19 Great Mosaic Art Projects for Elementary Students

Whether you’re an art teacher or other individual looking for mosaic art projects for elementary students, this collection of ideas is exactly what you need. 

Mosaic art is a special kind of artwork where small pieces of different materials, like colorful tiles, glass, or even stones, are arranged together to create a bigger picture or design. 

It’s like making a beautiful picture using lots of tiny, colorful puzzle pieces. 

As you may be well aware, people have been making mosaic art for a very long time, and it’s a really cool way to use different shapes and colors to make something amazing.

Mosaic art projects are a fun and creative way to engage elementary students in hands-on art activities. 

Following are some mosaic art project ideas suitable for elementary students.

Mosaic Art Projects for Elementary Students

Here are some of the best mosaic art project ideas for elementary students that enlighten and educate.

1. Tile Coasters

Give each student a small ceramic tile or a cork coaster. 

Provide them with colored tiles, broken pieces of colorful ceramic dishes, or glass beads.

They will arrange and glue the pieces onto the tile to make their own mosaic coaster.

2. Nature Mosaics

Take students on a nature walk to collect small, flat items like leaves, twigs, and pebbles. 

Back in the classroom, they will use these items to create mosaics on cardstock or cardboard. 

This project can also teach them about patterns in nature.

3. Collaborative Class Mural

Have the whole class work together to create a large mosaic mural. 

Assign different sections of the mural to small groups of students, and provide them with colored paper, fabric, or other materials to create their part of the mosaic. 

Once completed, assemble the pieces to create a beautiful collaborative artwork.

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4. Foam Mosaic Magnets

Provide students with small foam squares in different colors. 

They will create mini mosaics on foam shapes (like hearts, stars, or animals) and then attach magnets to the back to make decorative fridge magnets.

5. Eggshell Mosaics

Save eggshells and have students paint them in various colors. 

Once the eggshells are dry, they will crush them into small pieces and use them to create mosaics on cardboard or wooden surfaces.

6. Digital Mosaics

Introduce students to digital mosaics using online tools or apps that allow them to create mosaic-like art using digital images. 

They will experiment with colors and shapes to create their own unique digital mosaic artwork.

7. Recycled Material Mosaics

Collect various small recycled materials like bottle caps, plastic lids, and buttons. 

Students will arrange and glue these materials onto a base to create interesting and textured mosaic patterns.

8. Crayon Shavings Mosaics

Students will create delightful mosaics by arranging colorful crayon shavings between two sheets of wax paper and then ironing them to melt the crayon. 

The result is a beautiful and translucent mosaic artwork.

9. Stained Glass Windows

Using black construction paper as the base, students will create mosaic-like stained glass windows by arranging small pieces of colored tissue paper or cellophane on the paper. 

The light shining through will give the effect of stained glass.

10. Geometric Shapes Mosaics

Provide students with geometric shapes cut from colored paper (squares, triangles, circles, etc.). 

They will then arrange and glue these shapes onto a background to create intricate geometric mosaic patterns.

11. Mosaic Pots or Planters

Students decorate small clay pots or planters using mosaic techniques. 

Provide them with small tiles, glass beads, or even small rocks to create unique and colorful designs.

12. Mosaic Photo Frames

Give students wooden or cardboard photo frames to decorate with mosaic patterns.

They will use small tiles, buttons, beads, or even painted pasta to create their designs.

13. Historical or Cultural Mosaics

Introduce students to the concept of historical or cultural mosaics from around the world (like Roman mosaics or Aztec mosaics).

They will then create their own interpretations inspired by these styles.

Easy Mosaic Art Projects for Elementary Students

Following are simpler mosaic art project ideas for elementary students.

14. Paper Mosaic Animals

Have students create mosaic animals using colored paper squares. Provide them with templates or let them draw their own animals. 

They will cut small squares from colored construction paper and glue them onto the animal shapes to create a mosaic effect.

15. Play-Doh Mosaics

Instead of using traditional mosaic materials, students roll Play-Doh into small balls or pieces and press them onto a flat surface to create colorful mosaics.

16. Personalized Name Mosaics

Have students create mosaics using the letters of their names. 

Provide them with cardboard letters or have them cut out letters from construction paper.

They will then decorate each letter with small pieces to make their own personalized mosaic.

17. Mosaic Masks

Have students create mosaic masks using cardboard or paper plates as the base. 

They will use colored paper, fabric scraps, and other materials to decorate the masks in a mosaic style.

18. Emoji Mosaics

Have students create mosaic-style versions of their favorite emojis using small colored paper squares. 

19. Mosaic Bookmarks

Have students create mosaic bookmarks using sturdy cardstock.

They use small colored paper squares, washi tape, or other materials to design their bookmarks.

Final Thoughts On Mosaic Art Projects for Elementary Students

These mosaic art project ideas for elementary students spark creativity and teach students about patterns, shapes, and textures in a hands-on and engaging way.