15 Great Elementary Class Party Ideas

Your students are so deserving of something special, so you’re seeking elementary class party ideas.

Or maybe you’re planning an upcoming holiday celebration.

Either way, this delightful list of class party ideas for elementary students will help you figure out a class party theme that your students will enjoy.

Elementary Class Party Ideas

The following also serve well as classroom party ideas for good behavior.

1. Prepare a Brunch Bar.

Students wear pajamas to school and bring a blanket along with their favorite stuffed animal. 

Throughout the day, they’ll nibble on breakfast and lunch treats set up on a dedicated table inside the classroom. 

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2. Build With Legos.

Plan a Lego-themed elementary classroom party.

Place students in small groups and have them build something as a team, or allow each student to create their own structures.

3. Host an Awards Ceremony.

This list of elementary class party ideas would not be complete without mentioning an awards ceremony.

Awards are not just for the end of the school year.

Honor students’ accomplishments throughout the school year; a class party is a great time for the occasion.

Be sure every child receives at least one award.

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4. Create Mosaic Art.

Take good advantage of elementary classroom parties by Incorporating more art activities. 

Mosaic is an engaging art form for kids that enables them to construct just about anything using only construction paper and glue. 

5. Break a Piñata.

If you’re seeking thrilling elementary class party ideas, consider having students break a piñata. 

You can purchase a piñata or make one as a class (so much fun!). Parent volunteers can help with this. 

During the party, students take turns hitting the piñata with a stick until the goodies fall out.

6. Play Bingo.

Bingo is a fun party game that never gets old.

The anticipation of not knowing what word or phrase will be called next keeps elementary students on the edge of their seats. 

Play several rounds.

For an extra touch, give a small, non-edible treat to the winners. 

7. Conduct Science Experiments. 

Have a science-themed elementary classroom party.

All of the foods and decorations could be science-inspired.

Organize stations around the classroom where students can rotate completing a variety of fun science experiments. 

8. Do Outdoor Relay Races.

For elementary class party ideas best done outside, try these two fun ideas: 

  • Egg Race – Two teams of students balance a raw egg on a spoon while running from point A to point B.
  • Potato Sack Race – Students take turns within a team hopping from point A to point B. The first team with all members completing the task wins. 

9. Make Recipes. 

Have a “cooking” classroom party.

No need for an oven; there are plenty of recipes that require zero heat.

Think ants on a log, fruit kabobs, finger sandwiches, pinwheels, trail mix, etc. 

After students make their creations, they can eat them while playing fun class games. 

10. Play Minute-To-Win-It Games.

Minute-To-Win-It games have students compete to see who can complete the most number of tasks in a minute.

Students play in teams or one-against-one.

These brief competitive activities are sure to make the class party extra memorable.

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11. Create a Solar Oven and Bake.

Head outdoors to make s’mores and pizza. 

In small groups, students create a solar oven out of a used pizza box.

After constructing, they make s’mores and eat them during the class party. Yum!

12. Perform a Reader’s Theater Play.

Elementary students can be full of drama, so put that energy to good use with a fun reader’s theater play.

Reader’s theaters are short plays meant to improve reading comprehension and fluency.

They are so much fun to perform, however, that they can also easily be used to entertain a crowd.

Choose a script that aligns with your party’s theme, or use this fun party-themed reader’s theater script.

13. Make a Craft. 

Depending on the season and/or theme of the classroom party, have students create a special craft.

Popular options include balloon rockets, pinwheels, painted rocks, and friendship bracelets. 

14. Decorate Cookies.

For elementary class party ideas that cater to younger students, this option fits well.

Bring in plain, baked sugar cookies along with a variety of sprinkles and icing. 

Students decorate their cookies any way they like. 

15. Have a Sidewalk Chalk Fest.

If the weather is nice, head outside to let students showcase their drawing skills on the concrete.

Grab a few boxes of jumbo-sized colored chalk, head outdoors, and let students’ creativity run.

Show students sidewalk chalk art images as inspiration for their own cool creations. 

Final Thoughts

Using this collection of fun elementary class party ideas, you’ll throw a memorable celebration for students. 

Your party planning just got a little easier.