365+ Inspiring Daily Writing Prompts

Take students on a journey of self-discovery and reflection using these fun daily writing prompts.

Journaling every day offers a variety of benefits.

Students have an opportunity to problem-solve, explore their imaginations, revisit memories, express thoughts, improve writing skills, and self-reflect.

That is why it is a great idea to incorporate these daily prompts into your writer’s workshop routine.

These journal prompts cover a variety of writing genres.

Over time, students will be able to communicate their thoughts with clarity, skill, and confidence.

So create a classroom of reflective minds using these delightful daily writing prompts.

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Daily Writing Prompts

Here you will find daily writing prompts by month in addition to a collection of prompts that can be used any time of the year.

January Daily Writing Prompts

February Daily Writing Prompts

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December Daily Writing Prompts

Daily Journal Prompts for Any Month

1. Tell about a time when you couldn’t stop laughing.

2. What are some things that bring you immense joy?

3. Which three words describe how you feel today, and why?

4. Write about a time when you created something amazing.

5. What one thing annoys you more than anything else? Why?

6. Share a very strange dream that you had recently.

7. Is it more important to do things as a group or independently? Explain your thoughts.

8. In what ways do you like to reward yourself?

9. Describe a place that makes you feel happy.

10. What things frighten you? Why?

11. How do you think you could overcome a big fear that you have?

12. What type of technology are you most grateful for and why?

13. Tell about the greatest, non-tangible gift you’ve ever received.

14. What are the benefits of journaling every day?

15. If you had a time capsule, which items would you place in it and why?

16. What is something that you could do continuously without getting bored? Why?

17. Share the characteristics of a great leader.

18. What is one problem in the world that you would like to eliminate? How do you think it could happen?

19. Describe your mindset for accomplishing goals.

20. Write about your taste in music. What makes you interested in that type of music?

21. Share a piece of exciting news that you learned about recently.

22. What does success look like to you?

23. Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why or why not?

24. Tell about any bad habits you’d like to break.

25. Write a heartfelt letter to someone, telling the person how grateful you are to have him/her in your life.

26. When was the last time you helped someone?

27. Share your biggest disappointment. What did you learn from that experience?

28. What’s the greatest challenge you’ve had? How did you overcome it?

29. Is it ever okay to cheat? Why or why not?

30. Write about a time when you had an experience with a bully. What happened, and how was the outcome?

31. What makes a person trustworthy?

32. Tell about a culture that you admire. What do you like about it?

33. What are the most important characteristics of a friend?

34. In 100 words or less, describe what makes you unique and special.

35. Would you rather be super intelligent, super rich, or super famous? Why?

36. What’s the most exciting thing about life?

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