57 Great Weather Writing Prompts

Whether you are teaching a unit on weather or just want to add variety to your collection of writing activities, this engaging collection of weather writing prompts will come in handy.

Not only do these weather writing prompts assess how well students understand concepts connected to the weather, but they help improve writing skills, prompt self-reflection, and promote critical thinking.

Utilizing these weather writing prompts, students were will deepen their knowledge about weather and become better writers in the process. 

Weather Writing Prompts

Following you will find a variety of weather-related writing activities suitable for various grade levels.

1. Describe the perfect weather.

2. Write a story using these words: weather, freezing, snowball, blizzard, icicle

3. Share what types of activities are best done in cold weather.

4. Compose an acrostic poem using the word weather.

5. How is the weather in your city today? Describe it.

6. Explain the importance of sweating.

7. What do you predict will be the weather forecast for the next three days? Explain.

8. In what ways can citizens prepare best for natural disasters?

9. Provide examples and non-examples of flooding.

10. Write two math word problems that involve temperature.

11. Explain the purpose of the Earth’s atmosphere.

12. Compare and contrast hail vs. sleet.

13. Using the five senses, describe the wind.

14. Do you prefer cold or hot weather? Why?

15. Describe some activities that are fun to do in the rain.

16. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a raindrop.

17. Research and record ten facts about meteorologists.

18. In your opinion, what’s the perfect temperature and why?

19. Describe what it feels like when it’s muggy outside.

20. Tell what causes a rainbow to form.

21. What things do you like to do on a snow day? Describe them.

22. How can local residents help reduce smog?

23. Explain how to convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

24. Describe a typical autumn day in your city.

25. Write a story that includes the phrase, “It’s raining cats and dogs.”

26. State the similarities and differences between a waterfall and a shower.

27. Describe the best indoor recess games.

28. Tell the purpose of the heat index.

29. Write a legend that explains the origins of thunder and lightning.

30. Compare and contrast rain vs. snow.

31. Share the advantages and disadvantages of humidity.

32. Create a how-to manual that explains how to prepare for a hurricane.

33. Share about a time when you encountered bad weather.

34. Describe a rainbow to someone who has never seen one.

35. Summarize a day at work for a meteorologist.

36.  Explain a strategy that someone could use to differentiate between weather and whether when reading.

37. Write a descriptive essay about the four seasons.

38. In your opinion, which state has the best weather and why?

39. Share the benefits of responding to weather writing prompts.

40. Write a story about a magical land called Snowville.

41. Compose a poem about morning dew.

42. Explain the different kinds of clouds.

43. What are the benefits of drinking more water during hot weather?

44. Create an advertisement that persuades residents to observe a lunar eclipse next weekend.

45. Describe some indoor games your family can play on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

46. Would you rather watch a sunrise or a sunset? Why?

47. What kinds of outdoor activities do you like to do on a sunny day?

48. What are the characteristics of a gloomy day?

49. Tell what it means to be “under the weather”.

50. Provide examples of someone who “steals your thunder”.

51. What’s the difference between a tsunami and a tornado?

52. Explain how the water cycle works. 

53. Describe an umbrella. 

54. Tell all the ways to describe hot weather in writing without actually using the word hot.

55. Write a paragraph about today’s weather.

56. Share ways that authors can describe the weather in a story without naming it directly.

57. Draft a story that takes place in extreme weather.

Final Thoughts: Weather Writing Prompts

Now you have a helpful resource of writing prompts and ideas about the weather.

These weather writing prompts will deepen students’ understanding of climate-related concepts all while strengthening writing skills.

Students will actually enjoy writing about weather!