25 Great Writing Activities for Middle School Students

By the time students reach middle school, they possess a solid foundation in writing.

They have already gained experience across various writing genres pieces and have undertaken numerous writing tasks.

This point in their school lives provides an excellent opportunity for teachers to dive deeper into writing activities that can further enhance their writing abilities.

That’s where these writing activities for middle school come in.

These engaging activities provide students with a more profound comprehension of writing.

The ultimate goal is to nurture well-rounded middle school writers who are confident in tackling different writing contexts – be it persuasive, informative, narrative, or descriptive.

The writing activities discussed in this post serve this purpose.

They give students practice in developing their writing skills in an enjoyable and engaging way.

No matter the grade or subject you teach, these middle school writing activities can be easily adapted to fit the needs of your class.

Writing Activities for Middle School

1. Write a Character Diary Entry.

In this activity, students select a character from a book they’re reading and write a diary entry from that character’s perspective.

This allows them to dive deeper into the character’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences, deepening their understanding of literary characters.

2. Draft a “What If” Historical Essay.

Encourage students to explore a significant historical event and write an essay speculating on an alternate outcome.

Doing so prompts critical thinking, historical analysis, and creative writing as they imagine the impact of different decisions or scenarios on history.

3. Create a Comic Strip Story.

Challenge students to create a comic strip that tells a complete story within a limited number of panels.

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4. Write a “Dear Future Me” Journal Entry.

Have students write a journal entry addressed to their future selves, envisioning where they’ll be in a certain number of years.

This introspective activity encourages self-reflection, goal-setting, and personal growth through writing.

5. Craft a Fairy Tale Remix.

Ask students to choose a traditional fairy tale and give it a modern twist or reinterpretation.

By doing so, they’ll stretch their creativity and improve their ability to adapt stories to new contexts while retaining the core themes.

6. Make a Sensory Snapshot.

This activity enhances descriptive writing by immersing readers in the experience.

Have students focus on a particular moment or scene from a book/movie and describe it using all five senses. 

7. Write an Essay.

For simple middle school writing activities that are still effective, assign essay writing.

Have students explore different essay genres, from narrative to persuasive and expository writing.

By experimenting with various genres, students develop versatility in their writing skills.

8. Draft a Newspaper Article.

For this middle school writing activity, students will write newspaper articles that cover the essential “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” of a given current event or assigned topic. 

9. Complete Quick Writes.

Set a short time limit, and have students respond to a series of quick writes.

Through the process, they will generate ideas, organize thoughts swiftly, and produce coherent and concise written responses.

10. Write Comparative Cultural Essays.

Encourage students to explore different cultures and write essays comparing aspects like traditions, celebrations, or daily life. 

11. Draft Opinion Podcast Scripts.

Engage students in modern communication methods by having them write scripts for short opinion podcasts.

They may choose topics they care about and practice persuasive speech through written dialogue.

12. Create Character Interview Profiles.

Encourage students to create profiles for fictional characters by conducting interview-style conversations with them.

This exercise promotes character development, narrative creativity, and understanding of motivations.

Creative Writing Activities for Middle School

These creative middle school writing activities engage students’ imagination and challenge them to think outside the box while refining their writing skills.

13. Write a Mini-Adventure in 50 Words

Challenge students to craft a complete adventure story using exactly 50 words.

This micro-fiction activity improves their ability to tell a story concisely and choose impactful words.

14. Design a “Lost and Found” Poster.

Have students choose an object and create a “lost and found” poster for it.

They must describe the item, tell its significance to the owner, and incorporate persuasive language to encourage its return. 

15. Compose a Recipe for Imagination.

Ask students to write a fun recipe that guides readers through creating a potion or dish that improves someone’s imagination.

This creative writing exercise invites metaphorical thinking and inventive language use.

16. Write an Alternate Universe Story.

Have students rewrite a well-known story, but set it in a different time period or universe.

This imaginative activity prompts students to consider how context shapes narratives.

17. Write a Story Using Random Words.

Encourage students to stretch their creativity and problem-solving skills by providing them with a list of unrelated words (e.g., banana, spaceship, whisper).

They must incorporate all the words into a cohesive short story.

18. Create a “Wanted” Poster for a Fictional Character.

Ask students to design a “wanted” poster for a fictional character from a book they’ve read.

They should include the character’s description, actions, and reward.

Fun Writing Activities for Middle School

19. Write a “Twisted Tale” Ending.

Provide students with a well-known fairy tale or story and have them rewrite the ending in a surprising or unexpected way.

20. Create a Character Emoji Story.

Challenge students to tell a short story using only emojis. They must use these visual symbols to communicate the plot, characters, emotions, etc.

21. Craft a “Caption This” Photo Story.

Show students an intriguing or humorous photograph and ask them to create a short story or dialogue exchange based on what they see.

22. Do an E-mail Exchange.

For this fun activity, pair students and have them write e-mail exchanges between two characters, addressing a particular situation or problem.

Based on the characters’ personalities, students should think about what types of words, phrases, expressions, and tones the characters would use.

23. Create a Superhero Origin Story.

Have students invent their own superhero or supervillain, complete with an origin story that explains how they gained their powers and their motivations for using them.

24. Write a Time-Travel Adventure.

Challenge students to write a short story where they travel back in time to a historical event.

They must navigate the challenges of that time period while maintaining historical accuracy and weaving an engaging narrative.

25. Craft a Monster Myth.

Encourage students to invent a unique myth or legend about a mythical creature they create.

Final Thoughts On Middle School Writing Activities

These writing activities for middle schoolers provide unique opportunities for them to explore different writing styles, genres, and perspectives in an engaging way.

From fun and creative to more classic writing assignments, there’s an activity here that will surely meet the needs of your middle school class.