71 Quick and Easy Kindergarten Report Card Comments

Need help filling out kindergarten report card comments? Use the following selection of comments to streamline your end-of-year tasks.

These kindergarten report card comments are divided into categories for quick reference.

You will find comments for discussing academic progress, classroom behavior, and more.

So save time drafting remarks using these helpful kindergarten report card comments. 

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Kindergarten Report Card Comments: Social Skills

Kindergarten report card comments that discuss how kindergarteners behave and socialize with peers.

The student…

  • _____ follows oral instructions. 
  • _____ demonstrates positive character traits. 
  • _____ has a hard time getting along with peers. 
  • _____ is eager to assist peers.
  • _____ bites peers when he/she becomes frustrated. 
  • _____ is becoming more independent with tasks. 
  • _____ has difficulty accepting consequences.
  • _____ is eager to participate in class activities. 
  • _____ has to be redirected several times before he is able complete a task.
  • _____ requires frequent reminders to remain on task throughout the day.
  • _____ works collaboratively by taking turns.
  • _____ uses kind words towards classmates.
  • _____ keeps hands and feet to self during circle time.
  • _____ listens attentively. 
  • _____ thrives in the classroom, socially and academically. Examples of this include…
  • _____ respects others’ personal space and belongings.

Kindergarten Report Card Comments: Academic Progress

Kindergarten report card comments that communicate how well kindergarteners are progressing with learning objectives.

The student…

  • Continues to make great progress in ___.
  • Understands how to write basic sentences with few grammar mistakes.
  • Reads with great accuracy for this grade level. 
  • Can count, read, and write at an advanced level for this age group.
  • Reads at a level beyond most kindergarteners. He/she is ready for first grade.
  • Understands the basics of math, including simple addition and subtraction.
  • Reads with confidence. He/she rarely asks for help decoding words. 
  • Exceeds academic expectations.
  • Has a solid foundation of skills, including number recognition and a growing vocabulary.
  • Continues to grow at a faster pace compared to many other students.
  • Can read and write using grade-appropriate words.
  • Understands how to sort, collect, and organize data into multiple categories.
  • Has developed the skills needed to start first grade ahead of the curve.
  • Shows a strong interest in a variety of subjects, including ___.
  • Exceeds expectations when it comes to his/her academic achievement for this grade level.
  • Has grown exponentially this year. He/she is fully prepared for the first grade. 
  • Has a natural aptitude for math and numbers.

Kindergarten Report Card Comments: Academic Improvement

The student…

  • Is eager to learn. However, he/she continues to struggle with ___.
  • Takes pride in his/her work but tends to rush projects. Slowing down may help him/her next semester.
  • Occasionally needs a little extra time when learning new skills.
  • Shows great progress in most areas but more work is needed to address ___.
  • Has improved significantly throughout the year. Continue to work on the same areas as he/she enters first grade.

Kindergarten Report Card Comments: Positive Classroom Behavior/Attitude

The student…

  • Has a positive attitude.
  • Listens to instructions well. 
  • Always shows up ready to learn.
  • Is very inquisitive and eager to learn.
  • Is highly motivated to learn new things.
  • Is always respectful of teachers and staff at the school.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude in most situations.
  • Frequently helps other students when they struggle with a lesson.
  • Never disrupts the class or interrupts when I speak.
  • Has a bright, sunny smile that lights up the entire classroom.
  • Works diligently on independent projects.
  • Follows instructions well. His/her projects are always well thought out.
  • Is becoming increasingly confident in his/her skills.
  • Always wants to participate in classroom activities.
  • Never needs reminders to stop talking and continue working.
  • Is enthusiastic to learn something new each day.
  • Listens carefully to my instructions and rarely makes mistakes. Shows a real positive attitude for learning.

Kindergarten Report Card Comments: Poor Classroom Behavior/Attitude

The student…

  • Occasionally struggles to pay attention when listening to instructions.
  • Has disrupted the classroom on several occasions. 
  • Does not always follow instructions.
  • Thrives in many areas but sometimes fails to control his/her emotions.
  • Does not always wait his/her turn during group activities.
  • May benefit from slowing down and listening before starting an activity.
  • Tends to lose focus when working on projects that he/she finds challenging.
  • Occasionally needs a reminder to stay on task.
  • Continues to have difficulty participating in classroom activities.
  • Works hard but becomes stressed easily when facing a challenge. 

Kindergarten Report Card Comments: Distance Learning

The use of various technologies and different learning methods have presented new challenges for students at all grade levels, including kindergarteners.

Here are a few kindergarten report card comments that address distance learning.

The student…

  • _____ learns new information using technological devices. 
  • Using digital tools, _____ creates writings and drawings. 
  • _____ follows instructions from the teacher when participating in remote learning. 
  • _____ knows how to navigate through an online program such as BrainpopJr. and click on appropriate icons.
  • _____ is able to retell the main events of a digital story.
  • _____ follows visual and oral cues from the teacher while learning online.

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