211 Positive Report Card Comments (All Subjects/Grades)

Communicate with parents how well their child is progressing using these positive report card comments.

Report card comments help summarize a teacher’s assessment of a student’s abilities.

Positive report card comments help reinforce positive changes in a student’s performance. Students may find the comments rewarding, which encourages them to continue excelling. 

Choosing the right words can make the comments more effective. You may also grow tired of writing unique comments for dozens of students. 

The following list of positive report card comments saves you time and energy. To help you find the right remarks, the comments are divided into categories based on the area of improvement:

  • General
  • Final/End-of-year
  • Specific areas of study
  • Positive behavior/conduct
  • Character/attitude
  • Participation
  • Social skills
  • Group skills
  • Work habits
  • Time management

Simply place the student’s name in front of the positive report card comments to make them your own.

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Positive Report Card Comments (General)

Utilize the following report card comments to communicate general positive remarks about how a student is performing.

  • Never cheats and/or copies others’ work.
  • Respects the opinions of others.
  • Excels in all academic situations.
  • Is courteous to the school staff.
  • Treats classmates and peers with report.
  • Respects others who are different from him/her.
  • Outperforms grade-level expectations in the areas of …
  • Excellent grades are a result of a strong work ethic.
  • Shows great enthusiasm for classroom tasks and activities.
  • Loves learning.
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge in (insert subject area).
  • Responds incredibly well to writing prompts.
  • Reading every night is helping _____ reading level increase significantly.
  • Enjoys school.
  • ____ smile brightens the classroom.
  • Is very diligent with reviewing work before submitting.
  • Meticulously completes work without much prompting.
  • Participates actively in whole-class discussions.
  • Pays close attention to directions from the teacher.
  • Participates actively in small group assignments.
  • Works quietly and without distracting others.
  • Successfully uses visuals such as graphs and charts to comprehension information better.
  • Pays close attention to details when completing assignments.
  • Is working extremely hard this year.
  • Exhibits an extensive vocabulary when speaking and/or writing.
  • Able to employ higher order thinking skills in order to solve problems.
  • Has made significant progress in (insert skill or subject).
  • Is very responsible.
  • Inspires classmates to do their best work.
  • Follows instructions from the teacher the first time they are given.
  • Is a great role model to peers and classmates.
  • Keeps an organized desk.
  • Always willing and enthusiastic about completing extension/enrichment activities.
  • Reads aloud with good accuracy, fluency and expression.
  • Is proficient in reading skills.
  • Works extremely well independently.
  • Arrives to school daily with a healthy attitude.
  • Listens very well.
  • Has improved tremendously in the area of (insert any subject area).
  • Shares knowledge that contributes greatly to classroom discussions.
  • Strives to collaborate well with classmates.
  • Has an optimistic attitude.
  • I appreciate her will to succeed.
  • Is a kind student who is always willing to lend a helping hand.
  • Adheres to classroom rules with ease.
  • Possesses exceptional organizational skills.
  • Performs exceptionally well in the area of (insert any subject area).
  • Has the motivation to succeed.
  • Is a strategic problem solver.
  • Doesn’t rush through her work.
  • Is very focused and serious about his work.
  • Performs classroom job very well.
  • Applies comprehension very well when reading.
  • Has good stamina which allows him to work on assignments for longer periods of time.
  • Is a hard worker who never submits less than his best work.
  • Shows great proficiency with time.

Positive Report Card Comments (Final and End-of-Year)

Use the following report card comments to say farewell to students and remark on completion of goals.

  • I am so proud of _____ and can’t wait to see her flourish next school year.
  • Though ____ struggled towards the beginning of the school year, she has finished the school year soaring!
  • It has been a joy to teach _____.
  • I loved teaching _____ and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.
  • Excelled in all academic subjects this school year.
  • Did a great job this year of …
  • Is a special student who I will miss dearly.
  • I have enjoyed becoming acquainted with _____this school year.
  • Has been a delight to teach.
  • Is such a gifted student who has a bright future ahead of her.
  • What a fantastic year! I wish _____all the best.
  • I am so proud of _____. He overcome all obstacles to meet and exceed grade-level expectations.

Positive Report Card Comments for Math

The student…

  • Has shown exceptional improvement in understanding math concepts.
  • Continues to exceed expectations for math at this grade level.
  • Has demonstrated a noticeable improvement in all areas of math.
  • Has mastered the math concept of ___. They are ready to move on to the next level.
  • Devotes himself/herself to understanding each math concept. His/her commitment is exceptional!
  • Understands the basics of addition and subtraction and is ready to explore multiplication.
  • Should continue using the strategies we worked on throughout the semester. The hard work has paid off!
  • Has worked hard to improve his/her understanding of the concept of ___.
  • Has shown improvement in math, especially when it comes to the concept of ___. 
  • Has done well learning each of the topics this semester. I know he/she will do great next semester!
  • Is truly gifted at math. He/she excels at each new topic.
  • Should keep up the good work!

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Positive Report Card Comments for Reading

The student…

  • Continues to read at a level ahead of his/her peers. 
  • Has mastered reading comprehension for this grade level. 
  • Always volunteers to read aloud. 
  • Rarely requires help comprehending the information that they read. 
  • Is skilled at using prior knowledge to comprehend complex text.
  • Reads with a level of fluency and accuracy typically seen in older students.
  • Easily learns new reading strategies and skills.
  • Has mastered many commonly used sight words.
  • Showcases exceptional reading skills for this grade level.
  • Asks questions when he/she needs help comprehending the text.
  • Carefully pronounces complex words with ease when reading aloud.

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Positive Report Card Comments for Writing

The student…

  • Is a natural writer. He/she is highly creative when it comes to crafting original sentences.
  • Has a large vocabulary in his/her writing.
  • Frequently uses strong verbs and adjectives to make his/her work more compelling.
  • Is a very creative writer.
  • Fully grasps proper grammar.
  • Uses punctuation marks and other characters properly.
  • Always double-checks his/her writing to prevent mistakes.
  • Has excellent penmanship!
  • Frequently takes risks in his/her writing by inserting new vocabulary words.
  • Showcases great writing skills. His/her penmanship has continually improved throughout the year.

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Positive Report Card Comments for Science

The student…

  • Seems to have a natural love for science. He/she always has questions and wants to know more.
  • Possesses an analytical mind for science concepts.
  • Perfectly understands and executes all science topics discussed in class.
  • Demonstrates a higher level of understanding of science concepts.
  • Exceeds all learning standards when it comes to science!
  • Is very inquisitive about scientific topics. This curiosity may lead to a greater appreciation of the sciences.
  • Turns in top-notch homework and assignments in science.
  • Is very proficient in all science concepts and theories discussed in class.
  • Excels at science. He/she tackles each new topic with a level of enthusiasm that I rarely see.
  • Is exceptionally gifted at science. If you want to encourage this interest, an advanced science program may be beneficial.
  • Easily understood the complex science topics we covered this semester. 
  • Is a science wiz!

Positive Report Card Comments for Social Studies

The student…

  • Can identify the location of most countries on a map without assistance.
  • Has a natural love of learning about different cultures and societies. 
  • Displays a high level of awareness of how societies across the world differ.
  • Easily remembers the most important historical dates and events!
  • Understands what it means to be a good citizen.
  • Clearly understands the levels of government and their roles in helping society.
  • Showcases a high level of comprehension for social issues.
  • Can explain the importance of social structures in modern society.
  • Has a deep love for the history of societies. Let’s keep encouraging this fascination!
  • Displays significant awareness for the impact of social structures on populations.
  • Can name and identify all the countries in Europe/South America/Africa/Asia.
  • Applies himself/herself to learning more about history, society, and cultures.
  • Can name all seven continents.

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Positive Report Card Comments for Positive Behavior/Conduct

The student…

  • Is very mature for his/her age.
  • Remains positive in every situation, even when they struggle with a topic.
  • Has shown noticeable improvement in their classroom conduct. 
  • Is courteous and respectful to all classmates.
  • Never shows any signs of poor conduct or behavior.
  • Is rarely distracted by his/her peers.
  • Maintains focus when other students act out.
  • Sets a standard for classroom behavior that other students should strive to emulate.
  • Always follows classroom rules.
  • Is one of the top students when it comes to displaying respectful behavior.
  • Acts as a role model to other students.
  • Listens to instructions and conducts himself/herself with maturity.

Positive Report Card Comments for Character/Attitude

The student…

  • Is always ready to learn something new.
  • Has demonstrated exceptional character, even when dealing with stressful situations.
  • Maintains a positive attitude when a challenge arises.
  • Has an infectiously positive attitude that brightens everyone’s day!
  • Possesses a level of enthusiasm for learning that I wish all students to mimic. 
  • Always strives to perform his/her best.
  • Takes responsibility for their actions.
  • Maintains a cool head under pressure.
  • Is one of the most dependable students in the class. Always ready to help!
  • Comes to class with a smile and an open mind!
  • Is a sensitive student. He/she seems genuinely concerned with the well-being of others.

Positive Report Card Comments for Participation

The student…

  • Is often the first to volunteer! I love his/her level of class participation!
  • Participates very well in all class activities. 
  • Is usually the first to raise a hand to volunteer or answer a question.
  • Eagerly participates in every classroom discussion and project.
  • Is always present and ready to participate in any project.
  • Frequently helps lead classroom activities.
  • Sets a high bar for other students to follow when it comes to participation.
  • Listens very closely to others during projects that require participation.
  • Always provides thoughtful comments during group participation projects.
  • Regularly volunteers to lead activities that require class participation.
  • Takes an active role when participating in classroom activities.
  • Is never afraid to ask for clarification when participating in activities.

Positive Report Card Comments for Social Skills

The student…

  • Has a high level of confidence. He/she has no problem making friends.
  • Is a social butterfly. He/she is extremely confident!
  • Enjoys socializing with other children. I love his/her confidence.
  • Is one of the most social children in the class.
  • Has several close friends in the classroom. He/she is really starting to break out of his/her shell.
  • Tends to spend free time socializing with friends. 
  • Has become less shy throughout the school year. He/she is starting to make more friends.
  • Frequently helps other students who are struggling with class topics.
  • Shows a high level of compassion and empathy toward other students.
  • Treats all students with respect. 
  • Has stepped in to help resolve classroom conflicts. Natural leader!
  • Is well-liked by his/her peers.

Positive Report Card Comments for Group Skills

The student…

  • Demonstrates natural leadership skills when working in a group!
  • Is always helping to keep the group focused and on track during group assignments.
  • Works great with a group. He/she excels at cooperative projects.
  • Frequently provides other students with helpful suggestions.
  • Is always sensitive to the thoughts and concerns of other students.
  • Encourages other students in the group to participate.
  • Helps keep the group focused.
  • Works well with others. He/she listens to others and respects their ideas.
  • Can take on any role in a group to ensure success.
  • Helps the group plan and carry out tasks. 
  • Can be counted on to keep the group organized.
  • Truly flourishes when working in a group.

Positive Report Card Comments for Work Habits

The student…

  • Always double-checks his/her work before turning it in, which is a great habit to keep up with.
  • Is a hard worker!
  • Works independently very well.
  • Is self-motivated. I never need to remind him/her to get back on track.
  • Completes projects on time and avoids talking with classmates until his/her work is done.
  • Is very self-sufficient and has no problems working hard.
  • Exceeds expectations when it comes to his/her work habits!
  • Is always quick to open the book and get to work on the current assignment. Love his/her enthusiasm!
  • Has demonstrated great self-discipline during self-study and rarely gets distracted.
  • Is very committed to learning, which is a wonderful habit. 
  • Attention to detail is fantastic. He/she rarely makes mistakes thanks to his/her ability to notice the small details.
  • Is exceptionally organized!

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Positive Report Card Comments for Time Management

The student…

  • Has fantastic time-management skills!
  • Keeps track of time during test-taking. Uses time wisely.
  • Always pay attention to the time, especially during tests.
  • Uses his/her classroom time wisely.
  • Completes classroom assignments on time – every time.
  • Works at a reasonable pace. He/she never works too slowly or quickly.
  • Comes to class prepared and uses his/her available time smartly.
  • Always completes makeup work quickly.
  • Completes tests with time to spare without rushing.
  • Is often the first to finish assignments due to their time-management skills.
  • Could teach everyone a thing or two about time management!
  • Makes great use of the available class time to complete assignments without rushing.

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Wrapping Up

Use these 211 positive report card comments to help summarize the skills and abilities of your students.

You can also easily modify the comments to better match the progress of each student.

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