41 Turkey Writing Prompts: Terrific Writing Ideas

Celebrate Thanksgiving, stuffing, traditions, pumpkins, juicy turkeys, and all things turkey-related using these fun turkey writing prompts.

Not only do these turkey writing prompts spark the imagination, they encourage expression of ideas, instill a love for writing, and sharpen writing skills.

That’s why they make a great addition to your Thanksgiving writing activities or any other of your writer’s workshop lesson plans.

So include a few of these fun turkey writing prompts in your November writing activities toolkit.

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Turkey Writing Prompts

Even your reluctant writers will be excited to move their pencils to these turkey writing prompts!

1. Compose a story about a turkey that is in big trouble. How does it solve its issue?

2. Tell, step-by-step, how to cook a turkey.

3. Write a fictional biography about a turkey.

4. Brainstorm ten words related to a turkey. Now write a story that includes these words.

5. Using all five senses, describe a turkey.

6. As you’re stuffing a turkey, it begins to yell! Write about what happens next.

7. Write a story using these words: turkey, dinner, Thanksgiving, family, dressing

8. Create a fairy tale about a turkey.

9. Pretend that a turkey friend will spend the day with you at school. What adventures will you have, and what challenges may you two face?

10. Compare and contrast a turkey and a pig.

11. Create a funny story about a slice of turkey and a cup of gravy that escape Thanksgiving dinner to go on an adventure.

12. If you could interview a turkey, what questions would you ask and why?

13. Compose a poem about a turkey.

14. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a turkey at a Thanksgiving dinner.

15. In your opinion, what are some benefits of responding to turkey writing prompts?

16. A newspaper headline reads, “Turkey Shortage Has Families Rethinking Thanksgiving Dinner Plans.”. Write the news story.

17. Imagine that you’re a turkey. Write a letter to the local zoo convincing it to take you in so that you don’t have to worry about being eaten for Thanksgiving.

18. T.U.R.K.E.Y – Create an acrostic poem using the word turkey.

19. If you had a pet turkey, how would you care for it?

20. Write a series of metaphors and similes to describe a turkey.

21. Draft a letter convincing people not to eat turkeys on Thanksgiving.

22. Would you rather eat turkey or ham for Thanksgiving? Explain your choice.

23. Sketch a turkey. Then describe your drawing.

24. Write and solve two, grade-appropriate math word problems that involves turkeys and/or Thanksgiving.

25. Create any type of writing genre piece you’d like about a turkey.

26. You wake up one morning and realize that you’re a turkey. Tell about your day.

27. Create a turkey superhero. What are its superpowers, and how does it use them?

28. Write a funny story about a turkey leg that sings in a band.

29. Setting: farm, characters: turkey and farmer, problem: The turkey wants to escape so that it’s not eaten for Thanksgiving. Complete the story.

30. Compare and contrast Thanksgiving with another holiday.

31. Retell your favorite Disney movie with one change: the prince is a turkey.

32. Make up a fun outdoor game that involves a frozen turkey.

33. Your “pet turkey” has gone missing! Draft a “Turkey Lost” ad describing what it looks like.

34. Explain how to make a recipe that has turkey as one of the ingredients.

35. Plan a Thanksgiving feast with turkey as the center piece. What other foods will you have? Describe the main and side dishes.

36. Share, step-by-step, a fun turkey-themed arts and crafts activity.

37. Convince your family to have ham instead of turkey this Thanksgiving.

38. Write a grocery list for a turkey.

39. Design a bumper sticker to advertise animal rights for turkeys.

40. Write a recipe that includes turkey as one of the ingredients.

41. Write a haiku about a turkey.

Now you have a nice collection of turkey writing prompts to use for various writing activities.

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