61 Spectacular End-of-Year Writing Prompts for Students

Celebrate finishing the year with these fun end-of-year writing prompts.

These end-of-year writing prompts encourage students of all ages to reflect on the year, focus on new goals, and look forward to creating new memories during summer vacation.

Additionally, they reduce writer’s block, sharpen writing skills, instill a love for writing, and help students express their thoughts.

These prompts make a great addition to your end-of-year writing activities ideas.

So pencil into your lesson plans this week a few of these wonderful end-of-year writing prompts.

End-of-Year Writing Prompts

Even reluctant writers enjoy responding to these fun end-of-year writing prompts.

1. Describe some ways your teacher can make the end of the year memorable for students.

2. Share your favorite end-of-year classroom party idea.

3. Pretend you and your best friend will enter the last day of school’s talent show. Describe your winning performance.

4. This summer, I am looking forward to…

5. Write a letter to the P.E. teacher describing three new games you would like to see added to Field Day.

6. Reflecting on the year, the best time of the school day is…

7. The best things about being in ____ grade were…

8. Think about something that you know how to do well. Now explain how to do it step-by-step to a younger child.

9. This is how my teacher helped me this school year…

10. My favorite thing about the school year was…

11. Your teacher is brainstorming new indoor recess ideas for next school year. Share your ideas.

12. Explain any obstacles you faced this school year plus how you overcame them.

13. Write an article for the school newsletter giving tips on how to do well in ____ grade.

14. Explain Field Day to a child who has never experienced it before.

15. Write a letter to a student in the grade below you explaining what he or she needs to do in order to succeed in your grade level.

16. Explain how to solve a math problem.

17. Describe how to play a game that you learned in P.E. this school year.

18. As I was helping the art teacher pack up on the last day of school, I saw a paintbrush grow wings and start flying… Finish the story.

19. Ten years from now, I will be…

20. In the next grade, I hope to learn…

21. Write an article for the school newspaper giving tips on how to get homework done in a timely fashion.

22. Describe the best piece of art you created this school year.

23. Explain the importance of being on time for school and the consequences of being habitually late.

24. I was cleaning out my locker on the last day of school when suddenly I saw… Finish the story.

25. Five years from now, I will be…

end-of-year writing prompts
end-of-year writing prompts

26. Write a letter convincing your parents to buy you a car next school year so that you don’t have to ride the bus or walk.

27. Share the pros and cons of year-round schooling.

28. Activities that I love to do during indoor recess…

29. Write a letter to the custodians or lunch staff, thanking them for their hard work and dedication this school year.

30. A few years from now, I will be…

31. Two activities that I loved most this year were…

32. Compare and contrast being a freshman vs. a senior (or sophomore, junior, OR any combination).

33. Imagine that you are class president. You must finalize the last day of school field trip destination. Choose a destination, and write a speech convincing your classmates why your choice is the best option.

34. Next year, I hope my teacher…

35. Before I didn’t know _____, but now I know…

36 Write a letter to a student in middle school, explaining what he/she should expect in high school. Provide any advice that will help him/her succeed.

37. Compare and contrast the first and last days of school.

38. Which three awards do you think you should receive at the end of the school year? Explain why.

39. If your eraser could talk, what are some things it would say about what happened to it this school year?

40. Describe your favorite Field Day games.

41. Your class has just finished celebrating the last day of school. Describe the classroom right after the party.

42. Describe the perfect last day of school.

43. Tell step-by-step how to behave in an assembly.

44. You are in charge of planning the end-of-year party. Describe what foods, entertainment, games, etc. you’ll have.

45. Describe your favorite lunch item from the cafeteria.

46. The best end-of-year party ever…

47. Write a letter to a student explaining how to be successful in your teacher’s class next year.

48. My three favorite things about this school year were…

49. Write a letter to a fifth-grader, explaining the expectations of middle school.

50. Explain how to do an experiment using the steps of the scientific method.

51. Tell what you plan to do this summer vacation.

52. Draft a letter to a teacher thanking him or her for helping you reach your goals this school year.

53. Write a how-to manual explaining how to study.

54. Compare and contrast 8th grade and 6th grade.

55. Write a letter to the librarian and/or English teacher persuading her not to assign summer reading.

56. Write about why you think summer camp is good for students.

57. You and your friends want to plan a big end-of-year celebration. What types of activities, games, food, music, entertainment, etc. will you have? What will make your party special?

58. After graduation, I plan to…

59. Sketch a comic that depicts the most memorable event of the school year.

60. State the benefits of responding to end-of-year writing prompts.

61. Draft a letter to parent volunteers, thanking them for taking the time to help out in the classroom this year.

Final Thoughts On End-of-Year Writing Prompts

Finish the school year on a positive note using these engaging end-of-year writing prompts for students.

Consider pairing these end-of-the-school-year writing prompts with fun end-of-school-year activities.