35 Terrific Thanksgiving Writing Prompts for Students

Celebrate turkeys, family traditions, gratitude, and all things related to Thanksgiving using these fun Thanksgiving writing prompts and story starters.

Not only do these Thanksgiving writing prompts reduce writer’s block, they sharpen writing skills, instill a love for writing, and help students express their ideas.

That’s why that make a great addition to your collection of Thanksgiving writing activities.

Use them in literacy centers, for independent writing, homework, or partner work.

Schedule a few of these delightful Thanksgiving writing prompts into your instruction this week.

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Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

1. You’re helping the lunch staff plan the menu for the school’s Thanksgiving dinner feast. Besides turkey, what other foods would you like on the menu and why?

2. Write a story about a turkey that escapes from a Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Describe your favorite Thanksgiving foods.

4. You plan to host a sweet potato pie contest. Write a letter persuading families in the local area to sign-up.

5. Compare and contrast Thanksgiving to another holiday.

6. The newspaper headline reads … Two Families at a Local Diner Get Into Thanksgiving Food Fight. Using the 5 Ws + H (Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, How?), create the news story.

7. Brainstorm ten words related to Thanksgiving. Now write a story that includes these words.

8. Explain the history of Thanksgiving to a young child.

9. Persuade your parents to take you to a Thanksgiving Day parade.

10. Write a Thanksgiving story centered around these words: cornucopia, grandparents, harvest, vegetables, and autumn

11. Compose a haiku about Thanksgiving.

12. Tell about the things and people that you are most thankful to have in your life. Why do these people and things mean so much to you?

13. Summarize a favorite Thanksgiving read aloud book that you read or heard recently.

14. Write an acrostic poem using the word Thanksgiving.

15. Describe to a child younger than you how to make your favorite Thanksgiving craft.

16. You’d like to visit the pumpkin patch this weekend. Write a detailed email, letter, or a series of text messages convincing your mom or dad to take you.

17. Share the details of a family tradition that you do every Thanksgiving.

18. Provide examples and non-examples of someone showing gratitude.

19. Characters: Pilgrims, Setting: Mayflower, Plot/Problem: ?, Solution: ? Complete the story, providing a problem along with the solution.

20. Describe Thanksgiving Day from a turkey’s perspective.

21. Describe Black Friday to someone not familiar with the phenomenon.

22. Your “pet turkey” has gone missing. Write a “Turkey Lost” advertisement describing what it looks like. Include any information that would help a stranger identify your pet.

23. Write a diary entry from the perspective of the Mayflower.

24. Create and solve two math word problems that relate to Thanksgiving.

25. Put yourself in the shoes of a turkey. How do you feel about Thanksgiving?

26. Write a story about a piece of corn on the cob that takes an adventure with a sweet potato.

Thanksgiving Story Starters

27. I am most thankful for…

28. The best Thanksgiving I ever had was…

29. A typical Thanksgiving Day with my family…

30. I’m in the living room relaxing with my family on Thanksgiving Day when all of a sudden we smell something burning in the kitchen…

31. As I start to carve the turkey, it yells, “Please, stop!”…

32. Some things that make my family’s Thanksgiving traditions unique are…

33. The best Thanksgiving feast consists of…

34. In the land of Thanksville, residents show gratitude daily by…

35. As I walked past the scarecrow in the cornfield, he slowly turned his eyes towards me…

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