Spirit Week Ideas for Preschool: 41 Super Fun Ideas

If you’re looking for spirit week ideas for preschool, you’ve come to the right place!

Used to celebrate a variety of themes and events, spirit week is a time for daycare centers and preschools to have fun while still learning.

So try a few of these fun spirit week ideas for preschool kids!

Not only are these spirit week ideas for preschool and daycare enjoyable for young children, but they are also low-prep for parents, too. 

Spirit Week Ideas for Preschool

Following you will find a variety of themed spirit week ideas for preschool students.

1. Mismatched Shoe Day

This idea is simple plus parents don’t have to make or buy anything.

Encourage your kids to find two shoes that look really silly together!

2.Crazy Socks Day

Let your preschoolers take off their shoes all day to show off their crazy socks.

If you want to give an option for a no-purchase day, kids can simply mismatch their socks.

3. Wild Hair Day

Sticking straight up or temporarily dyed fun colors, kids will love letting their hair fly free.

4. Favorite Animal Day

Kids come to school dressed as their favorite animal.

To make it more educational, each child can give a short presentation that shares a little knowledge about their chosen animal.

Consider focusing on a group of animals such as water animals or desert animals.

5. Famous Person Day

Preschoolers dress as a pop culture icon or a person from history. Consider giving suggestions to kids and parents before the big day. 

6. Anything Goes Day

Tacky, wild, or anything goes day!

Whatever you want to call it, preschoolers should be instructed to put together the weirdest combinations they can think of. 

7. Throwback Day

Pick a decade, and dress as they did during that time. 

This spirit week idea offers lots of flexibility as there are so many eras from which to choose. 

8. Sunglasses Day

Kids wear their sunglasses to school. Lenses can be funny or simply what they like to wear to the beach.

9. Funky Hat Day

Your preschoolers wear a silly costume hat or anything they find particularly silly.

10. Dress Up Like Your Parents Day

Kids dress up as either of their parents.

Maybe that means wearing a dressing robe and slippers if that’s what dad wears in the morning, or a cardigan and khakis.

The kids have to think about what clothes they see their parents wear and emulate their style. 

11. Day at the Beach Day

What do you wear to the beach? Maybe it’s a rash guard or a sundress over a bathing suit, or even a Hawaiian shirt.

Encourage the preschool children to bring props such as an inner tube or floaties. 

12. Mustache Day

Kids draw on a mustache with face paint or get a little stick-on from a costume shop. 

13. King and Queens for a Day

Today, everyone is royalty! To make it into an activity, the kids can make crowns the day before in class to go with their costumes.

Doing so also saves parents from having to purchase crowns.

14. Party Like a Rockstar Day

Dress up like a rockstar! This can be coupled with a music-themed day.

Your preschoolers can even play a concert for the parents at the end of the day. 

15. Superhero Day

Your preschool students will love dressing up as their favorite superheroes.

Remind them that a superhero doesn’t have to be from a comic book or movie; it can be anyone who they feel can save the day!

16. Inside-Out Day

A super easy costume for kids and parents, everyone simply wears all their clothes inside out!

17. Pajama Day

Another fun classic, kids wear their pajamas to school!

If you want to make it a little more exciting, encourage the preschoolers to bring in their favorite nighttime book, the stuffed animal they sleep with, or a favorite blanket. 

18. Favorite Food Day

Preschoolers dress up as their favorite food.

While this one may require a bit more assistance from parents, it’s a great way for kids to be able to express themselves.

It could even turn into a potluck if each child brought favorite foods to share with the class.

Consider combining this day with other special events such as an international festival.

19. Sea Creature Day

This day can be practical or mythical as students could be sharks, mermaids, giant squids, crabs, or so much more.

This spirit week idea for preschool could also be a great time to discuss the very basics of ocean conservation.

20. Wizard or Witch Day

Each preschooler dresses as a magical wizard or witch for the day.

21. Emergency Worker Day

Preschoolers are sure to love this day as they will be oh-so-excited to dress up as a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic.

22. Favorite Movie Character Day

Each of your preschool students will be thrilled to spend the day as their favorite movie or tv show character. 

23. Circus Day

The preschool children choose to be acrobats, elephants, lions, lion tamers, and more on circus day.

Make popcorn, and have a little show and tell where each child “performs” for the rest of the class as their costume would.

24. Use a Letter Theme Day

A practical way to work on letter recognition, preschoolers choose any letter in the alphabet and arrive in a costume that begins with that letter.  

25. Hidden Identity Day

A day of masquerades, kids simply wear a fun mask or specific masked character.

26. Career Day

Ask your preschool students what they want to be when they grow up. Then have them wear their choice as a costume.

Encourage every kind of career, even if it seems silly.

27. Heritage Day

This day serves as a wonderful teaching experience for each child’s family tree.

The preschoolers come to class dressed in attire representative of their family’s nationality. 

28. Christmas in the Summer Day

Why not celebrate Christmas in the summer?

Decorate the classroom as if it’s Christmas. Then have the preschool children come dressed as a favorite Christmas icon or dressed simply in a holiday sweater. 

29. Time Travel Day

Preschoolers select any period of time from the past that they would like to visit.

They dress as a famous person, animal, or citizen from that era.

30. Glow in the Dark Day

Have your preschool kids wear white attire along with glow sticks for a glow-in-the-dark day!

If you have one on hand, a flashlight would really get the party started! If not, simply turn off the lights at the end of the day for a little dance party.

31. Magical Animal Day

Every preschooler can really use his or her imagination with this spirit week idea.

His or her magical animal can be from their own mind or something familiar like a unicorn or centaur. 

32. Favorite Hobby Day

This spirit week idea for preschoolers is a great way to have students explain a little about themselves to the rest of the class.

They dress in what they would wear while performing their favorite activity.

For example, dress as an artist to color, as a cyclist to ride a bike, or as a librarian to read.

33. Character from your Favorite Book Day

This day entails having the kids dress up as a character from their favorite book.

Have each child bring in his/her favorite book as well. 

34. Dinosaurs Day 

Take a blast to the distant past!

After reading a few dinosaur books to your preschoolers during the previous weeks, have them dress up as their favorite type of dinosaur.  

35. Princes and Princesses Day

For a day, the preschoolers wear attire that exudes royalty. 

36. Favorite Cartoon Character Day

For this preschool spirit week idea, the children choose their favorite cartoon character and become that role for the day.

Kids can get creative by utilizing simple props. 

37. 100 Years Old Day

This idea involves the kids aging themselves to 100 years old.

They wear appropriate clothing that fits the theme and can even wear make-up or paint to age their face. 

38. Western Day

Preschoolers dress as cowboys and cowgirls. This includes cowboy hats, boots, and jeans. Any rodeo-type props are great to add. 

39. Mad Scientist Day

The preschoolers become a scientist for the day… a scientist who is going crazy in the lab!

This spirit week idea is made fun with props such as oversized safety goggles, flask, crazy hair, white lab coat, and mysterious green goo.

40. Patriotic Day

Kids show honor to their country or state by wearing the colors of the flag.

Students can get creative with how they express their patriotism through clothing and props. 

41. Jersey Day 

Preschoolers wear attire that represents their favorite sports team whether it’s a college, professional, or K-12 team. 

42. Workout Day 

Promote good health with workout day! Preschoolers simply dress in their favorite exercise clothes. 

Final Thoughts: Spirit Week Ideas for Preschool

Have fun experimenting with these unique spirit week ideas for preschool kids. 

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