41 Cat Writing Prompts: Fun Ideas to Write About

Here you will find a special collection of fun cat writing prompts.

Not only do these cat writing prompts maximize students’ writing efforts, they allow learners to express their thoughts, share ideas, and apply writing skills.

Even reluctant writers move their pencils!

So choose a few of these delightful cat writing prompts to incorporate into your writer’s workshop or animal unit this week.

Cat Writing Prompts

1. Write an article for the school newspaper offering tips on how to adopt a needy cat from a local animal shelter.

2. Why do some people consider cats as part of the family?

3. Explain in detail how to care for a kitten.

4. Sketch an adorable drawing of a cat. Then write 2 paragraphs describing your special pet.

5. Write a description of a Siamese cat.

6. In your opinion, should supermarkets be cat-friendly? Why or why not?

7. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe cats.

8. Compare and contrast a domesticated cat to a lion.

9. Why are some people afraid of cats? How can they overcome this fear?

10. Draft a new chapter for your favorite TV show or book. The difference is that the main character is now a tiger.

11. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a spoiled cat.

12. Describe the similarities and differences between a leopard and a tiger.

13. Tell about a special bond that you have with your cat.

14. Write a letter from the perspective of a cat trying to convince its owner to buy it a new toy mouse.

15. Describe the advantages of having a cat as a pet.

16. Draft a story about a day in the life of a stray cat.

cat writing prompts
cat writing prompts

17. Explain why leashes are more common for dogs than cats.

18. If cats ruled the world, how would life be different and the same for humans?

19. What’s really on a cat’s mind?

20. In what ways can you show love and affection to your cat?

21. Write a short story about a beautiful friendship between a cat and a rabbit.

22. Are you a “cat person”? Why or why not?

23. Write a letter to your parents persuading them to get you a kitten.

24. Tell about an experience celebrating your cat’s birthday.

25. Draft a story about a superhero cat that saves the neighborhood from destruction. What was the problem, and how was it resolved?

26. Describe a well-behaved cat.

27. What are the pros and cons of adopting a stray cat?

28. Write a story about a group of jaguars that live in the woods. What are some of their adventures and challenges?

29. Would you rather care for a kitten or an adult cat? Explain.

30. Draft a letter to your cat sharing how much you love and appreciate it.

31. Imagine that your beloved cat has run away. Write a “Missing Cat” ad that you will post around your community.

32. Compose a poem about a kitten.

33. If you were a cat, what gift requests would be on your Christmas list and why?

34. Share the importance of keeping one’s pet cat healthy. What actions can be taken to do so?

35. Write the characteristics of the perfect cat.

36. List 10 words related to cats. Then compose a poem including the words.

37. Tell the three best things about your pet cat.

38. Write a funny story about a cat that talks in its sleep.

39. Write a grocery list for a cat.

40. Design a bumper sticker to advertise the love of cats.

41. Imagine that you are a cat. Summarize how you spend a rainy weekend afternoon.

42. Describe a fun project that you can make for your cat. Explain all the steps.

Final Thoughts: Cat Writing Prompts

Now you have an assortment of writing prompts about cats to use for various writing activities.

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