51 Great Sixth Grade Writing Prompts That Move Pens

Your sixth graders are guaranteed to have plenty of ideas to write about using these engaging sixth grade writing prompts.

Not only do these writing prompts for sixth graders prevent writer’s block, but they also help students reflect on personal experiences, sharpen writing skills, instill a love for writing, and encourage students to express their thoughts well.

So pencil into your lesson plan this week a few of these high-interest sixth grade writing prompts.

Sixth Grade Writing Prompts

1. Describe the hardest thing you have ever learned to do.

2. Write about a typical day from the perspective of a cell phone.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being in the sixth grade?

4. Give detailed instructions for how to download an app onto a cell phone.

5. Describe the best present you ever received.

6. Write about something that we can do to benefit the environment.

7. Would you rather live in the city or the country for the rest of your life? Explain.

8. Explain how to make a perfect score on a math test.

9. Write a letter to yourself at thirty years old.

10. Compose a story using these words: locker, box, secret, key

11. Write about a time you got really angry.

12. Describe how to win your favorite online game.

13. You get to have dinner with Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and Christopher Columbus. What questions would you ask them and why?

14. Write 10 words related to the human body. Then compose a poem with the words.

15. Do smartphones make people smarter? Explain.

16. How do you multiply two or three-digit numbers? Explain the steps for solving.

17. Write about your first-ever day of school.

18. Draft a new chapter for your favorite book or a new scene for your favorite movie.

19. What do you like best and least about responding to sixth grade writing prompts?

20. Write about the challenges and adventures of being a sixth grader.

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21. If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

22. Design a bumper sticker that represents sixth grade.

23.  Describe a time you felt guilty.

24. What are the three best things about being a sixth grader?

25. Describe the plot of your favorite book to someone who has never read it without giving away any spoilers.

26. Should schools let students listen to music while doing their work? Explain.

27. Describe your life with no electricity.

28. What are the benefits of using text features when reading non-fiction books?

29. Describe your dream career.

30.  Write a letter to someone in another state explaining something special about where you live.

31. Describe the color green to a person who is blind.

32. Tell the characteristics of your favorite relative.

33. Write a letter to sixth graders encouraging them to volunteer at the local park this weekend collecting trash.

34. What are the similarities and differences between this grade level and the last?

35. The phrase between a rock and a hard place refers to making a decision where both outcomes are difficult. Write about a time you were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

36. Share a memory of your favorite vacation.

37. Explain to a 100-year-old person the steps for sending a text message.

38. Write an instructional manual for middle schoolers teaching how to play your favorite board game.

39. What steps are required in order to brush one’s teeth?

40. When surfing the TV, how do you finally decide on what to watch? What thinking goes on in your mind to help you decide?

41. Explain how to pass the most difficult level of your favorite video game.

42. Draft a biographical summary of your school.

43. Do you think sixth grade writing prompts should be included on standardized tests? Why or why not?

44. Compare and contrast yourself to a sibling or friend.

45. Brainstorm a few issues that your school faces. Now choose one, and write about the process you would take to solve the problem.

46. The headline of your local newspaper reads, “Food Fight at Local Diner Leads to Minor Injury!“. Write the story.

47. Write about a friend who you have become closer with over the past year.

48. Write about your favorite season of the year. Explain why it is your favorite.

49. Retell an experience you had with a natural disaster.

50. Write about a time that you put forth maximum effort in order to achieve a goal.

51. How did you acquire your academic strengths, and what measures can you take to improve your weaknesses?

Final Thoughts: Sixth Grade Writing Prompts

Now you have an assortment of sixth grade writing prompts that will motivate students to write from their hearts and with purpose.