65 Great Questions to Ask Learners During a Lesson

During a lesson, questions serve as a way to keep students attentive, engaged, and actively participating. 

That’s why it’s a good idea for teachers to keep on hand a collection of questions to ask learners during a lesson in order to achieve the objectives just noted.

Questions are powerful tools for teachers, and they can come in many forms plus can target any type of learning objective. 

To save you time, I’ve created some good questions to ask students during a lesson in order to gauge how well they are learning the information. 

Include these questions in your lesson plans, and use them as general classroom questions for any lesson or activity.

If you start incorporating these questions on the first day of school, students will become accustomed to responding to them and their answers will become more refined with time.

Questions to Ask Learners During a Lesson

1. Is this lesson similar to another that we’ve done? How?

2. What questions about the lesson do you have so far?

3. How would you describe in your own words the key points I’ve made thus far?

4. What part stands out to you?

5. How would you apply this skill in the real world?

6. What do you think is going to happen next?

7. How would you apply this information?

8. What point would you like re-emphasized?

9. Which part would you like for me to repeat?

10. What do you “take away” from the lesson so far?

11. Why do you think the author wrote this?

12. What emotions do you feel when discussing this topic and why?

13. Can you provide additional examples?

14. What examples can you provide that show how this concept is used in the real world?

15. Have you talked about this subject in any of your other classes? In what context?

16. Are you able to elaborate on your thoughts?

17. Do you have any text-to-text connections?

18. What two new facts have you learned thus far?

19. How would you summarize what has been discussed so far?

20. Is the pace of the lesson too fast or too slow?

questions to ask learners during a lesson
questions to ask learners during a lesson

21. So far, what new information have you learned?

22. What are two opinions you have about the content of the lesson?

23. Are you able to offer an alternative solution?

24. Is there anything that you find surprising? 

25. How do the text features in the text support your understanding?

26. What is something that you learned that you didn’t know before?

27. Is there anything that you would like to know more about?

28. Which types of graphs and charts would add substance to the material?

29. What do you feel are the best questions to ask learners during a lesson?

30. How has your thinking shifted since the start of the lesson?

31. Where do you need clarification?

32. What are you thinking about right now?

33. Have you ever heard, seen, or talked about this topic in the past?

34. How would you explain the main ideas of this lesson to someone?

35. What’s one “a ha” moment you have from the lesson?

36. If you had to summarize this chapter, what would you say?

37. Which part of the lesson would you like to revisit?

38. What are the advantages of learning this?

39. How does this topic relate to what we’ve been learning?

40. Which parts of the lesson could be omitted and why?

41. What additional resources would support your understanding of the topic?

42. Do you feel that the information is misrepresented?

43. Why is this topic important?

44. What available resources can you reference to help you understand better?

45. On a rating scale of 1 to 3 (with 3 = great), how do you rate your understanding of this lesson and why?

questions to ask learners during a lesson
questions to ask learners during a lesson

46. How does this topic relate to current events?

47. What comes to mind when you think about this topic?

48. How is this topic significant?

49. Do you connect with any part of the lesson?

50. What do you find challenging about this task?

51. Are there any vocabulary words that are new to you?

52. How can this information help you in school or in a job?

53. What would make this topic more interesting?

54. How will this information benefit you in your personal life?

55. If you had to create a test for this lesson, what three questions would you include?

56. What part of this lesson is most interesting to you?

57. If you had to repeat the lesson, what parts would you change so that students are more engaged?

58. Which part of the lesson left you feeling confused?

59. What experiences do you have with this topic?

60. How could this lesson be made more appealing?

61. Can you explain what I just taught?

62. Which parts of the lesson do you think requires deeper analysis or review?

63. What would you say was the essential message of the lesson today?

64. How would you suggest the problem be solved?

65. Is there anything you’re still trying to figure out?

Final Thoughts On Questions to Ask Learners During a Lesson

Now you have a ready supply of insightful questions to ask learners during a lesson.

They keep students engaged, on task, and absorbed in the teaching and learning process.