43 Delightful and Fun Dog Writing Prompts for Kids

Here you will find an assortment of delight dog writing prompts that students love.

Not only do these writing prompts about dogs reduce writer’s block resulting in better productivity, but they spark imagination, encourage expression of thought, instill a love for writing, and give students the opportunity to apply new skills.

Even reluctant writers move their pencils and pens to these dog writing prompts!

Now students have lots ideas for knowing what to write about dogs.

So be sure to include a handful of these high-interest dog writing prompts in your writer’s workshop or animal unit this week.

Dog Writing Prompts

What are some things to write about dogs?

Whether you’re seeking dog topics to talk about in your classroom, service dog writing prompts, or simply general writing prompts about dogs, this list is for you.

1. In two to three paragraphs, write the three best things about your pet dog.

2. If you were a dog, what gift requests would be on your Christmas list and why?

3. Write the characteristics of a the perfect dog.

4. State the importance of keeping one’s dog healthy. How can dog owners keep their dogs healthy?

5. What is your favorite breed of dog and why?

6. Pretend your beloved dog ran away. Write a “Missing Dog” flyer that you will post around the community. Be descriptive so that residents know what kind of dog to seek.

7. In your opinion, what’s the scariest type of dog? Why do you think this?

8. Describe advantages of owning dogs as pets.

9. Write 10 words related to dogs. Then compose a poem including the words.

10. Your dog will compete in an upcoming dog show. Describe what actions you will take so that your dog has the best chance of winning first place.

11. What are the pros and cons of adopting a dog from the street?

12. Explain the phrase, “Dog is a man’s best friend.”

13. In what ways can you show affection and love towards your dog?

14. Write a combination of similes and metaphors to describe dogs. See examples of kid-friendly metaphors and examples of kid-friendly similes.

15. Compare and contrast a domesticated dog to a wolf.

16. Compose a poem about a puppy.

17. Write an article for the school newspaper giving tips on how to adopt a needy dog from the local animal shelter.

18. Explain why leashes are more common for dogs than cats.

19. How are dogs useful to society?

20. In your opinion, should there be a “patrons with dogs” section in restaurants? Why or why not?

21. What’s really on a dog’s mind?

22. Why do you think some people are afraid of dogs? How can they overcome this fear?

23. Are you a “dog person”? Why or why not?

24. Why do some families consider their dog a member of the family?

25. Describe the similarities and differences between a Chihuahua and a Dalmatian.

26. Sketch your favorite type of dog. Then write 2 paragraphs describing your special pet.

27. Describe a well-behaved dog.

28. Would you rather own a puppy or a grown dog? Explain your reasoning.

29. In your opinion, what are the benefits to responding to dog writing prompts?

Dog Story Ideas

Include these story ideas about dogs as part of your collection of dog writing prompts.

30. Draft a guide on how to train a dog.

31. Write a story about a pack of wolves who live in the woods. Describe some of their adventures and challenges.

32. Share an experience celebrating your dog’s birthday.

33. Write a funny story about a dog’s adventure through the neighborhood while it’s owner is on vacation.

34. Draft a letter to your dog telling it how much you love and appreciate it.

35. Create a story about a superhero dog that saves the neighborhood. What was the problem, and how was it resolved?

36. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a German Shepperd.

37. Tell in detail how to care for a puppy.

38. Draft a new chapter for your favorite book or TV show. The difference is that the main character is now a dog.

39. If dogs were in control of the world, what role would humans have?

40. Explain how to bath a dog.

41. Your pet dog is in charge for the day. What kinds of things will they make you do?

42. Write a letter to your parents persuading them to get you a dog.

43. Tell about the special bond that you have with your dog.

44. Compose a letter from the perspective of a dog persuading its owner to buy it a new toy.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a treasure-trove of dog writing prompts and story ideas to use during writer’s workshop, as homework, as early finisher activities, or as part of an animal unit.

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