53 Excellent Quick Write Prompts for Middle School

Kickstart students writing efforts using these engaging quick write prompts for middle school.

Quick writes are sentence starters that jump-start one’s writing. They help students generate ideas and put their thoughts onto paper sooner rather than later.

Quick write prompts for middle school stimulate thinking, frame writing, and focus students’ attention quickly.

Utilizing them, students will produce “seeds” that will become fully developed later on in the writing process.

Here you will find a very helpful collection of quick writing prompts for middle school students that will help them to spark new and interesting ideas.

No longer will your middle schoolers complain about not having anything else to write about. These quick writing prompts take them out of the writing void. 

Quick Write Prompts for Middle School

The following quick writes serve as great 5-minute writing prompts for middle school.

1. Describe three physical traits that you like about yourself.

2. If you were put in charge of planning the school’s lunch menu, which healthy foods would you serve each day and why?

3. Describe a place where you feel safe.

4. Give examples of what would cause you to not be friends with someone any longer.

5. What is something that you regret? What would you have changed? 

6. Tell about a challenge you overcame. How did you overcome it? 

7. Pretend that you’re inventing a new flavor of ice cream. Describe the new flavor, and tell how to make it.

8. What is something that annoys you and why?

9. Tell about a time when you felt appreciated.

10. Share two of your strengths and one of your weaknesses. Tell how to improve your weakness.

11. Imagine that roaches take over the world. What types of things will they make humans do?

12. What type of adventures and challenges would you face if you became an ant for a day?

13. If you could create any new law, what would it be and why?

14. Compare and contrast one of your family’s traditions to that of another culture. 

15. Describe confidence. Give examples of what this trait looks like in action.

16. What has been the school event so far this school year?

17. Imagine that you get sucked into the pages of your favorite book. What happens when you join the other characters?

18. Describe your favorite place to read. 

19. What would attract someone to move to your city?

20. What is one of the most important things someone does every day? Why did you think this?

21. Explain why you like your favorite genre of music. 

22. Share why you think your school is the best.

quick writing prompts for middle school
middle school quick write prompts

23. Tell about a day in your life that you will never forget. 

24. Describe what you think your life might look like in 20 years.

25. Share your action plan for reaching your SMART goals this school year. 

26. Describe a teacher that has had the greatest impact on your learning. 

27. Tell about your favorite hobby. 

28. Write about an interesting dream you had recently. 

29. Positively describe yourself in 15 words.

30. Describe the best place to relax. 

31. In what ways can you give back to your community?

32. What’s the best way to spend a rainy or snowy weekend?

33. Write about a typical weekend from the point of view of a bike. 

34. Which is your favorite month of the year and why? 

35. How does figurative language bring writing to life?

36. What makes your favorite unique?

37. Tell the benefits of knowing how to swim. 

38. An interesting memory from kindergarten…

39. What are your favorite things to do during summer vacation?

40. In what ways have you changed since the start of the school year?

41. Write about a fun memory from an elective class. 

42. What are the benefits of responding to quick write prompts for middle school students?

43. Summarize the main idea of a recent lesson. 

44. Pretend that you are starting a band. What instruments will you need, and what sort of music will you play?

45. Share the benefits of online learning.

46. What is your favorite school subject and why?

47. Tell why middle schoolers should not be required to have summer reading lists.

48. Share a memory of when you felt anger. How did you calm yourself?

49. Would you rather be smarter or more popular? Why?

50. If you could make any changes to your neighborhood, what would they be and why?

51. Which sport is your favorite and why?

52. Why is it necessary to have rules in school?

53. Share the importance of reciting daily positive affirmations.

Final Thoughts: Middle School Quick Write Prompts

You are all set now to guide students in exploring new writing ideas and topics using these engaging quick write prompts for middle school.

Whether you want them to develop descriptive writing, short stories, or other types of writing skills, these fun middle school quick write prompts will serve you well.

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