10 Affordable End-of-Year Gifts for Kindergarten Students

If you’re seeking end-of-year gifts for kindergarten students, you’ve landed in the right place. 

Here you will find ideas that serve well as end-of-year class gifts for students in kindergarten.

Graduating from kindergarten is a special milestone in a child’s life.

Make this moment unforgetful by gifting a keepsake that they will cherish and remember forever.

Providing gifts can be inexpensive and affordable if you plan well and utilize resources wisely. 

Whether you’re looking for personalized end-of-the-year gifts for students or specifically goodbye gifts for students from the teacher, you’ll be inspired by this list of end-of-year gifts for kindergarten students.

It has a gift idea for every type of preference.

End-of-Year Gifts for Kindergarten Students

1. Coloring Kit

One of the most popular end-of-year gifts for kindergarten students is a coloring kit. 

You may want to include within the kit a coloring book along with some jumbo crayons. 

Find coloring books in your local dollar store, or make your own by printing online pages. 

Consider choosing themed coloring pages such as summer, end-of-year, animals, colors, shapes, etc.

2. End-of-Year Award

One of the easiest end-of-year gifts for kindergarten students is an end-of-year award. 

Awards recognize students for their hard work, talents, skills, and good behavior. 

While kinder students have not yet reached the stage of higher-leveled academic skills, there are still a variety of ways to recognize them at the end of the school year.

Think personality and conduct awards.

Here are some great end-of-year award ideas you may want to use.

3. End-of-Year Class Picture

For inexpensive end-of-year gifts for kindergartners, consider taking a class photo and then gifting it to each child’s family. 

On a school day when every child is in attendance, find a nice spot in the school, and have a quick photo shoot. 

Afterward, frame the photo, and give one to each child’s family. 

Alternatively, frame the photo digitally using simple graphic design software and then send it to parents on the last day of school.

This end-of-year gift will serve as a keepsake forever. The child will think back to this moment in time with fondness. 

4. Seeds

Seeds may at first seem like an odd choice for an end-of-year gift, but they are actually pretty cool when you think about it. 

Similar to kindergarten, seeds represent the beginning of a journey. As the seeds sprout, so will the life of the kindergartener. 

What’s more, this end-of-year gift offers students the opportunity to observe a life cycle, which is a meaningful learning experience. 

This “green” gift idea is a present that encourages the participation of the child’s entire family because they will all help to nurture the plant.

This is a memory the child will never forget. 

Find seeds at your local store.

5. Picture Book

Gifting kindergarten students a nice picture book is a great way to encourage reading and literacy. 

Popular author choices include Dr. Seuss, Lois Ehlert, David Shannon, and Eric Carle.

After a bit of research, you will discover that there are countless great authors from which to choose.

6. Playdough Kit

For end-of-year gifts for kindergarten students that they will enjoy for sure, try Play-Dough. 

Play-Dough is not only used to make fun objects, but it can be used for reviewing academic concepts such as letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

Include in the kit a couple of containers of Play-Doh, and label them with student gift tags.

7. Stickers

Kindergarteners are still at an age where they appreciate stickers so leverage this opportunity by gifting them a pack of fun stickers. 

Gone are the days when stickers primarily came in the form of stars and smiley faces. 

Today, you can find a variety of themed stickers that will make students eyes light up. 

Share with students that they may put their stickers on their hands, backpacks, papers, personal books…anywhere appropriate.

8. Doodle Book

Doodle books are so much fun because they offer kindergarteners the freedom to let their imaginations and creativity run wild with little regard for structure, rules, and organization.

A doodle book is similar to a journal but with a focus on drawing, scribbling, sketching, and simple note-taking. 

It helps to develop fine motor skills.

To make a doodle book, simply compile a few sheets of 8.5 x 11 white sheets, fold them, add a nice cover, and then staple. 

If you’d rather give something a little more polished, a quick search online yields doodle book suggestions for young students. 

9. Personalized Water Bottles

If you’re seeking practical end-of-year gifts for kindergarten students, this one is for you.

A personalized water bottle is perfect for summertime because it hydrates, and many parents will be appreciative that their child is actually receiving a useful gift.

See here how to make affordable personalized water bottles.

10. Field Trip

You don’t have to give anything tangible as an end-of-year gift. Experiences are just as good, arguably better, than tangible gifts.

Organize a field trip to a special place that students wouldn’t normally go to during the school year.

Ideas include a fun museum, zoo, state park, concert for kids, or even camping. 

With the help of parent volunteers, this can be pulled off. 

If you’d rather not be bothered with planning a field trip, consider bringing the field trip to school. 

Invite a museum teacher, zookeeper, or another relevant representative to do a fun activity with students.

Final Thoughts

End-of-year gifts for kindergarten students celebrate and honor the milestones that kindergarteners accomplished during the school year. 

These gifts represent a farewell to this chapter in their lives and a hello to what is to come.