50 Absolutely Free Student Rewards: Classroom Incentives

Here you will find 50 absolutely free student rewards and incentives to use with individual students or with the entire class.

As a teacher, you understand the importance of positive reinforcement in your classroom, and one way of doing so is by using free incentives.

When you want to reward students for positive behavior, costs can add up quickly.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have free student rewards as part of your class rewards collection.

These free class rewards for students cost absolutely nothing!

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50 Absolutely Free Student Rewards

The following 50 rewards are absolutely free, and students will love them!

  • Sit At Teacher’s Desk 
  • Puzzle Time – Give students a fun puzzle to complete. For a whole class reward, divide students into two teams, and do a 1,000 puzzle-piece challenge to see which team finishes the fastest.
  • First Choice (At Something)
  • Write On Mini Whiteboards
  • Sit In Special Seat – Got a special seat or space students compete to occupy? If so, use it as one of your 50 absolutely free student rewards.
  • Cool Bookmarks – Bookmarks can be easily made in Google Docs or Word.
  • Chew Gum
  • Administrator Shout Out – Ask the principal to recognize the student during morning announcements.
  • Teach Class Game – Let students teach the class a simple, fun game.
  • Help With Bulletin Board – Students help you design and decorate a bulletin board in the classroom or hallway.
  • Movie
  • Teach Magic Trick – How fun it would be to have students teach the class some of their favorite magic tricks.
  • Homework During Class Time 
  • Class Outdoor Game
  • Origami Challenge – Provide instructions, and see how well students can complete a fun origami craft.
  • Work Outdoors
  • Teacher Helper
  • Arts and Crafts – During class, there is often little time for arts and crafts. So why not include it as one of your 50 absolutely free student rewards?
  • Eat Lunch With Friend
  • Extra Computer Lab Time
  • Flashlight Frenzy – Turn off the lights, and move a flashlight about the classroom in zigzag fashion. Students love it!
  • Pajama Day
  • Lunch With Principal
  • Tech Navigator – Students manage the projector and/or computer for the teacher during instructional time.
  • Lunch With the Teacher
  • Show and Tell
  • Fun Brain Break – Take your most popular brain breaks, and add them to your list of free rewards for students.
  • Use Pen
  • Read to Class – Let students share a favorite read aloud during reader’s workshop.
  • No Line Going to Specials
  • Class Game – Play a fun game with the whole class.
  • Music While Working
  • Sit With Friend In Class – Allow students to sit and work with a friend for one class period.
  • Dance Party
  • Certificate of Achievement – Simple yet effective, certificates and awards should definitely be part of your 50 absolutely free student rewards.
  • Kind Note or Email Home
  • Call to Parents With Praise
  • Wear a Crown – Treat students like royalty for the day. Make a crown out of paper, or request a few from that popular fast food chain.
  • Extra Credit
  • Drop Lowest Grade – This reward even works in elementary if using a traditional grading system.
  • Crazy Hat – Allow students to wear a crazy hat for the entire day.
  • No Homework Pass
  • Ticket – If you use the ticket reward system as your classroom management plan, give students a few extra tickets.
  • Drawing/Coloring Time
  • Reward Coupon Book – Create a coupon reward book full of free rewards. Students redeem prizes throughout the year.
  • Extra Recess
  • Take Shoes Off
  • Knock Knock Jokes – Give students an opportunity to share a few of their favorite knock knock jokes in front of the class. See funny knock knock jokes.

Final Thoughts: 50 Absolutely Free Student Rewards

Now you’re all set to recognize and honor positive behavior using these 50 absolutely free student rewards!