51 Fun Friday Writing Prompts for Students

Celebrate the end of the school week using these fun Friday writing prompts.

Not only do these Friday writing prompts reduce writer’s block, they activate learners’ creative juices, help improve writing skills, and spotlight writing talents.

That’s why they make a great addition to your collection of writing activities.

So why not schedule into your lesson plans this week a few of these fantastic Friday writing prompts?

Friday Writing Prompts

1. Besides being the last day of the school week, what are three great things about Friday?

2. As you’re in class responding to one of the Friday writing prompts, your pencil starts to shake! Finish the story.

3. Describe three big roadblocks that you faced this week that hindered your academic progress in a subject.

4. Summarize your favorite fiction read aloud book.

5. In your opinion, is Friday the 13th a day of bad luck? Why or why not?

6. Write the characteristics, differences, and similarities between reptiles and mammals.

7. Create a fun story about a family that takes a weekend trip that starts on a Friday.

8. Describe the perfect Friday.

9. Step-by-step, describe to a younger child how to brush one’s teeth.

10. Compare and contrast Friday and Saturday.

11. Write a letter convincing your parents to let you spend the night at your friend’s house this Friday.

12. What are three new concepts that you learned or understood better this week?

13. Compose a story about a boy or girl who shows the courage to stand up against a bully.

14. Imagine that you are an animal living in a shelter. Tell a story about being adopted by a loving family.

15. Share your plans for the weekend. Where will you go, who will you see, and what will you do?

16. Flashback to the past, and share the details about a special memory that you have with a family member.

17. Describe the place where you feel protected and safe.

18. Write a letter persuading classmates to meet this Friday after school for a community service project.

19. Share the things in life that make you very happy. Explain why.

20. Draft a letter to yourself 5 years in the future. What do you want your future self to know about how you are now?

21. Even though you did your best this week, what are some areas in which you still need your teacher’s help?

22. Would you rather visit a desert or a rainforest? Why?

23. Draft a letter to a classmate or friend, thanking them for doing something kind for you this week.

24. Describe your best friend so that the reader understands why he or she is such a good companion.

25.. Compose a poem about Friday.

26. Write about the most fun you’ve had on a school field trip, whether it was this year or another. #FridayFun

27. Explain brain breaks to a new student who has little to no experience with them.

28. Flashback to the past. Write about a favorite moment from last summer.

29. List all the words (2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter, and 5-letter) that you can create using the letters from the term Friday. 

30. Write about a fun Friday afternoon activity or craft that you’d like to do with classmates.

31. Recall a funny moment that happened during the first week of school. Share the details.

32. Write a Top 10 list of your favorite summer outdoor activities. Why do you enjoy performing them so much?

33. Share what you think are the three best things about Friday.

34. Rewrite a story using the plot/main problem of your favorite book. However, replace the main characters with yourself and a few of your classmates.

35. What are you most looking forward to doing in class next week?

36. Tell about Friday after-school routine.

37. Create a fictional story about one of your parents as a child.

38. What does a Friday morning look and sound like in your home? Describe it.

39. Write an entertaining story that centers around at least three of the five words: Friday, frisbee, friend, fun, frog

40. The answer is “This Friday”. Write five to ten different questions.

41. Write a story about a kitchen faucet that poured out milk instead of water.

42. If you were a chef, what new recipe would you create? Using the 5 senses, describe it.

43. Think about your favorite place in the world. Now tell why this place is so special to you. #Fridayfavorites

44. Compare and contrast your Friday morning vs. your Friday evening.

45. List 10 words related to Friday. Then compose a poem that includes those vocabulary terms.

46. Describe the best way to enjoy a Friday night.

47. F.R.I.D.A.Y – Create an acrostic poem using the word Friday. 

48. Write a heartfelt story using these words: friendship, family, food, favorite, forever

49. Create a bumper sticker to advertise Friday.

50. Do you think recess or lunch time should be extended on Fridays? Why or why not?

51. Compose three creative Friday writing prompts your teacher may like.

52. Write a Friday journal entry from the perspective of a classroom.

Final Thoughts: Friday Writing Prompts

Now you have a quality collection of Friday writing prompts to use for various purposes.

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