101 Positive Affirmations for Elementary Students

The elementary years are a great time to build self-esteem, confidence, and resilience in students.

At this age, children’s social-emotional needs are many, and teachers can offer support by incorporating into the school day positive affirmations for elementary students.

What are positive affirmations, and why are they beneficial to elementary kids?

Positive affirmations are short statements, quotes, or phrases recited daily that are meant to foster a growth mindset in students. 

This positive self-talk leads to a journey of self-improvement in which students are empowered to be in the driver’s seat of their success. 

They are not simply idle, allowing life to just happen to them; they have the power to change their circumstances.

By repeating positive affirmations consistently, students will gradually build resilience to challenges and become better equipped to reach goals. 

Positive Affirmations For Elementary Students

Following you will find a helpful list of positive affirmations for elementary students from teachers. 

1. I am grateful to be an elementary student at this school. 

2. Reciting daily positive affirmations for elementary students keeps my mind positive. 

3. I am smart and can achieve anything.

4. My brain gives me the superpower to learn something new each day.

5. I believe in my abilities. 

6. Today is a day to start fresh. 

7. I embrace a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset

8. When I don’t understand something, I ask my teacher for help.

9. I put forth my best effort in everything I do.

10. In my mind, I am a winner. 

11. I have lots of talents to explore. 

12. Each day I progress further in achieving my goals. 

13. My actions yield positive results. 

14. I am glad to have a teacher who cares about me. 

15. The more I learn, the smarter I become. 

16. Being different is not a bad thing.

17. It is not important to always be the first one done with an assignment. 

18. I will compliment a classmate today.

19. When I make a mistake, it is an opportunity to learn. 

20. I am capable of achieving great things. 

positive affirmations for elementary students
positive affirmations for elementary students

21. Every day I make an effort to do my best.

22. A bad grade on a test is a learning opportunity.

23. When something becomes difficult, I push through like a champion.

24. I am very good at (insert talent or skill).

25. My teachers really care about me. 

26. I have so much value to contribute to my class.

27. The potential that I have is limitless. 

28. I stand up for myself when others try to dim my shine.

29. Even if no one else likes my ideas, I am okay with sharing them.

30. I am worthy of respect. 

31. Eating healthy fuels my mind.

32. Today I vow to make good decisions.

33. My ideas can change the world. 

34. I won’t let fear keep me from trying new things. 

35. My attitude determines my success.

36. I am beautiful just the way I am. 

37. My inner voice is a guide that steers me in the right direction. 

38. When I feel myself getting upset, I breathe and take a moment to refocus.

39. I try my best to be honest. 

40. Patience is a good trait to possess.

41. I respect myself, others, and property.

42. When a classmate is struggling, I do my best to help him or her. 

43. I am a good listener. 

44. An organized desk is a good habit to maintain. 

45. I am good at being resourceful. 

46. Even when things are not going my way, I keep a positive mindset. 

47. It’s okay if not everyone agrees with my out-of-the-box ideas. 

48. I wait my turn to speak.

49. Distractions don’t keep me from producing good work.  

50. I stay calm in stressful situations. 

51. Staying focused during instruction is a secret to making good grades. 

52. Doing well on tests is a result of focused study. 

53. When I have a concern when working in a group, I voice my opinion with respect.

54. I am curious about the world around me.

55. A bad grade on an assessment does not mean that I am doomed. 

56. I ask for help only when I can’t find a solution on my own. 

57. I adapt to change because I know that it can be good for me. 

58. My weaknesses are being improved upon every day.

59. I include my peers in games during recess.

60. No matter what others say, I am special in my own way.

61. I am proud of being a good friend. 

62. Though rewards motivate me, intrinsic motivation is more valuable. 

63. I treat others the way they would like to be treated. 

64. My teacher provides me with a good education. 

65. I accept feedback from peers and teachers with an open mind. 

66. Good grades show that I am progressing well. 

67. I have a bright future ahead of me. 

68. Doing well in school is one of my priorities. 

69. I am a good reader. 

70. When a problem arises, I am confident to find a solution. 

positive affirmations for elementary students
positive affirmations for elementary students

71. It’s a good thing to ask questions. 

72. Working hard at school means that I care about my education.

73. There is more than one way to solve a problem. 

74. I am open to trying new things. 

75. It is best to move on from negative experiences and learn from them. 

76. My mind is a sponge. 

77. I will score well on my standardized tests. 

78. This week, I will crush it on my spelling test.

79. I “GROW” (do well) in the areas of …

80. Working with a group has its benefits. I will look at the glass half-full instead of half-empty.

81. I will approach the school day with enthusiasm. 

82. This school year, I will accomplish all of my SMART goals without fail. 

83. I  will not allow negative classmates to ruin my day. 

84. Being a problem-solver is a skill that will benefit me throughout life.

85. I am open to learning in different ways. 

86. It is important to listen to my gut.

87. Listening attentively to classmates’ ideas and opinions helps me to see things from different perspectives.

88. I don’t mind sharing my supplies with others. 

89. Studying a little bit each night is a good habit. 

90. I am able to complete an assignment within an appropriate timeframe. 

91. Instead of complaining, it is best to brainstorm alternative solutions.

92. I am the only person responsible for my actions. 

93. With time, I will be more proficient in…

94. I am in control of my emotions. 

95. Every day is an opportunity to work towards becoming a better student. 

96. I am committed to my schoolwork.

97. every day I’m looking for a way to make myself better. 

98. I will not be afraid to share my thoughts during class discussions. 

99. I appreciate that my teacher recognizes my good behavior. 

100. The more I learn, the more knowledgeable I become. 

101. I have the power to create my destiny.

Final Thoughts On Positive Affirmations For Elementary Students

Using these positive affirmations for elementary students, you’ll help to nurture the social-emotional needs of learners. 

As a result, they will experience school in a more positive way.