63 Great Persuasive Writing Ideas

The art of persuasion is a helpful skill that will serve students well in life. Help them improve upon those skills by utilizing these engaging persuasive writing ideas. 

Persuasive writing is a form of writing that tries to convince the reader to do something, to think a certain way, or hold a particular belief. 

Using these persuasive writing ideas, students will have the opportunity to share their beliefs, preferences, plus likes and dislikes.

They’ll be encouraged to support their thoughts using supporting details such as personal experience and facts.

What’s more, these ideas spark critical thinking skills as students reflect upon and reevaluate their mindset regarding certain topics.

So help students sharpen their writing and thinking skills using these interesting persuasive writing ideas.

Persuasive Writing Ideas

Following you will find a variety of persuasive writing topics for students and kids. These ideas may be used for essays, speeches, or any other persuasive writing idea.

Draft Letters to Others.

A fun persuasive writing idea is to write letters to others, convincing them to do, think, or be something. This includes school staff, relatives, friends, pets, animals, objects, and yourself. 

Persuasive writing ideas:

  • Write a letter to the principal of your school persuading her to shorten the school week.
  • Draft a letter to your hair, persuading it to behave in humid weather. 
  • Write a letter to your grandparents persuading them to visit you this summer. 
  • Write a letter convincing your dog to behave kindly towards house visitors. 
  • Write a letter to a friend, persuading him to put forth his best efforts in the local kite-flying contest. 

Make a Speech.

Another persuasive writing idea is to make a speech. 

When we think of speeches, we normally consider political campaigns. However, a speech is a presentation about any topic.

Persuasive writing examples:

  • Write a speech persuading students to show appropriate behavior during a school assembly or field trip.
  • Draft a speech that persuades citizens to vote for you in a local election.
  • Write a political campaign that convinces citizens to vote for a particular candidate.
  • Write a speech that encourages people to show kindness to animals.
  • Write a speech convincing people to try a new product that just launched in your business.

Write Book Reviews.

A book review is a type of persuasive writing that persuades people to read a certain book. 

Persuasive writing examples:

  • Write a book review about your favorite book.
  • Draft a book review for a nonfiction book. 
  • Write a book review of a poetry book. 

Produce Advertisements.

Advertisements are all around us, trying to persuade us to buy something, visit a place, take an action, or shift our points of view regarding important issues. 

Students will enjoy practicing their persuasion skills in an authentic way using this type of persuasive writing idea.

Persuasive writing examples:

  • Create a commercial script that persuades someone to buy your brand of cereal.
  •  Write a product advertisement for your favorite candy. Be convincing so that people will want to buy it.
  • Make a billboard that convinces travelers to visit your restaurant. 
  • Write an advertisement that persuades someone to buy the new pair of sneakers that just launched.
  • Produce an advertisement that convinces people to attend a One-Day-Sale event at the local shopping mall. 
persuasive writing ideas

State Your Point of View.

Persuasion is woven into all parts of our lives. In our daily conversations, we are either persuading someone or being persuaded. 

When we share our opinions, preferences, and beliefs, those conversations may not fit neatly into one of the above writing genres. 

However, those discussions still offer great persuasive writing ideas that prompt us to state our stance on a topic and support it.

Share the following ideas with students. 

  • Persuade someone that life is better without technology.
  • Persuade your family to try a new outdoor activity this weekend.
  • If parents give permission, should students be allowed to purchase junk food during lunchtime?
  • Persuade someone to help you with your homework.
  • Convince your mom or dad to let you open a Christmas present the day before Christmas.
  • Life gets better the older you get. What do you think and why?
  • Encourage a friend, letting him know how talented he is in doing a certain task.
  • Design a bumper sticker to advertise happiness. 
  • Everybody should grow their own food instead of purchasing from grocery stores.
  • Explain why one brand of cereal is better than another.
  • Fish make better pets than hamsters.
  • Persuade the principal to add character education classes to the school’s curriculum.
  • It is better to visit space than the bottom of the ocean?
  • The school day should be only from Monday to Friday.
  • Persuade a friend to accompany you to a festival this weekend.
  • What’s your point of view about online learning for students? Is it better than in-person learning?
  • Convince someone that math class is more important than reading class.
  • Living in the city is better than living in the country.
  • Everyone over the age of 18 should learn how to drive a vehicle.
  • All homes in your community should participate in the recycling program.
  • Persuade your teacher to play a game with the class during recess.
  • Students should respond to persuasive writing ideas weekly.
  • Convince your friends to watch your favorite movie.
  • What’s the best form of transportation?
  • Persuade someone to give you the job of your dreams.
  • Convince your teacher to give you a particular whole class award.
  • No junk food should be served in schools.
  • Dogs should only be owned by people who have a large backyard. 
  • Plastic bottles should be illegal because they are bad for the ocean.
  • Convince a teacher to allow headphones while working in class.
  • A smoothie is a better breakfast option than oatmeal.
  • Persuade your friend to loan you his favorite toy.
  • Pop music is better than country music.
  • Convince your parents to let you stay up past your bedtime tonight.
  • What famous person from the past should be on a bill of money and why?
  • Persuade your parents to increase your allowance.
  • Adults and children should eat a variety of vegetables every day.
  • More time should be devoted to art and music classes at school.
  • Every student in a class should have a classroom helper job.
  • Write a movie review of your favorite film. Convince the reader why he should see it.
  • Students should be able to take a day off from school if they feel tired.
  • There is no value in completing crossword puzzles.
  • Everybody should respect politicians.
  • Convince your friends to join the science fair with you.
  • Which is best…swimming in a pool or in the ocean?

Final Thoughts On Persuasive Writing Ideas

Students will be proficient and confident in using persuasion skills using these high-interest persuasive writing ideas.

If you found these ideas helpful, you might find useful… mentor texts for teaching persuasive writing.