14 Affordable End-of-Year Gifts For Primary Students

It’s almost time to say goodbye to another school year. 

Send your elementary students off well by gifting farewell presents that show appreciation. 

End-of-year gifts for primary students celebrate milestones and recognize hard work. Furthermore, they serve as a keepsake that students will cherish for years to come. 

If you’re still trying to decide on what end-of-year gift to give, check out these captivating end-of-year gifts for primary students. 

Whether you seek inexpensive gifts for students from teachers or bulk gifts for students, you’ll find something here to fit your needs. 

There is no better way to say farewell than by sharing goodbye gifts for students from teachers

End-of-Year Gifts for Primary Students

Here you will find the best end-of-year class gifts for students in the primary grades. 

1. End-of-Year Memory Book

If you’re seeking inexpensive end-of-year gifts for primary students, consider creating a memory book full of special moments from the school year. 

If you’ve documented and/or taken enough snapshots of the events that students have participated in throughout the year, then putting together this gift will just be a matter of organizing the images into a digital or physical memory book. 

This can be done with just a computer and a printer. 

On the last day of school, give a copy of the memory book to each child.

2. Drawing Kit

Develop students’ sense of creativity and fine motor skills by giving them a drawing or sketchbook. 

Find these kits at your local crafts store, or create your own by printing online sheets and then compiling them into a book. 

To make this gift even more special, deliver this gift in a goody bag that includes drawing pencils, colored pencils, and erasers.

3. Science Exploration Kit 

Arguably one of the most exciting end-of-year gifts for primary students is a science kit full of activities.

Especially during the elementary years, students are very curious about the world around them.

Satisfy this curiosity by giving students a science exploration kit. 

The more experiments they do, the more curious they will become. This will lead them to ask more thought-provoking questions. 

These kits create amazing learning experiences for kids! 

If you’d rather not spend on science kits, print out some cool STEM project-based learning activities for primary students.

Present them nicely, and then distribute them to students on the last day. They will have fun exploring these activities with their families during the summer break.

4. Personalized Water Bottles

If you’ve got some extra time, make personalized water bottles for students. This is a great gift as summer approaches. 

Students will not only stay hydrated but will have a keepsake that reminds them of a great school year.

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For a practical end-of-year gift, give students a collection of themed bookmarks. 

A popular favorite amongst teachers is positive affirmations bookmarks. Other themes include summer, motivational quotes, Dr. Seuss, end-of-year, animals, and space.

Using just a computer and simple graphic design software, you can create some cool bookmarks that students will love. 

6. Pencil Toppers

Using pencil toppers, elementary students can take a boring pencil and turn it into something funky and cool in just seconds. 

Primary students never seem to tire of pencil toppers because they make writing so much more fun. 

Take a look at the variety of pencil toppers you can share.

7. Sweet Treats 

If you plan to couple end-of-year gifts for primary students with an end-of-year class party, sweet treats will fit in well. 

Rice Krispie treats, cookies, and cupcakes are classic options that always please. 

For healthier options, consider fruit kabobs or ants on a log. 

Package the sweet treats in cute bags with gift tags, and then distribute them to students on the last day of school. 

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8. Bubbles Kit

Encourage students to spend more time outdoors by giving them a bubbles kit. 

Get hold of those little mini bottles of bubbles and present them using student gift tags.

Consider scheduling time on the last day of school for students to go outside and blow bubbles.

9. Plant

Plants are the gifts that keep on giving because they continue to grow, reminding students of all the heart-warming and fun end-of-school-year memories.

This type of end-of-year gift is perfect for science teachers giving to students or for any teacher who wants to give students a “green” end-of-year present. 

10. Puzzle Books

Head to your local dollar store, and pick up a variety of puzzle books such as word searches, Sudoku, hidden picture, crossword, etc. 

Give one puzzle book to each student on the last day of school.

11. Origami or Joke Book 

While picture books seem to get most of the attention during the school year, nonfiction books such as joke books, art books, and trivia books are popular with elementary-aged students. 

These types of texts engage, spark curiosity, and challenge the mind.

Students will absolutely enjoy these!

12. Flash Cards

Encourage students to keep their skills fresh during the summer break by giving them a deck of flashcards. 

Your local dollar store probably carries a variety of themed flashcards that fit the academic needs of your students. 

13. Class Photo 

For end-of-year gifts for primary students that touch the heart deeply, give a class photo. 

When all students are present, take a class photo with an attractive background. 

There are two options for gifting it to students:

  • Print a copy of the picture for each student and then frame each. A parent volunteer can help with this. 
  • Alternatively, send the class photo digitally to parents on the last day of school. You can frame the digital image by using simple graphic design software. 

Final Thoughts On End-of-Year Gifts for Primary Students

Show appreciation for hard work and dedication by sharing these amazing end-of-year gifts for primary students with the wonderful elementary kids in your life.

Whether you seek cheap end-of-year gifts for students or something a bit fancier, this list has you covered.