Good Comments for Report Cards

Report card writing time can be stressful.

As teachers, we want to clearly communicate students’ academic progress and do so in a tone that will be encouraging.

Meaningful report card comments provide an overview of a student’s strengths and weaknesses plus give the next steps parents can take so that the student continues to progress forward in reaching their academic goals. 

One way to write good comments for report cards is to use templates and then personalize them to fit each student’s situation. 

Here are some tips for writing effective report card comments.

1. Start Positive.

Good report card comments always begin with a positive remark. 

Though you may have a hard time finding something nice to say about a challenging student, keep in mind that every individual has a strength. 

So find that student’s strength (even if it doesn’t pertain to the subject at hand) and mention it.  

2. Focus on Progress. 

Though a student may not be meeting grade-level expectations yet, how well is she progressing? That’s key. 

Even though advanced learners may have consistently good scores, are they being challenged enough? 

Meaningful report card comments focus on the journey and the destination. This helps parents to see that there is always room to grow.

3. Be Clear.

If a student is struggling, say so but do it in a positive way. 

Communicate exactly how the student is doing. Parents will appreciate the feedback and know exactly what needs to be improved upon. 

4. Provide the Next Steps.

Always give solutions. 

If a child is struggling, tell how you will address the issue during school time. Also, share with parents what actions they can take at home to reinforce what you’re doing. 

5. Proofread Comments. 

Revise and edit your report cards before submitting them.

After drafting, allow about twenty-four to pass. Then proofread them with fresh eyes. Pay attention to grammar and semantics. 

Meaningful Comments for Report Cards

To write good comments for student report cards, use the following phrases as a base to draft your own.

  • _____ understands grade-level material well and regularly completes assignments with accuracy. 
  • _____ continues to amaze me with his enthusiasm and depth of knowledge.
  • _____ goes beyond grade-level expectations to reach academic goals. 
  • _____ enjoys sharing her ideas and opinions with the class.
  • _____ conducts thorough research. 
  • _____ remains motivated even in the face of challenges. 
  • _____ respects different points of view and perspectives.
  • _____ has a good habit of reviewing work before submitting it.
  • _____ demonstrates high proficiency in (insert subject area). 
  • _____ makes an effort to use new vocabulary in context. 
  • _____ has shown significant improvement in (subject area or skill)
  • _____ does not hesitate to ask for help when needed.
  • _____ exceeded grade-level expectations this quarter or semester.
  • _____ actively engages in classroom activities and discussions.
  • _____ keeps a positive attitude even when tasks are difficult. 
  • _____ struggles a bit with (insert skill) but pushes forward without complaining.
  • _____’s test scores have improved much since she started implementing study skills. 
  • _____ loves to share ideas with classmates during group assignments. 
  • _____ consistently completes assignments within an appropriate timeframe. 
  • _____ connects previous learning to new concepts and ideas. 
  • _____ excels at (insert skill) and is ready for more challenging tasks. 
  • _____ is intrinsically motivated to do her best work always.
  • _____’s critical thinking skills are admirable. 
  • _____ is very inquisitive and curious about new things.
  • _____ thrives working independently but also works well within a group. 
  • _____ would benefit from additional practice in the area of (insert subject area).
  • _____ keeps his work area tidy and organized. 
  • _____ takes a lot of pride in his work.
  • _____’s ability to think critically positively impacts her learning outcomes.
  • _____ consistently finishes class assignments on time. 
  • _____ puts forth good effort when completing a task even if she isn’t too interested in the subject. 
  • _____ contributes thoughtful ideas to class discussions. 
  • _____ is good at communicating his needs and wants. 
  • _____ demonstrates positive collaboration skills when part of group activities.
  • _____ is not afraid to ask questions.
  • _____’s ability to keep a positive attitude when an obstacle occurs is commendable. 
  • _____ is 100% committed to reaching her SMART goals this school year.
  • _____ exhibits a growth mindset that keeps her winning!
  • _____’s ability to think beyond the text is evidence of her strong reading comprehension skills.
  • _____ thrives when working on assignments independently.
  • _____ takes the initiative when it comes to problem-solving.
  • _____ consistently produces excellent work. 
  • _____ demonstrates a deep understanding of (insert subject area) concepts.
  • _____ gives attention to detail which results in stellar work. 
  • _____ has a strong work ethic.
  • _____’s current state of learning can be defined as exemplary.
  • _____ has shown much improvement with reading. 
  • _____ clearly articulates her ideas in writing and orally. 
  • _____ consistently completes projects by the due date.
  • _____ is determined to succeed. 

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