15 Memorable Goodbye Gifts For Students From Teacher

It’s just about that time again, time to say goodbye to students as the school year comes to a close. 

To make sure they don’t leave empty-handed, give goodbye gifts for students from teacher. 

These kinds of gifts show students how much you appreciate their hard work, dedication, and growth this school year.

Whether you’re a seasoned, new, or student teacher, there’s a goodbye gift idea here that will suit your needs. 

Find options that are inexpensive, personalized, or sold in bulk.

I’ve got you covered!

Goodbye Gifts For Students From Teacher

1. Pet Rocks

For personalized gifts, making pet rocks is one of the best ideas though it takes time on your part to do it well. 

Find some large rocks, enough for the total number of students in your class. Then grab some paint, and personalize one rock for each student. 

Paint each rock to reflect the student’s personality, accomplishments, and silly quirks. 

This gift is a sweet and heart-warming gesture that students will never forget. 

2. Slime

If you want to give something that students will absolutely go crazy over (in a good way), gift slime. 

Make the slime at home. Consider adding food coloring and glitter to make it a bit more interesting. 

Afterward, package it nicely in individual plastic bags with gift tags, one for each student. 

Distribute on the last day of school. Students will be so excited to receive this icky gift.

3. Positive Affirmation Cards

Continue to nurture a growth mindset in your students during the summer months by gifting a set of positive affirmation cards. 

Positive affirmations serve as powerful motivators and encouragers to students who are at a stage in their lives where they are forming their identity, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Increase their confidence and self-esteem so that they continue to move forward in a positive way.

4. Sparkly Pens

For fun goodbye gifts for students from teacher, try sparkly pens.

Even during the summer months, students may want to write, draw, or doodle. All of these tasks are more fun to do with sparkly pens that glitter and sparkle.

Even the most reluctant writers will be excited to produce a piece of content when using sparkly pens!

5. Frisbee

If you’re looking for goodbye gifts for students from teacher that work well outdoors, this one is for you. 

Visit your local dollar store and grab enough frisbees for the number of students in your class. 

On the last day of school, schedule some time during the day for students to try out their frisbee gifts on the playground.

6. Mini Bottle of Bubbles

For inexpensive goodbye student gifts that can be ordered in bulk, why not give mini bottles of bubbles from the Oriental Trading Company?

What’s so fun about this gift is that students can enjoy blowing bubbles outside with school friends before the day ends. 

If you want to make an event out of this, consider making the bubble soap with students.

It’s a fun science experiment to do at the end of the school year!

7. Jump Rope

Summertime is upon us, and students will be spending more time outdoors. 

Encourage more movement by gifting a cool jump rope. Parents will appreciate their child receiving a practical gift instead of another trinket. 

Every time students use the jump rope, they will think of you. This is arguably one of the best goodbye gifts for students from teacher.

See how this teacher packages jump ropes to make delivery of them special for students.

8. Framed Photo

If you’re seeking inexpensive goodbye gifts for students from teacher, try framed photos. 

Sometime during the last week of school, take a funny and/or formal photo of the entire class.

Make the photo attractive by shooting it in an interesting location in the school.

If you have class photos from school events such as field trips or Field Day, those could work well, too. Just make sure that every student is present in the photo. 

Afterward, find some inexpensive frames from your local dollar store, print enough copies of the photo for each child in your class, and frame the images. 

Distribute the framed photos to students on the last day of school. This is a gift that lasts forever.

9. Sidewalk Chalk

Grab boxes of jumbo, colored chalk (ideally a box for each student in the class) and wrap them nicely in some type of gift wrap with student tags.

On the last day of school, after opening their gifts, schedule time for students to try their colored chalk on the sidewalks or courts around school.

10. Word Cloud 

If you’re seeking unique goodbye gifts for students from teacher, try a word cloud. 

This task takes a bit of time to complete, but the final product is well worth.

First, go to the Word Cloud generatar

If you’re on a desktop, here’s how to use it…

  • Click on the green button at the top right labeled, “Create”. 
  • Once you’re on the next screen, look on the left side and you’ll see a table with rows and columns. 
  • In the first row, where it says, “Word”, type in the name of a student. 
  • In the next row in the same column, type an adjective that describes the student. 
  • In the next row in the same column, type another adjective.
  • Hit the space key on your keyword to add a new adjective in the next row.
  • Continue like this until you have five to ten adjectives filled into the column.
  • Afterward, click the red button located on the top menu bar labeled, “Visualize”.
  • After loading, you should see your creation show up in the white space.
  • Use the “Print” button to make a copy of the word cloud. Be sure to print in “landscape” as it makes the word cloud fit a bit more to the page.
  • Now you can frame each word cloud before gifting it to students, or simply give students a print copy. 

Every time students look at the word cloud, they will be reminded of you and how special you know they are.

11. Summer-Themed Bookmarks

Encourage reading more during the summer months by giving students a set of fun, summer-themed bookmarks. 

You can create these using graphic design software plus a printer or you can purchase them online.

12. Popcorn Kit

During the summer, students usually spend more time with family and friends.

Movie nights are a fun way to relax so why not give a popcorn kit filled with buttery popcorn, a small bottle of water or juice, candy, and any other goodies you can think of?

Wrap the items in a clear, cute bag with a gift tag, and gift to students on the last day of school. 

When they get ready to watch a movie, they will think of you and appreciate you for being their teacher.

13. Baby Tree

Go “green” with your goodbye gifts for students from teacher.

Head to the local plant nursery in your community and get ahold of some baby trees. (Consider soliciting the help of parent volunteers.)

On the last day of school, give each student a baby tree and encourage each child to plant it at home with family. 

This idea comes from my own childhood. 

In 3rd grade, my teacher gifted students a baby tree. 

My dad and I planted the approximately two-foot tall tree in the backyard. It’s still there today and is huge! It surpassed the height of the house years ago.

Seeing that tree always reminds me of third-grade

So even if students move away from a neighborhood, if they revisit it, the growing tree will conjure up so many wonderful memories. 

14. Sunglasses

Whether students plan to hit the beach, bike, skate, swim, play sports, or play outdoors during the summer break, utilizing a pair of sunglasses for protection is a smart idea. 

If you’re looking to buy gifts for students in bulk, inexpensive sunglasses are the way to go.

15. Silly Award

For inexpensive gifts for students from teachers, try silly awards. 

While formal awards ceremonies are the norm at the end of the school year, you can add a bit of humor to awards by giving students silly awards that focus on their quirks and unique talents. 

You don’t need to host a fancy awards show. 

Simply distribute the awards on the last day of school in front of the class, preferably during a class party. 

Here is a big list of silly award ideas teachers and students love.

Final Thoughts

Bid farewell to students as they head toward new adventures and challenges. 

Show your appreciation and fondness by giving goodbye gifts for students from teacher that make students smile with delight.

These inexpensive yet meaningful gifts show students that they are special, important, and recognized for all their efforts.