44 Snow Day Writing Prompts: Fun Ideas to Write About

Encourage students to practice their writing skills during a snow day off using these fun snow day writing prompts.

No matter the grade you teach, these snow day writing prompts will serve your students well.

In addition to igniting creativity, these prompts motivate students to express their ideas plus they instill a love for writing.

So assign some of these delightful snow day writing prompts as fun writing activities.

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Snow Day Writing Prompts

Following you will find a variety of snow day writing prompts that keep students focused on learning during a snow day off.

1. Imagine that you will set up a hot beverage station at your house since it’s a snow day. Describe what kinds of drinks and other goodies you’ll serve.

2. Make up a fun indoor game that you and your family can play during a snow day.

3. Since it’s an indoor snow day, devise an obstacle course around your house. What stations, obstacles, and challenges will you have? What items will you use to create them?

4. Using all five senses, describe snow.

5. The newspaper headline reads, “Snowball Fight Breaks Out During Sporting Event!” Write the news story.

6. Explain how to make snow ice cream.

7. Pretend that you and your family will do a snow day scavenger hunt around the house. Come up with a series of clues for them to solve.

8. Write a poem about a snow day.

9. Describe what your city looks and feels like on a winter day.

10. Tell, step-by-step, how to make a friendship bracelet.

11. Summarize a winter-themed book you read recently.

12. If I were the teacher for the day, I would…

13. Write a greeting card message with a snow theme.

14. Plan an indoor campout! What materials will you use, what kinds of food will you eat, and what games/activities will you play?

15. Explain how to make the perfect snowball.

16. Describe a fun snow-themed arts and crafts activity.

17. Compare and contrast a house and an igloo.

18. Explain how to build the perfect snowman.

19. Write a letter convincing your parents to take you ice skating next weekend.

20.Oh no! The electricity just went out, and it’s a snow day! Describe how you will stay entertained and warm.

21. Compose a haiku about an icicle.

22. Share your strategy for building the most elaborate snow castle.

23. Write a persuasive ad to convince residents to make a purchase from your hot chocolate stand.

24. How would you describe winter?

25. Share five opinions and five facts about snowflakes.

26. Plan a snow day picnic. Describe what food and activities you’ll have.

27. In your opinion, what’s the best way to spend time with pets during a snow day?

28. Describe what structure you could make using 100 marshmallows, 100 toothpicks, and 100 gummy worms.

29. Write a short story about someone who wins an ice skating competition.

30. Summarize how to make a snow cone.

31. Describe the perfect snow day.

32. Draft a diary entry from the point of view of a snowflake falling from the sky.

33. Write a story about a superhero whose secret power involves transforming into a snowmobile.

34. What are the differences and similarities between clothes for the snow and clothes for the beach?

35. Share a memorable snow day experience.

36. Pretend that you’re doing a photo shoot at home, and the theme is winter. Describe your attire and any accessories you’ll wear.

37. Devise a strategy for winning first place in a snowman-building contest.

38. Create a story about someone who makes slime as a science experiment on a snow day.

39. Convince your friends to make snow angels with you.

40. In your opinion, what are the benefits of responding to snow day writing prompts?

41. Create a fun outdoor game that involves snow.

42. Would you rather go sledding, ice fishing, or skiing? Explain your answer.

43. Describe some fun snow day activities.

44. Write a diary entry about a day in the life of a penguin.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a treasure-trove of snow day writing prompts to assign to students during those snowy days off from school.

These prompts can also be used for a variety of other winter writing activities.

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