101 Great Writing Prompts for Middle School Students

Here you will find a quality collection of writing prompts for middle school students.

Writing prompts jump-start students’ writing, alleviating some of the burden of generating their own ideas.

In addition to inspiring writing growth, writing prompts for middle school improve writing skills, stretch imaginations, and encourage reflection of personal experiences.

That’s why they make a great addition to your collection of writing activities.

So pencil into your lesson plans this week a few of these engaging writing prompts for middle school.

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Writing Prompts for Middle School

Following you will find a variety of writing prompts for middle school students.

1. Describe the best birthday you ever had.

2. Where are you the happiest and why?

3. Describe a special moment with a pet.

4. What is your least favorite food and why?

5. Write about a time when you felt absolute joy.

6. Create a social media hashtag that represents your personality. Why does this hashtag fit you so well?

7. Write about a time you felt scared.

8. Describe a time when you were really excited about something but the actual event/thing didn’t meet your expectations.

9. Compare and contrast your experiences in two different grade levels.

10. Retell the main events of the last Field Day you attended.

11. Write about any family traditions that you celebrate during the holidays.

12. Write a poem about your favorite season.

13. What makes you unique?

14. Write about a time when you were late for class or missed the school bus? What was the cause, and how did things turn out?

15. Describe what you had for dinner last night.

16. Write about a situation that you weren’t looking forward to but ended up enjoying.

17. Retell a special moment between you and your pet.

18. Share what you and your family normally do during the weekends.

19. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

20. What are three of your strengths and two of your weaknesses? What steps are you taking to improve your weaknesses?

21. Tell what you like best and least about responding to writing prompts for middle school students.

22. Describe the similarities and differences between two holidays.

23. Write a new section of your science textbook. You choose the topic. Include appropriate text features.

24. What makes somebody a good person?

25. The headline reads, “Cobra Escapes Zoo!” Write the news story.

26. Write a magazine article about a recent event.

27. Describe an important invention, and explain why it is important.

28. Why do you love your favorite food so much?

29. Describe the unique habits of your favorite animal.

30. Explain the plot of your favorite TV show.

31. Write an article for the school newspaper giving tips to middle schoolers about how to study for a final exam.

32. Explain the plot from your favorite book.

33. What do the lyrics of your favorite song mean?

34. Tell the benefits of responding to writing prompts for middle school.

35. What is the best advice you’ve been given?

36. Give instructions for how to make your favorite healthy meal.

37. Explain when in real life you use math.

38. How would you explain to a 100-year old person how to download an app?

39. Give advice to someone who has had a disagreement with a friend.

40. Write a story that takes place in your backyard.

writing prompts for middle school
writing prompts for middle school

41. Describe your best friend.

42. Is there such a thing as a bad person? Explain.

43. Tell your experience with distance learning.

44. Explain how to make a good grade on a foreign language test.

45. What is your favorite color and why?

46. Describe the most important moment of your life in a newspaper article format.

47. Write ten to fifteen facts about your state or country.

48. You’ve become president for the day. What would you do? What laws would you enact?

49. What are the three best things about being in middle school?

50. Write a short biography about the accomplishments and challenges of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

51. Draft an article for the school newspaper encouraging students to volunteer once a month.

52. Write a poem that introduces you as a person.

53. Provide examples and non-examples of being a good citizen.

54. Write a haiku about your favorite sport.

55. Explain how to study for a test.

56. Describe what you ate for lunch today.

57. Write a diary entry from the perspective of an giraffe.

58. What are the benefits of spending time outdoors?

59. Compose a poem from the point of view of your pet.

60. Write the consequences of eating too much junk food.

61. Describe your dream bedroom.

62. Write a poem about your favorite meal.

63. Design a bumper sticker to advertise your school.

64. Create a story that takes places in the clouds.

65. Define happiness.

66. Tell about a fun art project you did recently.

67. Devise a strategy for winning first place in a science fair.

68. What is your favorite way to spend a rainy weekend afternoon?

69. Write a story with a mosquito as the main character.

70. Explain the benefits of reading daily.

71. Write a letter thanking a custodian.

72. How are you similar and different from your parents?

73. Tell about a time when you gave a presentation.

74. Write a poem about a clear night sky.

75. Describe a place where you feel safe.

76. Summarize a good read you read recently.

77. Tell about a time when you were injured.

78. Write an alternative ending for your favorite book or movie.

79. Summarize your weekday morning routine.

80. What are you most looking forward to do when older and why?

81. Explain how you are different from other people.

82. Use figurative language to describe something beautiful.

83. Write a speech that informs why you should be elected class president.

84. Describe the bark on a tree.

85. Write about a usual day from the perspective of a bathroom.

86. Explain the Internet to a 100-year old who has little to no experience with it.

87. The answer is “Springtime”. Write five to eight different questions. 

88. Describe how to serve a volleyball.

89. Recall a time you were angry. How did you calm down?

90. If you were a car, what type of gifts would you request for Christmas and why?

91. Write a letter to your 40-year old self.

92. Explain the benefits of reading audio books instead of traditional books.

93. Write a story from the perspective of a rabbit who escaped from its cage.

94. Create a holiday greeting card with a fun message.

95. Write a story about landing on an isolated island with nothing but a flashlight and your favorite book.

96. If you could visit another planet, which would you choose and why?

97. Do you like to be outside or inside more? Why?

98. Tell about how you met your best friend.

99. Offer tips for helping students make a strategy for reaching their SMART goals.

100. How do you think we can take better care of the environment?

101. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being in middle school?

Final Thoughts: Writing Prompts for Middle School

Now you have a treasure-trove of quality writing prompts for middle school to use for various purposes.

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