101 Positive Affirmations For Middle School Students

Middle school is a period in a student’s life when she is learning about herself, exploring new ideas, and developing her identity. 

It’s a fragile time that must be approached with care as middle schoolers are transitioning into their teen years and may feel uncertain about who they are and where they fit in school.

While these experiences can’t be avoided, teachers can encourage positivity and a growth mindset by implementing positive affirmations for middle school students into the school day. 

Positive affirmations for middle school students are short phrases and statements that block negative thoughts. 

They are meant to nurture a growth mindset, build self-esteem, and encourage optimism. 

See for yourself the science behind the use of positive affirmations.

Saying affirmations daily is beneficial to all middle schoolers, especially teen girls, who will arguably face more judgment and criticism from society in adult life. 

Support teens and middle schoolers by sharing with them this powerful list of positive affirmations for students.

These positive affirmations for middle school students address the social-emotional needs of learners.

Positive Affirmations For Middle School Students

Following is a list of positive affirmations for students from teachers. These phrases are targeted at teens regarding their school lives. 

1. Middle school is a time for me to learn new things about myself. 

2. I have skills that are valuable. 

3. Repeating positive affirmations for middle school students every day helps me to stay focused.

4. I will do my best as a student today.

5. My mind is like a sponge. I can learn anything if I try.

6. Today I will work at my full potential. 

7. I am loved.

8. The more I learn, the more curious I become about the world around me. 

9. I see myself as a winner even when others do not. 

10. To have a friend, I must be a good friend. 

11. I operate with a growth mindset which allows me to blossom. 

12. All of my quirks make me special.

13. I am talented and have so much to give. 

14. My teachers are here to support me.

15. The good work that I do at school makes a positive impact. 

16. When I feel overwhelmed, I step back and take a breather.

17. My thoughts and opinions are valuable.

18. Healthy habits create a healthy mind. 

19. I refuse to operate with a defeatist attitude. 

20. When I make a mistake, I am not too hard on myself. 

positive affirmations for middle school students
positive affirmations for middle school students

21. I’m one step closer to reaching my SMART goals for this quarter. 

22. If I can believe it, I can achieve it. 

23. There is no need to compare my work with others. I am on my own journey.

24. It’s okay to not have all the answers. 

25. Each day, I strive to do my very best. 

26. I am grateful that I have so many resources available to me at school.

27. Mistakes are not bad. They are learning experiences. 

28. I take accountability for my actions. 

29. When I have a setback, I bounce back stronger. 

30. I add value to the world. 

31. That little voice within me steers me in the right direction. 

32. Comparing myself to others robs my joy.

33. I excel in the areas of …

34. Mean comments about me won’t make me less confident. 

35. I am a force that can’t be stopped. 

36. A positive attitude is a beautiful thing. 

37. The least I can do while in class is to put forth my best effort.

38. No one will deter me from reaching my goals. 

39. I cannot change classmates’ actions, but I can change how I react to them. 

40. I am a critical thinker. 

41. Showing creativity is a way to express myself. 

42. I am thankful for those teachers who see me for who I really am without judgment.

43. Managing my time well is a strength. 

44. I’m always looking to improve something about myself. 

45. I believe in myself. 

46. With patience and confidence, I can meet goals that seem out of reach.

47. I am ready to focus and get to work.

48. Being adaptable to change is a virtue that will serve me well in life.

49. I perform well on independent tasks. 

50. When I am introduced to something new, my brain absorbs the information like a sponge. 

51. I am open to learning something a better way. 

52. When angry, I try my best not to raise my voice as doing so may escalate a situation. 

53. I show diligence in the work I produce. 

54. SMART goals are helpful for keeping me focused. 

55. I am a supportive friend and classmate. 

56. Each day I strive to become more disciplined in my studies. 

57. I feel sure of my skill set.

58. It is important for me to hear all sides of an argument before making a final decision.

59. I feel empowered to do great things. 

60. I stand up for myself. 

61. I accept that I can’t have everything my way.

62. A bad environment does not have to influence me negatively. 

63. I am honest with myself. 

64. Whatever I am going through now, I can triumph and come out stronger. 

65. I empathize with others.

66. I welcome new adventures that open my mind. 

67. I am responsible for arriving to class on time.

68. When taking quizzes or tests, I will overcome nervousness because I am prepared. 

69. I am responsible for taking charge of my education.

70. Being different is not a bad thing.

positive affirmations for middle school students
positive affirmations for middle school students

71. I am optimistic that this will be a good school year. 

72. I focus on important tasks first. 

73. Asking for assistance is a sign of strength.

74. I will make passing scores on my assessments this week. 

75. Teacher feedback is a learning opportunity. 

76. I am enthusiastic about these aspects of middle school…

77. My education is valuable. 

78. I won’t allow others to bring me down. 

79. A good education is invaluable. 

80. I can make a difference. 

81. Each day is a chance to move forward in my academic progress. 

82. I will crush it on this year’s state testing.

83. When I participate in class discussions, my confidence grows. 

84. I find it fascinating to explore new ideas.

85. Collaborating with others can serve me well if I approach things with a growth mindset. 

86. I am really good at…

87. When stressed, I take a moment to relax.

88. I am a productive student. 

89. My top three strengths are…

90. I give compliments to my classmates for a job well done. 

91. I stay true to myself. 

92. School rules are meant to keep me safe.

93. I study hard so that I can get passing scores. 

94. I am lucky that my school offers lots of great resources for learning. 

95. Reciting positive affirmations for middle school students keeps me focused on growth.

96. I take pride in being able to work on assignments without too much teacher help.

97. Persistence is a virtue I practice. 

98. I inspire peers to be their best selves. 

99. Opposing opinions widen my perspective.

100. I celebrate the wins of my peers. 

101. Studying yields great rewards.

Final Thoughts On Positive Affirmations For Middle School Students

Now you have a list of positive affirmations for middle school students that help to develop a growth mindset.