101 Final Report Card Comments For 4th Quarter

As the school year comes to an end, drafting final report card comments is on your mind because it’s probably one of the tasks that you dread during the 4th quarter.

While it’s not the most exciting thing to do, it is important that teachers provide meaningful student feedback that will help students grow academically and socially.

While you have much to communicate with parents about regarding students’ academic progress, accomplishments, and areas of needed improvement, knowing exactly what to say can be a challenge.

That’s why I compiled my personal stash of final report card comments for you that should make the task a little easier.

These 4th quarter report card comments save you time plus frustration. You’ll finish your final report card comments much faster and with less stress.

So use the following final comments to work smarter as you compose your end-of-year progress report comments.

Final Report Card Comments

Final Report Card Comments for Academics


  • _____’s (insert any academic skill) has improved a great deal this year. Continue using the same strategies next year.
  • _____ exceeded the standards for (insert subject or skill) for this school year.
  • Additional work is still needed to meet the learning expectations for this grade level.
  • _____ made great strides with … this school year. I wish her all the best next year.


  • _____’s reading comprehension skills improved tremendously this school year. 
  • Overall, _____’s reading fluency has increased significantly.
  • _____ confidently applies reading strategies in order to maximize comprehension.

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  • _____ knows how to use fiction text features and nonfiction text features to comprehend books betters.
  • _____ responds fully to reader response questions and provides evidence from the text to justify reasoning.
  • Though _____’s reading level improved this school year, his limited vocabulary still hinders his comprehension.

Writing Skills

  • _____ has learned to develop his writing ideas fully.
  • _____ knows how to write for a specific audience.
  • _____ demonstrates strong grammar and punctuation skills.
  • When responding to writing prompts, _____ answers fully according to a rubric.
  • _____ applies good writing skills in all subject areas.


  • I suggest hiring a tutor to reinforce basic math skills.
  • _____ responds to math writing prompts fully.
  • _____ knows how to strategically solve math word problems.
  • _____’s math foundation is strong. That’s why she excels with math concepts.
  • _____ is able to connect math concepts to real-life situations.
  • _____met math standards at a proficient or advanced level this school year.
final report card comments


  • _____knows how to use the scientific method accurately.
  • When reading science books, _____ applies reading strategies to help comprehension.
  • _____ is inquisitive and has a bright future in STEM.
  • _____ actively engages in science projects and experiments.
  • _____ asks lots of good questions that prompt further research.
  • _____ puts forth good effort when working on science activities.

Social Studies

  • _____ progressed well in all social studies standards this school year.
  • _____ actively participates in social studies discussions, sharing his ideas and opinions.
  • _____ applies good reading skills when reading social studies texts.
  • _____ uses a methodic approach when exploring research topics.
  • _____ knows how to use visuals, tools, and manipulatives to support understanding of social studies concepts.
  • _____ has an understanding of how social studies issues impact citizens’ daily living and the future.

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Narrative Report Card Comments That Can Be Modified For End-of-Year

Work Habits/Attitude

  • _____excelled in every area this school year.
  • It has been wonderful to see ____ mature into a confident student.
  • Thank you for your support during the school year. ____ is a motivated learner with great study habits.
  • The use of study skills has positively affected ____’s academic outcomes.
  • I am confident that _____ will perform wonderfully next school year.
  • It has been a joy to teach ____ this year. I know he/she will continue to excel next year.
  • Keep up the hard work!
  • _____ shows significant improvement compared to the previous semester. Keep it up!
  • The level of improvement is remarkable. The hard work has paid off.
  • Continues to improve in most areas. However, I recommend focusing more on ____ next year.
  • Keep using the strategies used this past semester to improve even more next year.
  • The tutoring has helped tremendously. Consider continuing with a tutor next year to stay ahead of things.
  • _____’s concentration and focus have increased throughout the year. 
  • I’m amazed by the progress your child has made in just one year. 
  • _____ still needs to devote a little more time to the areas that we discussed.
  • While we have seen improvement in some areas, we should continue to focus on ___ next year.
  • Your child has been a joy to teach.
  • Please continue to work on the areas discussed earlier in the year to avoid the same issues during the next school year. 
  • It has been such an honor to teach _____. She will be greatly missed next year.
  • Working on ___ may help your child become better prepared for the next grade level.
  • It’s been a pleasure to be part of ______ academic growth.
  • I do not doubt that your child will continue to exceed expectations for the next grade level.
  • I wish _____ well next year with all of her academic goals. 
  • _____ has never submitted an assignment late.


  • _____ shows respect for himself, others, and things.
  • _____ overcame many challenges throughout the year with a positive attitude.
  • _____ always remains calm and collected when challenges arise.
  • _____ impressive organizational skills have contributed to his success.
  • _____’s hard work and discipline have been very impressive this school year.
final report card comments
  • _____ always showed initiative and looked for ways to help, which will serve him/her well next school year.
  • _____ ever allowed difficult situations to get the best of him/her.
  • _____ strived to achieve goals by the end of the school year and reached them. This shows determination.
  • _____ is very helpful.
  • _____’s enthusiasm for sharing his ideas during class discussions is well-noted.
  • _____ has good manners.
  • _____ was committed to doing his/her best. As the grades show, his/her hard work paid off.
  • _____ always followed classroom rules.
  • _____ does not distract others when they are working.
  • _____ shows gratitude by saying “please” and thank you”.
  • _____ occasionally needed help remaining calm when dealing with stressful situations. 
  • _____was kind and respectful to everyone. I expect great things from him/her next year.
  • _____ was always considerate in his/her interactions with others.
  • _____ occasionally needed a reminder to stop talking with friends.
  • _____ follows instructions the first time they are given.
  • _____ consistently had a positive attitude toward her work and peers.
  • _____ reacts calmly even when others upset him.
  • _____ may want to work on being more considerate of other students’ feelings.
  • _____ often came to class unmotivated and unwilling to learn. 
  • _____ has a hard time regulating his/her emotions.

Final Report Card Comments for Kindergarten

  • _____ has no problem sharing with others. Your child is sociable and respectful with teachers and other children.
  • _____ is incredibly imaginative.
  • _____ has a large vocabulary for a child of this age.
  • _____ shows a high level of skill in multiple areas including problem-solving.
  • _____ possesses fantastic problem-solving skills for a kindergartener.
  • _____ is developing at an appropriate pace. He/she made good progress this year.
  • _____ is on track for the transition to elementary school.
  • _____ socializes with other children well.
  • _____ has developed suitable motor skills and social skills for this age.
  • _____ remains interested in playing with classmates but is often too shy to participate.
  • _____ listens well to instructions.
  • _____ continues to struggle with sharing and playing with other children.
  • _____ needs encouragement to use a wider vocabulary.
  • _____ often struggles to take turns during group play.
  • _____ has improved significantly throughout the year but still needs to work on the following…
  • _____ plays well with other children but occasionally creates disruptions.
  • _____ is highly motivated and enthusiastic but becomes stressed easily.
  • _____ remains respectful when classmates speak.
  • _____ is happy and positive. That attitude will take her far. My goal is to get her up to standards with _____.
  • _____ still needs to work on his/her cooperative play skills.

Final Thoughts On Final Report Card Comments

These 4th quarter and final report card comments are useful for helping students understand their academic achievements.

Although grades summarize students’ progress, end-of-year progress report card comments offer specific guidance and/or words of encouragement.

Now you’re all set to complete your final report card comments with less frustration and overwhelm.