37 Quick Preschool Report Card Comments That Save You Time

It’s report card time, and drafting preschool report card comments can be a challenge.

You want to ensure that you provide positive feedback while ensuring an honest assessment of the student’s progress.

However, starring at a blank screen can feel frustrating and overwhelming. That’s where preschool report card comments come in.

Use the following preschool report card comments to save time and frustration plus help parents better understand their child’s development.

Preschool Report Card Comments: Behavior

Preschool report card comments that communicate aspects of students’ conduct

  • ______ has to be redirected several times before completing a task.
  • ______ takes care of classroom materials. 
  • ______ actively participates in class discussions. 
  • ______ takes accountability for clearing up messes and spills. 
  • During circle time, ______ listens attentively to instructions and read alouds. 
  • ______ respects the teacher’s authority. 
  • ______ actively participates in class activities. 
  • When frustrated, ______ uses appropriate communication to express herself. 
  • ______ easily moves around the classroom without disrupting others.
  • ______ patiently waits her turn.

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Preschool Report Card Comments: Social Skills/Participation

Preschool report card comments that describe how preschoolers interact with peers

  • ______ is eager to help peers.
  • ______ comfortably shares classroom materials and supplies. 
  • ______ bites peers when he/she becomes frustrated. 
  • ______ respects others’ personal space and belongings. 
  • ______ fully participates in games. 
  • ______ patiently take turns when completing activities. 
  • ______ shows kindness towards others. 
  • Follows directions and listens to others very well.
  • Seems to enjoy participating in group activities.
  • Is thoughtful to the needs of other students.
  • Treats others with respect.
  • Is a natural leader!
  • Has no problem sharing with his classmates.
  • Is a friendly child. However, he may need to work on sharing with his classmates.
  • Cooperates well with others.
  • Is pleasant and courteous to students and teachers.
  • Would rather play alone during free time. Encouraging cooperative play may help him break out of his shell.

Preschool Report Card Comments: Literacy

Preschool report card comments that communicate how well students are progressing with reading and writing tasks

Preschool Report Card Comments: Reading

  • ______  identifies rhyming words.  
  • ______ re-enacts a favorite part of the story.
  • ______ is aware of writing found in environmental print (e.g. signs, food packaging, etc.)
  • ______ comprehends letter/sound relationships. 
  • ______ explains favorite parts of a book. 
  • ______ respects and cares for the classroom books. 
  • ______ chooses a book independently. 
  • ______ sequences and retells key events of a story.
  • ______ responds appropriately to questions asked about the text including the setting, characters, problem, and solution. 
  • ______ is able to tell about the story during a picture walk.  
  • When prompted,______ points to specific letters within a word.
  • ______ asks appropriate questions about the events and details of a story. 
  • ______ accurately justifies answers to questions using picture and word clues from the text. 
  • ______ makes text-to-self connections to events in a book. 
  • ______ actively participates by making predictions before, during, and after the story. 

Preschool Report Card Comments: Writing

  • ______ writes about a favorite part of an experience.
  • ______ is able to write his/her first name. 
  • ______ responds to story starters.

Preschool Report Card Comments: Academic Achievement

Preschool report card comments that communicate how well students are progressing with reading and writing tasks

  • ______ seems to love learning new things.
  • ______ has an inquisitive nature.
  • ______ demonstrates understanding of a story by retelling what was read or heard.
  • ______ excels in (insert any skill or behavior).
  • ______ quickly grasps new concepts.
  • ______ is making good progress in (insert any academic or social skill).
  • ______ is interested in a wide variety of topics. 
  • ______ loves to read and write.
  • ______ could use support in the following academic areas…

Wrapping Up: Preschool Report Card Comments

Good performance in preschool is important.

So use these preschool report card comments the next time you need to evaluate students’ performance.

Try using a combination of positive feedback and helpful suggestions to give parents more guidance about their child’s progress.

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