51 Animal Writing Prompts Even Reluctant Writers Love

Use these fun animal writing prompts with any pet or animals-themed unit.

Your students will enjoy stretching their creativity, showcasing their writing skills, and showing their knowledge of different types of animals.

Additionally, these animal writing prompts reduce writer’s block resulting in students producing content faster!

So go ahead and pencil into your lesson plans this week a couple of these delightful and funny animal writing prompts.

Animal Writing Prompts

1. The best animal for a pet is…because…

2. Write an article for the local newspaper asking citizens to donate to a local animal charity.

3. Design a bumper sticker to advertise animal rights.

4. How are animals different and the same as humans?

5. I love my pet because…

6. Sketch a zebra. Then write a few sentences describing it. 

7. My favorite animal is… because…

8. Draw a cow, and write about it.

6. A cat is…

9. Which types of activities would you do if you had an unicorn for a pet?

10. Retell the memory of receiving your very first pet. Describe how you felt.

11. Draw a dog, and write about it.

12. You’re going on vacation for a week, and your pet will be with the sitter. Share the instructions for how to care for your pet while you’re gone.

13. Describe how to care for a pet.

14. From a giraffe’s perspective, describe the pros and cons of living in a zoo.

15. Write a story about a fish and a shark that work together to overcome an obstacle.

16. Give detailed instructions for how to give a dog a bath.

17. Your parents have decided that you can have a pet! However, your sibling wants a cat, and you want a dog. Provide reasons why your choice is best. 

18. Explain how to show love to your pet.

19. For 24 hours, a magical fairy will transform you into any animal that you choose. Select an animal, and tell what you’ll do on this special day.

20. If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?

animal writing prompts
animal writing prompts

21. Discuss the pros and cons of owning a pet snake.

22. Write the three best things about owning a pet.  

23. Do dogs or cats make better pets? Explain.

24. Write an article for the school newspaper offering information on how to respect all types of animals.

25. Explain the challenges and advantages of being an ant. 

26. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe a bunny.

27. Compare and contrast any two mammals providing specific details about their characteristics.

28. Write about a usual day from the perspective of a bird.

29. A family of deer live in the woods near your town. Describe in detail a day in their life. Also share any challenges they may face. 

30. Create a story with an animal main character.

31. Write a story that centers around at least three of the five words: mammal, bird, pet, care, happy

32. Explain the differences and similarities between a zoo and the wild.

33. Write 10 words related to reptiles. Then compose a poem including these words.

34. Draft an informational piece of writing that includes these words: fish, ocean, desert, bears, jungle, rain forest, butterflies

35. If you could choose any animal for a class pet, which would you choose and why?

36. Write a funny story about a pet who one day all of a sudden starts to talk to his owners.

37. If you were a kitten, what gift requests would be on your Christmas list and why?

38. You’re a reporter and will have the opportunity to interview a purple cow. Write a script with a list of questions you’ll ask along with her responses.

39. Write about a typical day in your life from the perspective of your pet.

40. If you had the ability to communicate with any animal, which creature would you choose, why, and what would you two talk about?

41. You own a pet that has gone missing. Draft an advertisement describing what it looks like.

42. Write a story about a flying cow that visits the moon.

43. Create any piece of writing about your favorite animal.

44. You arrive home to find a pig sleeping in your bed. Write a story about what happens next. 

45. Write a funny story about a group of farm animals that start a musical band.

46. Create a story about you and your pet joining the circus.

47. Write three funny animal writing prompts that you’d like to share with classmates.

48. Write a grocery list for a rabbit.

49. Explain how to make an animal-themed arts and crafts project.

50. Create two math word problems that involve animals.

51. If you could be any underwater animal, which would you be and why?

Final Thoughts: Animal Writing Prompts

Now you have a collection of animal writing prompts to use for various writing activities.

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