37 Awesome Paragraph Writing Prompts for Students

Encourage students to put responses in paragraph form using these fun and creative paragraph writing prompts.

Not only do these paragraph writing prompts reduce writer’s block, but they improve writing skills, motivate students to express their thoughts, and facilitate the learning process by having students focus on the main idea.

So pencil into your lesson plans this week a few of these cool paragraph writing prompts.

Paragraph Writing Prompts

After demonstrating how to write a paragraph, ask your young authors to put the skills into practice using these paragraph writing prompts.

1. Write two to three paragraphs describing the rock or water cycle.

2. Explain in one or two paragraphs how to make your favorite recipe.

3. Write a paragraph about what elements a good piece of writing should have.

4. Explain in a paragraph how to be a good friend.

5. Write a paragraph about ways students your age can achieve their S.M.A.R.T goals.

6. Retell in paragraph form your most memorable vacation. Use the 5Ws + H to generate details.

7. Write a paragraph about a typical school day for you.

8. Draft two paragraphs comparing and contrasting a fish and a whale.

9. Write a paragraph about your academic strengths and weaknesses. Tell how you will improve the weaknesses.

10. Explain how to write a paragraph.

11. Write an instructional guide for students that explains how to behave in the classroom, in the cafeteria, and in an assembly. Give each location its own paragraph.

12. Explain in a paragraph the similarities and differences between your current and previous grade levels.

13. Write a paragraph telling how to use context clues to define an unfamiliar word.

14. Draft a paragraph sharing how to multiply two fractions.

15. Write an autobiographical paragraph.

16. Describe in a paragraph any holiday traditions celebrated by your family.

17. Write a paragraph or two about Martin Luther King, Jr. What challenges did he face, how did he overcome them, and what impact has he had on the world?

18. Retell in a paragraph about the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn or seen.

19. Write a paragraph describing the characteristics of your state, city, or country.

More Paragraph Writing Prompts

Even reluctant writers will be motivated to respond to these paragraph writing prompts!

20. Compare and contrast any two holidays. Respond in paragraph form.

21. Write a paragraph about your funniest memory with your pet.

22. Share in paragraph form your best Field Day experience.

23. Describe in paragraph form a special summer memory.

24. Write a paragraph about the best birthday ever.

25. Choose two adult members of your school community. Explain in paragraph form each of their roles.

26. Retell in paragraph form about a time when you won an award.

27. Write a paragraph about the benefits of eating healthy plus exercising regularly.

28. Explain in a paragraph or two how to download an app on one’s phone.

29. Write a paragraph or two stating facts about recycling.

30. Describe in a paragraph the dangers of texting and driving.

31. Explain in paragraph form how to write a summary of a nonfiction book.

32. Write a paragraph about the pros of learning how to play an instrument.

33. In a paragraph, share about a time that you participated in a science fair.

34. Write a paragraph about a typical day from the perspective of a car.

35. In one or two paragraphs, share the two best things about having siblings or being an only child.  

36. Write a paragraph for the school newsletter asking students to sign-up for the talent show.

37. Explain in paragraph form how to keep a desk organized.

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