101 Report Card Comments for Distance Learning

If you’re teaching remotely, you’ll need a set of report card comments for distance learning.

The following statements provide you with the phrases you need to accurately document the remote learning experiences of your learners.

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Report Card Comments for Distance Learning

Work Habits

  • ______ handles technical problems well.
  • It’s challenging for ______ to finish a task if he isn’t supervised constantly.
  • ______ persists through the challenges of remote learning.
  • ______ routinely seeks assistance when she/he has issues accessing the online resources and/or materials.
  • Even in the absence of regular computer access, _______ makes consistent effort to complete her assignments to the best of her abilities.
  • ______ frequently needs reminders so that work is submitted on time.
  • When the online work is interactive, has little trouble engaging fully. However, when it comes to more reading and research-based tasks, it’s a struggle to keep focused for even short periods of time.
  • ______ has a hard time completing work in a timely fashion. 
  • ______ excels within an online learning environment.
  • Though ______ has easy access to the online tools and knows how to use them, he/she struggles to submit work on time.
  • ______ refuses to ask the teacher for help when understanding breaks down.
  • ______ consistently logs into his work portal daily or as required.
  • ______ does a great job of managing her time well.
  • ______ is always prepared and ready to learn.
  • ______ follows online instructions well.
  • Even when technical errors occur, ______ perseveres because he/she is determined to get the work done.
  • It is evident that ______ has a structured study schedule that he follows routinely.
  • ______ regularly submits work on time.
  • ______ puts forth good effort in completing online assignments.


  • ______ does not hesitate to ask for help when needed. 
  • ______ struggles to complete online work independently.
  • Due to the nature of remote learning, it is frequently a challenge to apply accommodations and modifications for ______ assignments. Consequently, her academic progress has slowed a bit.
  • ______ significantly lacks self-discipline when applying himself to online tasks/assignments.
  • ______ is inconsistent with his efforts.
  • When _______ is unsure about how to use an online learning platform, he/she asks questions for clarification.
  • ______ is progressing well with (insert any action or skill).
  • When talking with the teacher and/or peers in an online teaching session, _______ participates fully.
  • ______regularly turns in remote learning assignments late.
  • ______ requires a high level of encouragement in order to complete a task.
  • Unnecessarily sacrificing accuracy for speed causes ______ to make lots of careless mistakes in his work and in how he uses online learning tools.
  • ______is putting forth 100% effort when it comes to his online work.
  • Though _______ is a bright student, he struggles to maintain the same level of academic proficiency in an online environment compared to in-person learning.
  • _______ has difficulties paying attention but does respond well to being redirected.
  • _____ hardly ever participates fully in online group discussions.
  • ______ struggles to apply reading skills such (insert any targeted reading skill/strategy) when reading on a device.
  • ______ refuses to complete his online assignments.
  • _____ participates fully during discussions.
  • It is evident that _______ has a strong desire to succeed even in an online format.
  • ______ is self-motivated.
  • ______ frequently asks questions about the assignment before first reviewing the online instructions.
  • ______ is progressing at grade level standards during distance learning.
  • During individual or group sessions, ________ fully participates and engages with peers and the instructor.
  • ______ flourishes with self-paced remote learning.
  • The overwhelm with transitioning to remote learning was minimal for _______ because he is a quick learner and took on the challenge with a positive mindset.
  • Because ______ is not too comfortable on screen, he or she rarely participates in class discussions.
  • ______ takes full responsibility for missed assignments and takes the initiative to seek missed work.
  • ______ often has trouble following online instructions.
  • Even with limited technological resources, _______ accomplished her tasks by seeking creative ways to complete the work.
  • ______ exceeds grade level academic expectations during distance learning with little to no prompting from the teacher or parents.
  • ______ is a self-starter who takes the initiative to make his online learning experience as seamless and structured as possible.
  • Though remote learning was a challenge for ________ in the beginning, she now has a set routine and is adjusting extremely well to the circumstances.
  • _______ completes homework and extension assignments regularly.
  • _______ rarely, if ever, misses a virtual teaching/learning session.
  • Though the present circumstances make teaching and learning more challenging, _______ is nonetheless extremely motivated to meet her academic goals this school year.
  • _______ is habitually late logging on to her remote learning sessions.
  • ______ exhibited great patience and flexibility as the school was making a transition to online learning.
  • ______ is frequently disengaged in remote learning class discussions.
  • ______ work ethic is unpredictable. Some days he’s on-task, motivated, and focused. Other days he’s distracted and lacks interest in the lessons.
  • Even with the limitations of remote learning, ______ consistently delivers work that is over and beyond grade level expectations.
  • ______ accurately uses online word processing applications to write, edit, save, and submit assignments.
  • Too much screen time is causing ______ to feel exhausted with distance learning.
  • ______ possesses the dedication and/or motivation needed to excel in an online learning environment.
  • ______ frequently uses age‐appropriate technologies to communicate, exchange ideas, and/or create projects.
  • Unfortunately, ______ seldomly uses the technological tools and/or resources responsibly.
  • ______ easily uses age-appropriate online tools and resources for learning.
  • ______ responds appropriately to viewing educational videos.
  • ______ is a natural problem solver who seeks answers independently before asking for assistance.
  • ______ waits until the last minute to seek clarification of remote learning activities.
  • ______ is so motivated and eager to do well that he/she requests additional work without being prompted.
  • Though _____ is very capable, getting her to focus in an online setting is a challenge.
  • _______ shows satisfactory progress in (insert any learning objective) despite the challenges of remote learning.
  • ______ is frequently unprepared for virtual lessons.
  • ______ knows how to use the Internet for research.
  • ______ consistently demonstrates an understanding of how to use online platforms during the teaching and learning process.
  • ______ is proficient in locating, collecting, and evaluating information from online resources.
  • _____ shows difficulty in comprehending distance learning instructions and requires multiple repetitions of detailed directions.
  • Even with accommodations and/or modifications, _____ struggles with (insert any conduct behavior).
  • _____ frequently demonstrates poor work ethic.
  • _____ puts forth much effort in an online environment. However, (insert any skill, strategy, or behavior) is often difficult for him/her.
  • _____ fails to complete assignments even when given extended time.
  • _____ does a fantastic job of using designated online platforms to collaborate, publish, and interact.
  • _____ exhibits poor time management and consequently has trouble completing assignments on time.
  • _____ constantly asks questions that have been answered repeatedly and in detail.

Next Steps

  • To boost lesson retention, have _______ master a few of these study skills.
  • To help _______ stay focused when completing his web-based work, it may help to break his assignments into easily-digestible chunks.
  • _____ would benefit from tutoring X number of times per week.
  • Because _______ benefits so well from in-person instruction, tutoring sessions X number of times per week might be helpful so that she doesn’t fall too much behind during distance learning.
  • Consider having _______ use (insert any engaging online resources for students such as StudyJams) when he has extra time at home.
  • Let’s continue to remind _______ to contact the teacher as soon as possible when he doesn’t understand a concept instead of waiting right before an assignment is due.
  • It would benefit ______ greatly to follow a daily schedule to help keep her on task.
  • ______ may contact me through (insert school-based online communication platform) if he/she needs additional support or clarification about an assignment.
  • I strongly encourage _____ to (insert any action that will help to improve situation + how often) in order to improve (insert issue).
  • _______ needs to be challenged more academically. I suggest…
  • After a certain amount of time (e.g. 30 minutes of work), offer ______ a small reward for work well done.
  • It would be helpful to review at home with _______ (insert any technological/academic skill that needs improvement).
  • For the next semester, let’s try these distance learning accommodations and/or modifications for ______ : (insert any appropriate modification/accommodation).
  • To minimize distractions, consider creating a designated workspace for ________ to complete his studies.
  • I encourage _______ to seek all available online solutions and resources provided by the teacher before asking for help.
  • A simple checklist with instructions would help _______ access the information independently.
  • When possible, review with ______ a few times per week the steps involved in solving math word problems (or insert any other significant skill).
  • I recommend that ______ follow a set study schedule so that she doesn’t fall behind with her virtual assignments.
  • Once a week, I’ll have a 1 to 1 or small group virtual session with ______ to help her improve in (insert targeted learning objective).
  • I recommend that _______ log into his/her learning portal a few minutes early so that he can prepare and be ready to learn.
  • _______ must continue to read daily (online or traditional) in order to maintain stamina and reading fluency.
  • It would be helpful to reduce distractions such as television, music, and cell phone use when ______ is working on remote learning activities.
  • I suggest that _____ continues to study (insert skill/strategy that requires improvement).
  • ______ needs to practice his basic math facts for at least 15 minutes daily. He can do this online or with “hands-on” resources. The resources I suggest are (insert any helpful tool).
  • Let’s schedule a Zoom meeting for (insert date and time).

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