75 Growth Mindset Examples For Students

Look no further than here for growth mindset examples for students. 

Possessing a growth mindset is essential for success in school and in life. It will be the key to students having success in school or missing the mark. 

That’s why it’s essential for educators to nurture a growth mindset in their students.

What does it mean to have a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is the idea that one’s abilities can be nurtured by putting forth strategic effort and remaining consistent. 

It is this discipline that leads to success.

How can teachers best support students? The first step is to recognize what a growth mindset looks and sounds like. 

This post includes some of the best real-world examples of someone in school with a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset Examples For Students

Following you will find examples of growth mindset in school settings. 

Scheduling time in your instruction to focus on tasks that cultivate a growth mindset for students will yield huge benefits to all involved.

1. As a student, I embrace a growth mindset because doing so expands my knowledge and views. 

2. I am eager to learn new skills and strategies that help me succeed in school.

3. Discipline and consistency will maximize my learning progress. 

4. Self-reflection is necessary to maintain a growth mindset. 

5. I will be kind to myself. 

6. When I don’t understand a concept, I will seek answers and/or ask questions. 

7. It is not my place to criticize and judge others.

8. Though I have been absent from school, I will catch up on my work soon. 

9. I embrace new learning experiences. 

10. That didn’t go as well as I thought it would, but I will move forward with a new strategy.

11. I embrace working outside of my comfort zone. 

12. When I’m reading and come across a word I don’t know, I have the knowledge to use context clues to figure it out.

13. Learning new things makes me a smarter person. 

14. I arrive to school every day with a positive mindset. I will not allow negativity to get me down. 

15. Reading provides me with more knowledge about a variety of topics.  

16. I will learn how to do this no matter how long it takes.

17. Though I am not yet good at (insert skill or task), I am working towards improving in that area.

18. I will achieve my SMART goals this school quarter (or semester, year).

19. Making mistakes is not a bad thing. It means that I am learning what works and what does not. 

20. Showing up to school every day and putting forth my best effort is half the battle. 

21. I will leverage my strengths and make a plan to improve upon my weaknesses.

22. With practice, I can improve my skills.

23. I’m a work in progress. 

24. To become a better writer, I must take risks by implementing new writing skills and strategies that my teacher has taught me. 

25. I will set academic goals often and make a plan to reach them. 

growth mindset examples for students
growth mindset examples for students

26. When I’m reading and come to a confusing part, I stop and reread in order to gain a better understanding of the material.

27. I prefer to surround myself with classmates and peers who will encourage me. 

28. There are positives to working in a group. I will focus on the good and collaborate to improve the bad. 

29. What are some growth mindset examples for students that I could share with classmates?

30. It’s okay to put me and my needs first.

31. I will always focus on getting better.  

32. Not every classmate has to agree with my opinions. I am open to seeing things from their perspectives.

33. I embrace the challenges that come my way because they make me mentally stronger. 

34. It’s okay for me to be myself. 

35. Mastering study skills will increase my productivity and academic success.

36. Participating in class discussions is a good thing and will increase my confidence. 

37. I believe that change is possible.

38. Successful students inspire me.

39. When it comes to my goals, I will never give up. Persistence is key.

40. I will limit my use of the word “can’t”.

41. During state testing, I will put forth my best efforts. 

42. Classmates’ good behaviors and work habits inspire me to be a better student. 

43. I believe that I can achieve just about anything if I focus and execute a strategic plan.

44. It’s okay if not every person likes me. 

45. When the teacher provides feedback, I will accept it as constructive criticism and make changes as appropriate.

46. I’m not afraid to try something another way.

47. Failure is a learning experience. It does not make me a bad student.

48. I will celebrate my wins.

49. What could I have done differently in order to produce a better outcome?

50. Bullying is never okay.

51. I will try and try again until I get it right.

52. Instead of focusing on my failures, I will focus on improving. 

53. Positive thoughts are more powerful than negative thoughts.

54. Rewards motivate me to put forth maximum effort. 

55. I don’t need to compare myself to my classmates in order to feel better about myself. 

growth mindset examples for students
growth mindset examples for students

56. I wait my turn before speaking. I will not interrupt others.

57. My teacher is here to support me and guide me toward achieving my goals. 

58. I am committed to doing my best in school. 

59. Patience is a virtue.

60. I learn from others’ successes and failures. 

61. In time, I will be able to complete this task independently.

62. Feedback helps me to learn and grow as a student.

63. I possess a lot of good traits. 

64. It’s fine if things don’t come out perfectly. 

65. What did I learn from this experience?

66. I am capable of doing tasks that seem difficult. 

67. In order to grow, I have to try new things. 

68. Challenges can be exciting. 

69. It’s okay to stand up for myself when I have been wronged.

70. I possess unique talents that I should use positively to my advantage.

71. There is no limit to the things I can achieve. 

72. I’ll get it right the next time. 

73. Sharing my knowledge helps others grow academically.

74. I find value in the feedback that I receive from the teacher.

75. There is no need for me to rush through my class assignments so that I can be the first one done.

Final Thoughts On Growth Mindset Examples For Students

With hard work and dedication, all students can be successful in school. The main component is having the right mindset. 

Support learners in their efforts with understanding this concept by sharing these growth mindset examples for students that inspire them to frame their learning experiences in a positive light.

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