37 Excellent Main Idea Writing Prompts for Students

If you’re seeking writing assignments for main idea, you’ll want to utilize all of the resources available in order to help your students master this essential reading skill.

That’s why you’ve got to get your hands on these powerful main idea writing prompts. 

Main idea can be a challenge to teach. It takes a lot of modeling by the teacher and application of skill from students.

These main idea writing prompts take care of the application part.

What makes these prompts so effective is that the topics are of high interest to students so that they are motivated to produce quality content that is purposeful and doesn’t feel too much like work. 

How Do You Teach the Main Idea In Writing?

To define the main idea in writing, students need to reflect upon the most important ideas or concepts from a text, video, or speech. 

Then they need to think about how to translate that into written form. 

So essentially, finding the main idea in writing is the ability to summarize the most important ideas of a passage or video without revealing specific details. 

Students provide just enough information so that the reader or listener can gather a general idea of what they’re trying to communicate.

Be sure to add these main idea writing prompts to your repertoire of main idea and details activities.

They serve as an additional instructional technique to include in your teaching toolkit. 

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Main Idea Writing Prompts

These prompts were created to help students practice paragraph writing of main idea and supporting details.

1. Give the main idea of your earliest memory.

2. In a main idea paragraph, describe a place that is special to you.

3. What are the main safety tips one should follow when riding a bike?

4. Summarize an event in your life that you would like to relive.

5. Choose a person or object. Summarize why the person or item is important to you.

6. Write the main idea of the last read aloud book you read or heard.

7. Describe a time when you were treated unfairly.

8. In a main idea paragraph, tell what actions make someone a hero in the eyes of society.

9. A friend who couldn’t make it to your birthday party wants to know how it was. Tell the main idea of your birthday celebration.

10. Tell the main idea of why you dislike a particular school subject.

11. Summarize the funniest April Fool’s Day joke you’ve played on someone.

12. Think about a cartoon or TV show that you like. Tell the main idea of your favorite episode.

13. Share the main idea about the best school experience of this year.

14. Explain to a younger child how to find the main idea of a chapter.

15. Summarize what it means to relax.

16. Explain the main idea of what students in the grade below you will learn once they reach your grade level.

17. Tell the main idea of the last movie you watched.

18. Why is it important for students to know how to find the main idea of a text selection?

19. Describe your after-school routine.

20. Summarize the best things about your favorite month of the year.

21. Share an experience of watching a firework show with family.

22. In a main idea paragraph, share the happiest moment of your life so far.

23. State the main reason why we celebrate Independence Day.

24. Write the main idea of something new that you learned recently. How is the lesson beneficial?

25. Summarize your last summer vacation.

26. Describe the main idea of the last nonfiction book you read.

27. Tell the main idea of Field Day to a student who has never experienced it before.

28. In a main idea paragraph, describe your favorite toy, app, or online game.

29. Summarize how to play your favorite board game.

30. Write a main idea paragraph about the best holiday party you’ve ever attended.

31. Describe, in a main idea paragraph, a family tradition.

32. Tell the main idea of your favorite field trip.

33. Summarize the benefits of reading regularly.

34. Share the main idea of your first day of school. How were you feeling?

35. Why is it important to learn how to read?

36. Summarize the benefits of responding to main idea writing prompts.

37. The main idea of the entire book is…

Consider reviewing the concept of finding the main idea with students before assigning the writing prompts.

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