121 Awesome Award Ideas for Students In Elementary

If you’re seeking award ideas for students in elementary, you’ve landed in the right place.

Whether giving as end-of-the-year awards or giving throughout the year, it’s important to recognize and honor elementary students so that they feel seen for the unique qualities they bring to the class and/or school community.

What elementary student doesn’t love to feel appreciated?

Here you will find a variety of classroom award ideas that recognize elementary students’ strengths, skills, talents, abilities, special traits, and knowledge.

These awards boost confidence, self-esteem, and motivation.

So take a look at this list of special awards for students in elementary. You’re sure to find a match for your needs.

List of Awards for Students in Elementary

Following are the best award ideas for students in elementary school.

1. Above and Beyond Award

2. Academic Excellence Award

3. Achievement Award

4. Amazing Artist

5. Aspiring Author

6. Awesome Attitude

7. Awesome Award

8. Beautiful Smile

9. Caring Classmate

10. Certificate of Achievement

11. Certificate of Completion

12. Certification of Recognition

13. Character Award

14. Cleanest Desk

15. Computer Expert

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16. Critical Thinker

17. Dependable

18. Enthusiastic Learner

19. Excellence in (insert subject area/skill)

20. Excellent Effort

21. Excellent (insert classroom job)

22. Excellent Penmanship

23. Fabulous Friend

24. Good Citizen

25. Good Friend Award

26. Good Sportsmanship

27. Great Athlete

28. Great Listener

29. Great Memory

30. Hard Worker

31. Honor Roll

32. Independent Reader

33. Kind Classmate Award

34. Leadership Award

35. Lunchroom Helper Award

36. Math Achievement

37. Math Master

38. Math Whiz

39. Natural Leader

40. Outstanding Citizen

41. Outstanding Improvement

42. Participant Award

43. Perfect Attendance

44. Perseverance Award

45. Principal’s Award

46. Punctuality

47. Reading Whiz

48. Science Fair Winner

49. Self-Motivated Award

50. Special Honors

51. Spelling Bee Champion

52. Straight A Student Award

53. Star Reader

54. Star Student

55. Student of Integrity Award

56. Super Reader

57. Super Speller

58. Team Player

59. Teamwork Award

60. Very Diligent

61. Very Respectful

62. Writing Superstar

63. Writing Wizard

Creative Award Titles for Elementary Students

Add a unique spin to your awards ceremony using these creative award ideas for students in elementary.

1. Avid Reader

2. Bookworm

3. Creative Award

4. Creative Thinker

5. Didn’t Miss a Thing Award (Perfect Attendance)

6. Extra Mile Award

7. Fashionista Award

8. Five-Star Honors

9. Future Picasso

10. Grammar Master

11. Helping Hand Award

12. Homework Hero

13. Internet Expert

14. Kickball Champ

15. Little Einstein Award

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16. Marvelous Musician

17. Math Facts Master

18. Peak Performance Award

19. Praiseworthy Poet

20. Problem-Solving Queen or King

21. Reading Rockstar

22. Remarkable Reader

23. Rhythm Rockstar

24. Rocket Scientist

25. Sharing & Caring Award

26. Shining Star

27. Sight Word Wizard

28. Soccer Star

29. Spectacular Sportsman Award

30. Splendid Singer

31. Stellar Sight Reader

32. Stellar Student Award

33. Super Scientist

34. Technology Whiz

35. Terrific Teammate

36. Tetherball Champ

37. Tidy Desk Award

38. Times Table Titan

39. Unique Laugh

40. Vibrant Vocabulary

41. Wonderful Worker

42. Wow! Award

43. Yes I Can! Award

Superlative Award Ideas for Elementary

1. Best Dancer

2. Best Growth in (insert any subject area or skill)

3. Best Handwriting

4. Best Manners

5. Best Problem Solver

6. Best Singing Voice

7. Hardest Worker

8. Most Caring

9. Most Cheerful

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10. Most Creative

11. Most Curious

12. Most Improved

13. Most Optimistic

14. Most Organized

15. Most Responsible

16. Most Thoughtful

17. Most Trustworthy

18. Student of the Year

19. Top Reader

Q & A: Award Ideas for Students In Elementary

What is the best award to get in elementary school?

The best award to receive in elementary school is one that recognizes a student’s unique strengths and talents.

No one particular award is better than another.

Final Thoughts On Award Ideas for Students In Elementary

Now you have an amazing list of award ideas for elementary students.

Use these special awards to show students how much you appreciate all of their hard work and talents.