55 Fun Questions to Ask Students

You’ve just landed in the best place to find fun questions to ask students for just about any school-related occasion.

Though the classroom is a place of learning, formal and fun can (and arguably should) be mixed together to create an environment that’s exciting and engaging for students. 

These fun questions to ask students help to achieve this goal. 

Not only will you find questions here to stimulate the imagination but also you will find those that may be used as ice-breaker questions, classroom community-building exercises, or fun questions to ask students during distance learning.

They further serve as social-emotional learning questions to ask students, bell-ringers, and morning meeting questions.

Use these fun questions to become more responsive to the academic and social-emotional needs of students

Fun Questions to Ask Students

1. What’s a fun nickname that you would like to give yourself?

2. Which animal would it be fun to trade places with for a day?

3. What is something that is fun to do in the rain? 

4. Is it more fun to watch movies at home or in a theater? Why?

5. What sport is fun to watch? 

6. Would you rather be a mosquito or a fly?

7. What recent classroom quiz or assignment was fun to complete?

8. What is something that makes you laugh?

9. Who in your family is the most fun to be around and why?

10. What dish is fun to prepare?

11. Would you rather be a houseplant or a water cooler? Why?

12. What’s the most fun thing about being in your current grade level?

13. Which zoo animal would make a fun pet? Why?

14. What kinds of arts and crafts projects are fun to make?

15. Do you think water parks or amusement parks are more fun? Why?

16. What is something that you learned recently that was fun to try?

17. Would you rather have no cell phone or no television?

18. What’s the most useless item in your desk right now?

19. If you could invent a new language, how would you say “hi” in the new language?

20. What career do you think would be fun to pursue?

fun questions to ask students

21. When is it more fun to work in a group?

22. If your life was transformed into a video game, what would be needed in order to win?

23. What’s the best fun memory you have about a family vacation?

24. Would you prefer a fish or a turtle for a pet?

25. What’s a school rule that keeps students from having too much fun?

26. Which planet do you think would be the most fun to visit and why?

27. What fun school tradition do you like most? 

28. How can learning be made more fun for students?

29. What makes a birthday party fun?

30. Would you rather have lots of siblings or be an only child?

31. What smells repulse you?

32. How does your family have fun together?

33. Would you rather be a master at singing or playing an instrument?

34. What’s the funniest knock-knock joke you’ve ever heard?

35. Would you rather be a television star or a movie star?

36. What’s a fun talent to have? Why?

37. Do you prefer to spend most of your time with animals or humans?

38. What would be your dream job?

39. Would you rather know how to fly or be invisible?

40. When are you the most fun to be around?

41. How do you and your friends have fun during school breaks?

42. Who in your family has the best sense of humor?

43. What’s your favorite scent?

44. Would you rather live in a treehouse or in a tent?

45. Which animal are you most like?

46. What fun bumper sticker have you seen recently?

47. Which elective class do you find to be most exciting?

48. Do you find comics or joke books more fun to read?

49. What type of music is fun for dancing?

50. Which topic would be fun to research?

51. If it were to come alive, which school supply would have the most fun? Why?

52. What’s fun about being a student?

53. What classroom prize is the most fun to receive?

54. Do you prefer sweet or salty foods? Why?

55. Right at this moment, do you feel more like a pancake or cotton candy?

Final Thoughts On Fun Questions to Ask Students

Now you have some fun questions to ask students for whatever school occasion. 

This collection of sentences brings out the humor in students and helps to make the classroom a more comfortable place to learn.