15 Mexican Art Projects for Elementary Students They’ll Love

As teachers, we hold the key to unlocking a world of creativity and cultural exploration for elementary students. 

The following Mexican art projects for elementary students take young artists on a journey to learn about the spirit of Mexico. 

From papel picado banners that dance in the breeze to the intricate geometry of Aztec-inspired sunstone designs, these projects are more than just artistic projects.

They are windows into the rich culture of Mexican heritage and creativity. 

By introducing students to these hands-on experiences, you will not only nurture their artistic talents but also deepen their appreciation for diversity and the power of artistic expression.

Creating these Mexican art projects for elementary students is both educational and engaging so both students and teachers will be delighted by these projects.

Mexican Art Projects for Elementary Students

Here are some of the best Mexican art project ideas for elementary students. They deepen students’ appreciation of Mexican art and culture.

1. Oaxacan Alebrijes

Discuss the folk art of Oaxacan alebrijes, which are fantastical animal sculptures made from wood or papier-mâché. 

Provide students with air-dry clay or playdough and encourage them to sculpt their own alebrijes. 

They then paint their creations with bright colors and intricate designs.

2. Huichol Yarn Paintings

Introduce students to the Huichol people’s yarn paintings, which use colored yarn pressed into beeswax to create intricate patterns. 

Provide students with small squares of cardboard or sturdy paper, beeswax, and colorful yarn. 

They create their own yarn paintings by pressing the yarn into the wax to form patterns and designs.

3. Mexican Sun and Moon Art

Discuss the symbolism of the sun and moon in Mexican art and culture. 

Provide students with circular pieces of cardboard or sturdy paper, as well as paint, markers, and decorative elements like beads or glitter. 

Have them create their own sun and moon designs, incorporating bold colors and intricate details.

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4. Frida Kahlo Self-Portraits

Introduce students to the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and her self-portraits. 
Discuss her use of striking colors and symbolic elements in her artwork. 

Have students create their own self-portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo, using paint, markers, and other craft materials.

5. Mexican Mural Collaborations

Discuss the significance of murals in Mexican art, particularly the works of artists like Diego Rivera. 

Divide students into groups and assign each group a mural theme (nature, community, history, etc.). 

Provide a large piece of paper or cardboard for each group to create a collaborative mural using paints, markers, and other art supplies.

6. Mexican Folk Art Mirrors

Introduce students to Mexican folk art mirrors with intricate frames made from tin and glass. 

Give students small mirrors and aluminum foil. 

They will make their own tin foil frames by shaping and pressing the foil into intricate patterns. 

Once the frames are ready, they glue the mirrors in the center and decorate the frames with markers or paint.

7. Aztec-inspired Geometric Designs

Explore the geometric patterns and designs found in Aztec art and architecture. 

Provide students with geometric stencils and markers. 

Have them create their own Aztec-inspired designs using repeating geometric shapes and patterns. 

These designs can be made on paper or even as part of a larger collaborative mural.

8. Talavera Tile Art

Introduce students to Talavera pottery, a style known for its intricate hand-painted designs on ceramics. 

Provide students with square pieces of paper or cardboard and markers or paints. 

Now have them create their own Talavera-inspired tile designs.

9. Mexican Bark Painting

Discuss the traditional art of Amate bark painting, where intricate designs are painted onto tree bark. 

Provide students with brown construction paper and markers or paint. 

They will create their own bark paintings by drawing intricate patterns and designs on the paper to mimic the look of Amate paintings.

Easy Mexican Art Projects for Elementary Students

Following are simpler Mexican art project ideas for elementary students that are just as fun to create.

10. Mexican Hat Dance Puppets

Introduce students to the traditional Mexican Hat Dance (Jarabe Tapatío) and its vibrant costumes. 

Provide students with craft sticks, colored paper, fabric scraps, and markers. 

They will create stick puppets representing dancers in traditional Mexican attire and use them to reenact the Mexican Hat Dance.

11. Day of the Dead Calavera Masks

Teach students about the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) celebration and the significance of calavera (skull) imagery. 

Provide them with white paper plates, markers, paint, and decorative elements like sequins and feathers.

Students will create their own calavera masks.

12. Papel Picado Banners

Introduce students to the traditional Mexican art of papel picado (paper cutting). 

Provide them with different colors of tissue paper and templates of various shapes and designs. They will then cut out shapes and patterns to create their own papel picado banners. 

Hang these banners around the classroom to add a festive touch.

13. Tin Can Maracas

Teach students about traditional Mexican music and instruments, such as maracas. 

Have them paint and decorate empty tin cans to resemble maracas. Fill the cans with rice or beans and seal them shut. 

14. Mexican Worry Dolls (Muñeca Quitapenas)

Teach students about the tradition of worry dolls, small dolls believed to take away worries when placed under a pillow. 

Provide students with small pieces of yarn, fabric, and pipe cleaners. 

They will create their own worry dolls by wrapping yarn around the pipe cleaners and decorating them with fabric and markers. 

Encourage them to share a worry with their doll and place it under their pillow.

15. Mexican Mosaic Art

Discuss the use of mosaics in Mexican art and architecture. 

Provide students with small colorful paper or fabric squares, glue, and a base (such as cardboard or foam board). 

They will create their own mosaic designs by arranging and gluing the squares to the base.

Final Thoughts On Mexican Art Project Ideas for Elementary Students

Use these Mexican art projects for elementary students to take young artists on a journey of learning about Mexican art, culture, and history.