51 Helpful Kindergarten Report Card Comments

Reduce stress during report card time by utilizing these helpful kindergarten report card comments.

Drafting report card comments for your kindergarteners can be a stressful experience.

You want to communicate clearly how well students are progressing without sounding harsh.

It can be difficult finding those “just right” words and phrases.

To alleviate some of the burden, I’ve compiled this list of kindergarten report card comments that will help streamline your work.

The comments are divided into categories for quick reference. Find comments for academic progress, social skills, and behavior.

Get ready to save lots of time by using these helpful kindergarten report card comments. 

Kindergarten Report Card Comments

Social Skills

The following kindergarten report card comments document students’ interactions with peers.

  • _____ follows instructions the first time. 
  • _____ has a hard time getting along with peers. 
  • _____ is eager to assist peers.
  • _____ bites peers when he/she becomes frustrated. 
  • _____ has difficulty accepting consequences.
  • _____ is eager to participate in class activities. 
  • _____ has to be redirected several times before he is able complete a task.
  • _____ requires frequent reminders to remain on task throughout the day.
  • _____ works collaboratively by taking turns.
  • _____ uses kind words towards classmates.
  • _____ keeps hands and feet to self during circle time.
  • _____ listens attentively. 
  • _____ thrives in the classroom, socially and academically. Examples of this include…
  • _____ respects others’ personal space and belongings.


The following kindergarten report card comments communicate how well students are progressing toward academic goals.

  • Continues to make great progress in ___.
  • Understands how to write basic sentences.
  • Reads with great accuracy for this grade level. 
  • Can count, read, and write at an advanced level for this age group.
  • Understands the basics of math.
  • Reads with confidence.
  • Exceeds academic expectations.
  • Has a solid foundation of skills of reading and math skills for this grade level.
  • Can read and write using grade-appropriate words.
  • Understands how to sort, collect, and organize data into multiple categories.
  • Exceeds expectations when it comes to his/her academic achievement for this grade level.
  • Has grown exponentially this year. He/she is fully prepared for the next grade level.
  • Has a natural aptitude for math and numbers.
  • Is eager to learn. However, he/she continues to struggle with ___.
  • Occasionally needs a little extra time when learning new skills.
  • Shows great progress in most areas but more work is needed to address ___.
  • Has improved significantly throughout the year.
  • Let’s schedule a conference to meet about…


Utilizing the following kindergarten report card comments, you’ll be able to show characteristics of students’ conduct.

  • Listens to instructions well. 
  • Always shows up ready to learn.
  • Plays fairly with other students.
  • Is very inquisitive and eager to learn.
  • Is always respectful of teachers and staff at the school.
  • Never disrupts the class or interrupts others.
  • Is becoming increasingly confident in his/her skills.
  • Always wants to participate in classroom activities.
  • Never needs reminders to stop talking and continue working.
  • Occasionally struggles to pay attention when listening to instructions.
  • Has disrupted the classroom on several occasions. 
  • Does not always follow instructions.
  • Thrives in many areas but sometimes fails to control his/her emotions.
  • Does not always wait for his/her turn during group activities.
  • May benefit from slowing down and listening before starting an activity.
  • Occasionally needs a reminder to stay on task.
  • Continues to have difficulty participating in classroom activities.
  • _____ demonstrates positive character traits. 
  • _____ is becoming more independent with tasks.

Final Thoughts: Kindergarten Report Card Comments

When it comes to writing student comments for kindergarten students, don’t reinvent the wheel.

Choose to work smarter by using these quality kindergarten report card comments. 

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