33 Best November Writing Prompts (With Printable Calendar)

If you’re searching for free November writing prompts, you’ve landed in the right place.

Here you will find November journal prompts that guide students in recognizing plus celebrating the festivities, memories, people, traditions, events, and themes associated with the eleventh month of the year.

These Thanksgiving and November writing prompts not only reduce writer’s block, they increase a love for writing, improve writing skills, ignite the imagination, encourage expression of ideas, deepen knowledge, and foster critical thinking.

That’s why these daily writing prompts for November fit well as part of your collection of writing prompts for students.

Whether you want to assign daily writing prompts or simply want to add variety to writing activities, this list of November writing prompts will serve you and your students well.

So pencil into your writer’s workshop and/or literacy lesson plans this week a few of these delightful November writing prompts.

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November Writing Prompts

The following ideas and topics for November writing work best with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students.

However, these November writing prompts can be modified to meet the needs of high school students as well.

1. What questions would you ask your favorite author and why?

2. Create a story using these words: dinner, tradition, music, vacation, relatives

3. Step-by-step, describe how to make your favorite kind of sandwich.

4. What activities and tasks can people do to stay healthy and in shape during the holiday season?

5. Write a nonfiction book recommendation.

6. Describe a fun arts and crafts activity for the month of November.

7. Write about a typical day in the life of a turkey.

8. Why is it so important to be a good reader? Be specific.

9. What causes chaos, and what are the effects of it?

10. Give specific strategies that will help others to not be forgetful.

11. Create a story about a family that attends a Veteran’s Day parade.

12. Compose a poem about a topic that is related to the month of November.

13. Draft a letter to someone you love, telling the person how much you care.

14. Compare and contrast a pickle vs. a cucumber.

15. In your opinion, what is the importance of recycling?

16. Provide examples and non-examples of being tolerant.

17. Create a November-themed greeting card, and make it humorous.

18. Write an article for the local newspaper, convincing residents to volunteer at a local charity. 

19. Tell about a day when everything seemed to go wrong.

20. Compare and contrast November with another month.

21. What are the best things about the month of November?

22. Share a fun memory of riding bikes with friends or family.

23. Summarize your favorite Thanksgiving read aloud book.

24. Plan a delicious Thanksgiving feast! Describe each course.

25. Describe Black Friday to someone who has never experienced it.

26. Write a haiku about the month of November.

27. In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of spending time with family?

28. Would you rather have pancakes or French Toast for breakfast? Explain your choice.

29. Describe your favorite dance moves.

30. Write about a time when you were sick. How did you get better?

31. What are some of the positive effects of responding to November writing prompts?

32. Create a funny story about a drumstick and buttery roll that escape together from a plate during a family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Describe the adventure.

33. Provide examples and non-examples of what it means to be grateful.

For a printable PDF version of these journal prompts, download November writing prompt calendar.

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