas

  • 3-2-1 Reading Response
3Traits you’d use to describe the main character of the story3Facts learned from the lesson
2Significant settings from the story2Text features that helped you comprehend the text better
1Prediction of what you think will happen in the next chapter1Question about a part that was confusing
  • Writing
3Elements of a good piece of writing
2Types of leads for beginning a piece of writing
1Area in which you’d like to improve upon
  • Grammar
3Action verbs in the text
2Proper nouns in the selection
1Example of a compound sentence found in the text
  • General (All Subjects)
3Interesting things you learned today
2Ways you can improve
1Thing you would like the teacher to clarify
  • Science
Solar SystemCells
3Outer planets3Organelles found in an animal cell
2Characteristics of Venus2Types of cells
1Question you still have about any of the planets1Function of mitochondria
  • Social Studies
GeographyBranches of Government
3States in the Southern United States3The branches of government
2Two capital cities in the U.S2Responsibilities of the executive branch
1State that’s part of the New England region1Duty of the judicial branch
BiographiesCommunity Helpers
3Attributes of this person3Important roles of the principal
2Questions you’d like to ask this individual2Responsibility of the nurse
1Similarity between you and this person1Way to contribute as a good school citizen
  • Math
Problem SolvingNumber Sense
3Clues that helped you solve the problem3Prime numbers
2Strategies that you applied2Composite numbers
1Confusing part that you figured out1A number that’s neither prime or composite
3Types of triangles3Methods for solving multiplication tables
2Names of quadrilaterals2Examples of using multiplication in the real world
1Shape with only one set of parallel sides1Tip or trick for solving more difficult multiplication facts
  • Digital
3“Aha” moments you experienced while completing the online assignment
2Online brain breaks you enjoyed
1tech issue that slowed your progress a bit

Final Thoughts

Download these 3-2-1 exit tickets PDF style here.

The 3-2-1 exit ticket is a quick informal assessment that encourages students to reflect upon and summarize their thoughts.

Keep these ideas in your assessment toolkit as they’re simple to implement yet very effective in collecting data to help guide instruction.