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Whether it’s the end of the school year or a special occasion, you’re sure to find an appropriate recognition for your learners using this healthy list of awards for students.

Make your students blush with these heart-warming and thoughtful award titles. 

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List of Awards for Students

The following list of awards for students does not include phrases of superlatives such as Best Speller, Most Improved, etc.

However, please use statements that will work well for you and your student population.

A great tip is to use your students’ classroom helper jobs as award titles. You’ll notice that I do so a few times within this list.

Furthermore, each phrase here can be easily tweaked by exchanging adjectives and/or subject areas with your preferred word choices.

On to the list of awards for students…

  • #1 Rated Caboose – The Caboose is the student who walks last in line. He or she makes sure lights are turned off, doors are closed, and no one is left behind upon leaving the classroom. 
  • 5-Stars Classroom Helper – Performs classroom helper job very well
  • Accurate Historian – Loves to cite historical facts and accurately connects them to current events
  • Active Participant
  • Admirable Critical Thinking Skills
  • Amazing Absentee Organizer – Organizes absent students’ work assignments so that the papers are in order when they return
  • Beautiful Singing Voice
  • Blissful Bookworm
  • Blooming Reader
  • Caring Peterinarian – Cares for the class pet(s)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • ______ Champion – Exchange the blank line for any subject area such as Reading Champion, Math Champion, etc.
  • Cheerfully Adaptable
  • Cleverly Creative
  • Collaborates Harmoniously
  • Collaborative Table Captain
  • Colorful Imagination
  • Consistent Effort
  • Cooperative Teammate
  • Courteous Cubby Captain – When helping classmates to keep their cubbies organized, provides feedback in a helpful and polite manner
  • Demonstrates Gratitude
  • Dependable Distribution Specialist – When passing out papers, makes sure everyone has been given an assignment
  • Descriptive Writer
  • Diligent Reviewer – Upon completing work, carefully reviews the assignment for careless mistakes before submitting
  • Eager Listener
  • Eloquent Speaker
  • Enthusiastic Helper
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – Inventive and a risk-taker
  • Excellence in …
  • Excellent Fire Drill Deputy 
  • Exceptionally Tidy
  • Exemplary Work In… – Insert any strong skill or character trait.
  • Exhibits Genuine Appreciation
  • Extremely Neat
  • Exudes Jovial Spirit
  • Fantastic Friend
  • Fierce School Spirit
  • Fiercely Independent
  • Fine Sportsmanship
  • First-Rate Botanist – Does a top-notch job keeping the classroom plants watered, feed, and cared for
  • Flourishes In… – Insert any strong skill or positive trait.
  • Gifted Visionary – Has big ideas and details how to achieve the end goal
  • Goal Getter – Puts forth much effort in achieving his/her academic goals
  • Grammar Guru
  • Handsome Handwriting
  • Happy Helper
  • Highly Disciplined
  • Imaginative Author
  • Immaculate Workspace
  • Impressive Organization Skills
  • Impressively Accountable – Accepts responsibility for his/her actions and work ethic
  • Incredible Perseverance 
  • Inspiring Poet
  • Legendary Line Leader – Confidently and effectively leads the class from one area of the school to another
  • Linguistically Gifted – Grasps new languages quite easily
  • Magical Artist – Good at drawing or sketching
  • Marvelous Member of Aesthetic Crew – Part of the team of students who keep the classroom tidy, organized, and litter-free
  • Master Musician – Proficient in one (1) or more instruments
  • Math Whiz
  • Model Conduct
  • Note-Worthy Reading Skills
  • Online Learning Super Star – Progressing well in a distance learning format
  • Out-of-This-World Skills In… – Insert any strong academic skill or strategy that student exhibits.
  • Outstanding Centers Manager – In charge of managing the supplies for literacy and math centers; keeps materials organized and in appropriate spaces
  • Passionately Patriotic
  • Patient Reading Buddy
  • Peaceful Transitioner – When transitioning from one activity or classroom to the next, does so without distracting others or playing around
  • Phenomenal Penmanship
  • Politely Inquisitive
  • Powerful Problem Solver
  • Prolific Writer
  • Quick Thinker
  • Reading Rockstar
  • Remarkable Achievement In… – Complete with a skill or strategy in which the student excels.
  • Self-Starter
  • Shows Pride in Work
  • Significant Improvement In… – Insert an academic strategy or skill that student has shown good progress in over a period of time.
  • Skillful Speller
  • Solid Work Ethic
  • Spectacular Speaker
  • Spelling Bee Champ
  • Star Athlete
  • Stellar Student Ambassador – Assists new students in learning about the workings of the school
  • Strategic Problem Solver
  • Strong Analytical Abilities
  • Studious
  • Super Bulletin Board Helper – Assists teacher or teacher aide in decorating the grade level bulletin boards
  • Superb Class Librarian – Keeps the classroom library organized
  • Takes Initiative 
  • Talented Writer
  • Tenacious Spirit
  • Tender-Hearted Classmate – Shows a caring and empathetic demeanor towards peers
  • Terrific Team Player
  • Thorough Researcher – Diligent in searching for all necessary information in order to complete the research assignment to a high standard
  • Thoughtful Birthday Director – Reminds teacher of classmates’ birthdays and leads class in singing Happy Birthday
  • Tidy Desk
  • Tireless Helper
  • Top-Notch Backpack Monitor – Makes sure backpacks are organized and out of the way
  • Tremendous Growth In… – Insert an academic strategy or skill that student has shown good progress in over a period of time.
  • Voracious Reader
  • Well Done!
  • You Did It!
  • Young Author Award

The Ultimate List of Awards for Students at Your Fingertips

Make your learners feel extra special by recognizing their achievements this school year using this list of awards for students.

I guarantee you’ll find a phrase to fit just about every personality type and academic accomplishment found among your students.

What other recognitions would you add to this list of awards for students?

Share in the comments below.