180+ Terrific Teacher Comments for Student Writing

Here you will find great examples of teacher comments for student writing that provide a great starting point for giving students meaningful feedback.

Whether the assignment is math, reading, writing, social studies, or science, this list of teacher comments for student writing offers the feedback you need to help students grow as young authors. 

These teacher comments for student writing focus more on positive feedback rather than negative because positive feedback supports progress. 

So take a look at these helpful teacher comments for student writing, and plan on using a few of the feedback examples on student assignments this week.

Teacher Comments for Student Writing

The following teacher comments for student writing express to students how well they are progressing.

These remarks for students’ performance are great to use as homework comments for students, too.

1. What an original idea!

2. Keep up the great work!

3. Wonderful handwriting!

4. Impressive style and truly original writing!

5. Your writing is out of this world!

6. Your hard work paid off! Congratulations!

7. First-rate job on your writing!

8. Your attention to detail is outstanding!

9. You are a superstar!

10. You’ve learned so much! Great job!

11. Your understanding of the subject has improved dramatically!

12. You expressed yourself incredibly well!

13. I knew you could do it!

14. You are so artistic and creative!

15. Your choice of words painted a clear picture!

16. I’m impressed by your improvement!

17. You are a gifted student! Great writing!

18. Your skills have really grown this year!

19. You should be proud of this work!

20. I truly enjoyed grading this paper!

21. You receive my seal of approval!

22. Your writing brightened my day!

23. You followed the instructions perfectly!

24. You continue to exceed my expectations!

25. I can tell that you give this your best effort! Great job!

26. Have you been holding back? This is phenomenal work!

27. You’re really in touch with your feelings here!

28. Your hard work shows! Great improvement!

29. You’ve come a long way!

30. This is a definite winner!

31. That’s an interesting point!

32. Thank you for such a fantastic effort!

33. You’re almost an expert now!

34. Terrific job! Your patience has paid off!

35. Your writing was clear, concise, and creative!

36. Awesome job! Keep it up!

37. Your writing skills keep improving!

38. I’m lucky to grade such fantastic work!

39. I love how focused your writing has become!

40. Your paper is full of wonderful ideas!

41. This really blew me away!

42. Great job thinking everything through! Very concise!

43. You get a high five! Fabulous job!

44. Your potential is limitless!

45. I love the creativity you put into this!

More Great Teacher Comments for Student Writing

46. This assignment really shows off your skills!

47. You’re now unstoppable! Keep it up!

48. You challenged yourself and succeeded!

49. I had to read this twice. I loved it so much!

50. See, I told you that you’re a great writer!

51. You knocked this out of the park!

52. I can tell that you did your best!

53. You’ve made more progress than I could have imagined!

54. You learned something new!

55. Your motivation is starting to pay off!

56. What great observations!

57. Your work is coming along nicely!

58. That was a very perceptive point!

59. This is prize-winning writing! Put it on the fridge.

60. You’re right on target! Keep hitting bullseyes!

61. You make writing look easy!

62. Congratulations! You move to the head of the class!

63. Prestigious work! Your best effort yet!

64. Exhilarating writing! Amazing effort!

65. Doesn’t it feel great to do such a wonderful job?

66. Extraordinary! Much better than last time!

67. Sensational effort! What careful work!

68. Top-notch job! I appreciate the hard work!

69. Your personality shines!

70. This assignment has pizzazz! Wow!

71. Great job getting to the heart of the issue!

72. Very well-thought-out points!

73. I can tell that you’ve been paying attention!

74. This is a winner! Gold star!

75. You really outdid yourself with this paper!

76. What an accomplishment!

77. This is absolutely incredible!

78. Your lead really grabs my attention. 

79. What a unique way to begin your writing. 

80. Your main idea is very clear. 

81. Bravo! You reached each standard. 

82. Wow! This is just purrfect!

83. Exceptional use of details in your writing.

84. You did a great job explaining your answer. 

85. This part really moved me. 

86. This paper has pizzazz!

87. You are moving in the right direction. 

88. What a fantastic strategy for solving the problem!

89. Your progress is phenomenal.

90. The details you share really help me to visualize what is happening. 

91. Your effort does not go unnoticed. Great job!

92. I can tell that you’ve been practicing consistently.

93. You did an excellent job of showing and not just telling. 

94. Fantastic use of metaphors!

95. You definitely know your audience!

96. This receives a 5-star rating!

97. You really outdid yourself with this one. 

Feedback Comments for Student Writing Examples

98. Good job! A few more details will help your readers visualize better.

99. The ideas flow nicely.

100. This paper is rock-solid! Nice job.

101. Your thoughts are coherent and easy to follow.

102. I love the way you took risks with new vocabulary words.

103. How impressive! I am so proud of you!

104. Your use of transition words makes reading your paper a breeze. 

105. Great use of similes.

106. The voice of your writing is very clear. 

107. I enjoyed following along the journey!

108. Your reasoning is good. 

109. I commend you for your thorough work.

110. This work shows so much improvement!

111. What an interesting point of view.

112. Your personality shines through.

113. Score! You did it!

114. I can tell that you really worked hard on this.

115. Your progress is admirable. Stay motivated!

116. I love the way you added details to help readers visualize.

117. What a clever perspective!

118. I can see your progress clearly.

119. I loved the way you compared and contrasted the ideas.

120. Neat handwriting!

121. Your examples are excellent!

122. You have great attention to detail.

123. I love the way you elaborated on the main ideas.

124. Your thoughts are very clear.

125. You show lots of sensitivity to this subject.

126. You’ve really been paying attention in class.

127. You’re right on target with this point.

128. Thank you for a job well done.

129. Good points made.

130. What an interesting point of view!

131. This part is coming along nicely.

132. 5-star rating!

133. Your ending surprised me!

134. You have all the elements of a great piece of writing here!

135. This is something special!

136. It’s obvious you did thorough research.

137. Now I’m excited to learn more about this topic!

138. You really did this topic justice.

139. Your clarity of the subject is spectacular.

140. You worded this well.

141. Well thought out!

142. What neat work!

143. You’ve outdid yourself!

144. Looks like you’re becoming an expert on this topic!

145. I love the way you used powerful verbs!

146. Your use of figurative language is superb.

147. Phenomenal piece of writing!

148. You’re achieving your S.M.A.R.T goals with this type of work!

149. Your grammar is on point!

List of Positive Comments for Students Work

If you’re looking for efficient ways to improve student writing, try these feedback comments.

150. Great job revising your work!

151. Your work on this assignment is praiseworthy!

152. With this work, you’re ready for ______ grade!

153. Your ideas flow seamlessly.

154. This part is very noteworthy.

155. I love the way you used sticky notes for revision.

156. So impressive!

157. This is above grade-level work!

158. You outlined the steps perfectly!

159. I can follow your thoughts easily.

160. Much better.

161. Keep pushing forward!

162. I see so much improvement in your introductions and conclusions.

163. Much improvement with (insert any skill).

164. I love the care you take with your work.

165. You tackled this assignment like a pro!

166. I knew you were capable of more!

167. Honorable

168. Exemplary work!

169. Your paper dazzles!

170. Your strong effort is noticed!

171. Your work ethic is unsurpassed.

172. This needs to be on display!

173. First-rate work!

174. This is an A+ paper!

175. Exhilarating thoughts!

176. What an interesting read.

177. I can tell you checked over your work. Great job!

178. You explained your work clearly.

179. Fine job!

180. You outdid yourself this time!

181. Neat and clear paper!

Final Thoughts: How Do You Compliment Students Writing?

Positive comments help students feel better about their writing skills. The right comment can boost self-esteem, motivation, and student engagement. 

So if you want to empower and uplift students, respond to student writing using some of the feedback examples from this list of positive teacher comments for student writing.

These motivational remarks for students do the job well.

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