15 Great Classroom Party Ideas Students Will Love

Here you’ll find some great classroom party ideas for your next celebration.

Whether you’re seeking ideas for reward parties for your classroom, inspiration for virtual classroom parties, or help as a parent who needs trying to decide on things for a class party, this list is sure to serve your needs.

However you use these classroom party ideas, students will be delighted. 

Classroom Party Ideas

1. Have a Shoebox Float Parade.

Depending on the month and time of year, choose a fun theme.

Students bring an empty shoebox to school, assemble it as a float, and then decorate it according to the theme. 

They may add accessories such as glitter, feathers, beads, cotton balls, googly eyes, etc. 

Once the “floats” are done, students parade around the school to show off their creations. 

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2. Make Rice Krispy Treats.

For classroom party ideas that involve food, why not make Rice Krispy Treats?

Here’s what you need to make these delicious, simple creations:

  • portable electric burner (if allowed)
  • Rice Krispies
  • butter
  • marshmallows

For some added fun, students may want to add food coloring to the mix.

3. Dress Up For a Spirit Day.

The class votes on a theme for dressing up.

On the designated day, students come dressed in attire that represents the theme.

The fun games and activities that will be completed in class this day should ideally connect to the theme, too. 

4. Put On a Talent Show.

Encourage students to show off their musical, dramatic, magical, or oratory skills in a class talent show.

They may perform individually or as part of a group.

As students watch the show, they may nibble on snacks and drink their favorite beverages.

5. Explore With Origami.

For students who like a challenge, this classroom party idea will be a big hit.

Start with beginner origami art forms and then progress to more challenging ones.

After students have made a few, put the origami art creations on display somewhere so that passerbyers may view them.

6. Have an International Celebration.

If you work in an international setting, teach an ethnically diverse group of students, or simply want to embrace different cultures, consider an international celebration as one of your classroom party ideas.

Ask each student to choose a country, and he/she will bring a dish or snack from that country to share with classmates.

Request the help of parent volunteers to decorate the room with festive flags and decorations that represent various cultures from around the world. 

7. Show a Movie.

One of the classic classroom party ideas, showing a movie and eating popcorn still creates smiles.

Make the day more memorable by allowing students to wear pajamas and use a blanket. 

8. Play Indoor Games.

Spend class party time playing a variety of fun games that get students moving.

Think musical chairs, freeze dance, Around the World, Pin the Tail On the Donkey, I Spy, etc.

See more fun classroom party game ideas.

9. Do An Arts and Crafts Activity.

Make your class party an arts and crafts event.

Either plan one craft for all students to make, or organize a rotation of art stations that students may visit in order to explore and create different types of art projects.

Parent volunteers help to make this activity run more smoothly.

10. Make Fruit Kabobs.

Have a class party where students become chefs and make a variety of fruit and cheese kabobs.

Put students into table groups, center a plate full of fruit and cubed cheese in each, provide skewers, and then have students assemble kabobs.

Fun and delicious! 

See more food ideas for class parties.

11. Compete With Minute-To-Win-It Games.

For absolutely fun classroom party ideas, Minute-To-Win-It games are sure to delight and engage. 

For this activity, competing students or teams have a minute to complete a task successfully before the opponent. 

Alternatively, students compete to determine who can do a task the most number of times within a minute. 

See fun ideas for Minute-To-Win It games.

12. Play Board Games.

Promote a cooperative spirit during your classroom party by incorporating a variety of fun board games.

Organize them into stations that students can rotate among.

Popular games for students include Monopoly, Connect 4, Twister, Sorry, Candy Land, and Jenga.

13. Head Outdoors to Play Games.

Motivate students to get into a friendly competitive mode by spending class party time outdoors playing a variety of fun games.

Think tug-of-war, relay races, an obstacle course, tether ball, and kickball. 

14. Do Rounds of Charades.

Divide students into two teams, and play rounds of charades.

It’s often helpful for teachers and/or parent volunteers to demonstrate the game first before students attempt to play.

See three ways to play charades.

15. Picnic Outside.

If you’re more into party ideas for the classroom that are low-maintenance, simply ask students to bring a favorite lunch or snack, beverage, and blanket from home.

For the party, create outdoors in a shady area a nice picnic setting.

In between lounging on their blankets, students eat their snacks, socialize, do puzzles, and/or play games.

Final Thoughts

No matter the occasion, this list of classroom party ideas has something that students will enjoy. 

Now you can stress less about planning for that classroom party celebration.