51 Wonderful Wednesday Writing Prompts for Students

Honor the middle of the week and all things Wednesday-related using these fun and wonderful Wednesday writing prompts for students.

Not only do these Wednesday writing prompts reduce writer’s block, they encourage students to stretch their imaginations, reflect on personal experiences, and showcase their best writing skills.

That’s why these prompts mae a great addition to your collection of classroom writing activities.

So whether you’re seeking wacky Wednesday writing activity ideas, Wednesday morning questions for students, or simply Wednesday journal prompts, these Wednesday writing prompts will serve your needs.

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Wednesday Writing Prompts

Even reluctant writers respond with excitement to these Wednesday writing prompts.

  • Compare and contrast Wednesday to any other day of the week.
  • Describe a S.M.A.R.T goal that you set at the beginning of the year and have now accomplished. #winWednesday
  • The answer is “Wednesday Afternoon”. Write ten different questions.
  • Pretend you work in a pet store. Write a recommendation to parents convincing them to buy a particular pet for their child. Explain why this particular pet.
  • What makes Wednesday the most unique day of the week?
  • Sometimes in life we lose, but many times, we win! Write about a time when you won a game, contest, or reached an important goal. #winWednesday
  • Describe what a perfect classroom looks and feels like on a Wednesday morning.
  • This Wednesday, you get to have an assistant! Step-by-step, describe to him or her which homework assignments need to be completed and how to perform them.
  • Describe how to solve a word problem in math. #wordproblemWednesday
  • Sketch a scene that reflects something that you do every Wednesday. Then write at least 2 paragraphs that describe your drawing.
  • Write a few similes to describe Wednesday.
  • List all the words (2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter, 7-letter, and 8-letter) that you can make using the letters from the term Wednesday. 
  • Write 10 words related to Wednesday. Then compose a poem that contains all of the words.
  • W.E.D.N.E.S.D.A.Y – Create an acrostic poem using the word Wednesday. 
  • Share your Wednesday classroom daily schedule.
  • Write a new and related section or chapter for your favorite read-aloud book. #writingWednesday
  • Describe what your classroom looks like on a Wednesday after school.
  • Pretend you’re in charge of making a Wednesday-themed word wall for the classroom. What words or phrases will you put on the word wall? Why these particular terms?
  • Summarize a good book you heard or read recently.
  • Write a series of math word problems that take place on a Wednesday.

Wisdom Wednesday Writing Prompts

  • Draft an article for the school newsletter offering words of wisdom about never giving up on your dreams.
  • Write a story using these words: Wednesday, wise, wonder, work
  • Write a letter or speech offering words of wisdom to those students who are struggling in class. What tips can you give to help them breakthrough and succeed?
  • Explain the difference between knowledge and wisdom.
  • Write words of wisdom to a younger student who will be entering your grade level next school year. #wisdomWednesday
  • Draft a letter to yourself 20 years in the future. What wisdom do you have to share now that your future self may need to hear?

Wacky Wednesday Writing Prompts and Questions

  • Write about the craziest thing that you’ve ever done or experienced.
  • What’s the wackiest movie you’ve ever seen? Retell its main parts.
  • You are stuck in the middle of the ocean with your best friend. Describe the adventures and challenges you encounter plus how you overcome them.
  • Imagine it’s Wacky School Spirit Day at your school. Which articles of clothing will you wear so that you fit the theme? Describe them.
  • Create a wacky story that involves your pet.
  • Retell a story about a time when you just couldn’t stop laughing. What was the final outcome?
  • Make-up an easy but wacky outdoor game that involves the whole class. Write the instructions for how to play.
  • Share a funny joke that is sure to make others laugh.
  • Write a tongue twister about Wednesday.
  • Pretend that your class is having a Wacky Wednesday party. What fun and wacky activities should everyone do?
  • Share a story about the wackiest Halloween costume you’ve ever worn or seen.
  • Who is the wackiest person you know? Describe this person, and give specific examples of their wacky ways.
  • Write about a typical Wednesday from the prospective of a school bus.
  • For the next class period, you have wings! Explain where in your city, state, or country you will go.
  • Describe the weirdest dream you’ve ever had.
  • Next Wednesday, you get to be principal for the school. Write a story about your challenging or fun day.
  • You and your best friend get trapped in the school’s gym one Wednesday night. Describe what happens during your time there.

What Would You Do Wednesday Questions

  • You see a $100 bill on the ground, and no one’s in sight. Do you grab it and keep it, tell an adult, or just walk away?
  • During recess, you witness a young child being bullied. What’s your first reaction? Would you get involved? Explain your thinking.
  • You didn’t study for your spelling test but have found a way to view your word list during the test. Do you spy or take the honest route? Explain.
  • For the next field trip, you can either take the bus or ride with your parents to the destination. Which option do you choose and why?
  • Would you rather be absent on a Wednesday or a Friday? Explain.
  • Someone is giving away a healthy, playful kitten for free. However, there’s a homeless and malnourished kitten hanging around your home that needs a good family. Which kitten do you choose and why?
  • For summer vacation, you can have a stay-cation (stay at home and do whatever) or head out for a month-long road trip. Which do you choose and why?
  • You see the new student eating alone at lunch. Would you invite him or her to sit with you and your friends? Why or why not?
  • Compose three What Would You Do? Wednesday writing prompts.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a treasure-trove of Wednesday-themed writing prompts to use for a variety of writing activities.

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