51 Helpful Report Card Comments for Distance Learning

If you’re teaching remotely, you need a set of report card comments for distance learning.

Teaching online presents a unique set of challenges that affects students’ learning experiences.

Utilize these free distance learning report card comments to document how well students are progressing with online classes.

Whether you need virtual learning report card comments for kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high schools students, you’re sure to find the right report card comments for distance learning to fit your needs.

These report card comments for distance learning are divided into the following categories:

  • Positive/good comments for online learning
  • Needs improvement distance learning comments
  • Next steps distance learning report card comments

Positive Report Card Comments for Distance Learning

Utilize the following report card comments for distance learning to communicate student strengths.

  • ______ persists through the challenges of remote learning.
  • ______ routinely seeks assistance when she has issues accessing online resources and materials.
  • ______ logs into his work portal daily or as required.
  • ______ does a great job of managing her time well when working online.
  • Even in the absence of regular computer access, _______ makes consistent effort to complete her assignments to the best of her abilities.
  • ______ excels within an online learning environment.
  • ______ follows online instructions well.
  • Even when technical errors occur, ______ perseveres because she is determined to get the work done.
  • ______ puts forth good effort in completing online assignments.
  • When ______ is unsure about how to use an online learning platform, he asks questions for clarification.
  • ______ is progressing well with (insert action or skill) within an online platform.
  • ______ shows satisfactory progress in (insert learning objective) despite the challenges of remote learning.
  • ______ participates fully in online classes.
  • ______ is putting forth 100% effort when it comes to his online work.
  • Even with the limitations of remote learning, ______ consistently delivers work that is over and beyond grade level expectations.
  • ______ flourishes with self-paced remote learning.
  • ______ is progressing at/exceeding grade level standards during distance learning.
  • ______ rarely, if ever, misses a virtual teaching class.
  • ______ consistently demonstrates an understanding of how to use online platforms.
  • _____ does a fantastic job of using online platforms to collaborate, publish, and interact.
  • ______ easily uses age-appropriate online tools and resources for learning.

Needs Improvement Report Card Comments for Distance Learning

Use these teacher comments for online learning to share areas in which students need to improve.

  • ______ frequently needs reminders so that online work is submitted on time.
  • ______ struggles to complete online work independently.
  • Though _____ is a bright student, he struggles to maintain the same level of academic proficiency in an online environment compared to in-person learning.
  • ______ significantly lacks self-discipline when applying himself to online classes.
  • _____regularly turns in remote learning assignments late.
  • _____ struggles to apply reading skills such (insert targeted reading skill/strategy) when reading on a technological device.
  • _____ hardly participates fully in online group discussions.
  • _____ refuses to complete online assignments.
  • _____ is frequently unprepared for virtual lessons.
  • _____ puts forth much effort in an online environment. However, (insert skill, strategy, or behavior) is often difficult for her.
  • _____ fails to complete remote learning assignments even when given extended time.
  • _____ is habitually late logging on to remote learning sessions.
  • _____ often has trouble following online instructions.
  • Though _____ is very capable, getting her to focus in an online setting is a challenge.
  • ______ has a hard time completing work in a timely fashion. 
  • ______ seldomly uses technological tools and/or resources responsibly.
  • ______ is frequently disengaged in remote learning class discussions.

Next Steps Report Card Comments for Distance Learning

  • I recommend that _______ log into his online portal a few minutes early so that he can prepare and be ready to learn.
  • To help _______ stay focused during online classes, it may help to chunk his assignments.
  • After a certain amount of time, offer ______ a small reward for online work done well.
  • It would be helpful to review at home with _______ (tech or academic skill that needs improvement).
  • _____ needs to ask for assistance when having problems with online classes.
  • Next semester, let’s try these distance learning accommodations and/or modifications for ______ :
  • To minimize distractions, consider creating a designated workspace for ________ to complete his online classes.
  • I recommend that ______ follow a set study schedule so that she doesn’t fall behind with her virtual assignments.
  • It would be helpful to reduce distractions when ______ is working on remote learning activities.
  • Let’s schedule a Zoom meeting for (insert date and time).

If you need sample report card comments during pandemic times, these helpful remarks will come in handy.

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