43 Blissful Winter Writing Prompts Students Love

Here you will find a collection of fun winter writing prompts for students of all ages.

Not only do these Winter writing prompts reduce writer’s block, they motivate students to explore creativity, improve writing skills, and express their ideas.

Though the winter may be cold, writer’s workshop doesn’t have to feel the same.

Include a few of these winter writing prompts and winter break writing prompts in your lesson plans this week.

Winter Writing Prompts

Even reluctant writers move their pens/pencils to the following Winter writing prompts.

Narrative Winter Writing Prompts

  • My favorite winter or Christmas memory…
  • Setting: Glacier, Characters: Penguins, Polar Bears, Problem: ?, Solution: ?. You’ve been given the characters and setting. Provide a problem plus solution, and then create a story based around these elements. Be as creative and imaginative as you’d like.
  • Let me tell you about the most incredible snow day ever…
  • Oh no! There’s a blizzard brewing in the middle of summer. What will your family do to prep for this storm?
  • The best moment I have about winter break…
  • There is no school because of too much snow, and now you are bored. Write a letter, series of text messages, or an email persuading your parents and/or siblings to go sledding with you.
  • Write two winter writing prompts you think your teacher might like.
  • Draft an encouraging letter to a young child who is nervous about learning how to ice skate because he doesn’t want to slip and fall.
  • You and your best friend are making snow angels. Suddenly, one of them comes to life…
  • A winter fairy visits you early one morning and zaps you into a snow globe for 24 hours…
  • Write a winter story that includes … a magical coat, ice skating, melting icicles, and sparking gloves.

Informational Winter Writing Prompts

  • Describe in detail a snowman using all 5 of your senses.
  • You have been asked to create a new game or sport for the Winter Olympics. Describe in detail your idea.
  • Describe snow to someone who has never experienced it before.
  • Brainstorm a social media hashtag for winter. What ideas, events, adventures, activities will your hashtag be known for?
  • You are in charge of designing a new winter wonderland theme park. Describe what attractions and entertainment your park will have.
  • Explain the steps for making hot chocolate.
  • You’re the snowball fighting champ for three years in a row. This year, however, you’ll be sitting this one out. Explain to your best friend how he/she can become the snowball fight champion this year.
  • You are a snow leopard. Describe a day in your life.
  • In two to three paragraphs, compare and contrast living in an igloo versus living in a house.
  • You are a writer for a science textbook. For one of the chapters of the book, write about why some species of birds travel to warmer climates during the winter.
  • Give detailed instructions for how to build an amazing snowman.
  • Using clear details, describe the key differences between sleet, snow, and ice. Research if you need.
  • The best activities to do in the winter…
  • List all the words (2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, and 5-letter) that you can make using the letters from the term winter. 

Winter Break Writing Prompts

  • My winter break was fantastic because…
  • In 2 to 4 paragraphs, compare and contrast this winter break vacation with another.
  • Write about the best winter break vacation you’ve ever experienced. Include lots of interesting details.
  • During the new year, I hope…
  • Describe what you did during the winter holiday break. Use the 5 Ws + H (Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How?) so that the reader can visualize clearly.
  • Write about a memorable time that you spent with a friend or relative one winter break.
  • This winter break, if you couldn’t access any electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, TVs, desktops, computers, video games), describe how you and your family would pass the time.
  • Share at least 3 ways that children and adults can relax during the winter break.
  • During winter break, I love to…
  • Create a pie chart that represents what proportion of time you spent during winter break shopping, eating, playing, vacationing, watching tv, reading, etc. Label your chart.
  • Three goals I have for the new year…

Snowflake Winter Writing Prompts

  • Sketch a snowflake, and then describe your design.
  • Wild Card Prompt: Create any story or piece of writing you’d like about a snowflake. Your writing piece can be a comedy, mystery, fantasy, tall tale, poetry, comic, persuasive, informative, etc. Be as creative and imaginative as you’d like.
  • Using your 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, hear, sight), describe a snowflake.
  • Research information about snowflakes. Then in 2 to 3 paragraphs, write 2 to 3 facts that you learned about them.
  • S.N.O.W.F.L.A.K.E – Create an acrostic poem using the word snowflake
  • Imagine that you are a snowflake. Describe a typical day in your life.

Even during the winter holiday season, you can focus on learning using these blissful winter break and winter writing prompts.

Cool tip: Use a few of the winter writing prompts as early finisher activities!

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