55 Fun Questions to Ask Middle School Students

When students arrive to middle school, the bar raises for academic excellence. It’s a big transition indeed. 

Teachers and administrators do their best to prepare students for work outside of school and for life in general.

Because of this reality, middle school teachers understand the importance of continuing to nurture the social-emotional needs of middle schoolers alongside academics.  

That’s why many seek fun questions to ask middle school students that will serve to address students’ socio-emotional needs. 

These sentences may take the form of trivia questions, funny icebreaker questions for school, warm-up questions, or questions that help teachers get to know middle school students at the beginning of the school year.

All support the teaching and learning process in a fun way. 

Following you will find a collection of fun questions to ask middle school students that tap into their social-emotional learning needs and self-awareness. 

Fun Questions to Ask Middle School Students

1. What do you think is the most fun job to have at a restaurant? 

2. What do you enjoy most about being at school?

3. How can reading be made more fun for younger students?

4. What is fun about being in middle school?

5. In your opinion, what color represents fun? Why do you think this?

6. How do you learn best?

7. Which country would be fun to visit with your best friend?

8. What is something that you have in common with a door?

9. Is science or art class more fun? Why?

10. What food is fun to consume?

11. How do you have fun outside of school?

12. What’s the funniest movie or TV episode you’ve seen this year?

13. When is school fun for you?

14. If you had two wishes, what would you wish for and why?

15. Who in history would be fun to hang out with for a day?

16. What word sounds funny to you?

17. Which of your family members like to have a good time?

18. Is it more fun to ride a bike or a scooter?

19. What does a mermaid do for fun?

20. How does your family have fun on the weekends?

21. What fun nickname would you give to a sloth?

22. Is it fun to work with classmates on a group project? Why or why not?

23. What school project did you have the most fun completing?

24. Which school subject could be made more fun? 

fun questions to ask middle school students
fun questions to ask middle school students

25. What’s the best thing about being in your current grade level?

26. If you had to plan an hour of fun for friends, what activities would you include?

27. What pastime do you enjoy most?

28. Do you think it’s more fun to eat green or yellow foods? Why?

29. What kind of music gets your feet moving? 

30. What commercial is currently stuck in your head?

31. How do you spend any free time you have on the weekend?

32. What is your favorite book?

33. Are you more of a breakfast or dinner person?

34. What is on your school year bucket list?

35. Is it more fun to watch or participate in a game?

36. What makes eating ice cream from a cone more fun than eating it from a cup?

37. Which animal do you think would make a cool companion on a trip?

38. If a piano came to life, what would it do all day?

39. What would your design look like if you made a bumper sticker that promotes fun?

40. Do you consider yourself a fun person to be around? Why or why not?

41. What superpower would be fun to possess?

42. If you were to write a book about your life, what would be the name of it?

43. What song do you love listening to repeatedly?

44. Which celebrity do you think would be fun to have as a friend?

45. What three characteristics make someone seem fun?

46. Do you have any fun questions to ask middle school students? Share two.

47. What fun topic do you want to hear more about in class?

48. Who is the funniest person you know?

49. What is a fun quote that can be used to lighten someone’s mood?

50. What’s a habit you have that others may think is funny?

51. How do you like to be entertained?

52. In which field day event do you have the most fun participating?

53. What’s your favorite way to spend time with friends?

54. Do you think board games or online games are more fun to play? Explain.

55. What was fun about school today?

56. How would you cheer up a friend who is feeling down?

Final Thoughts On Fun Questions to Ask Middle School Students

If you’re looking for fun questions to ask middle school students, this post has all the sentences you need to engage students in a meaningful way.